16 Beauty Tips For Dark Circles That Actually Work

beauty tips for dark circles
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There are so many factors that can contribute to the appearance of dark circles around your eyes, sometimes they might be as simple as you wanting to finish the last episode on Netflix before going to bed, you may need to stay awake all night taking care of the baby, you need to finish reading for your exams the next day, etc. the list goes on and on. If this sounds familiar to you then I’m sure this post is for you.

In all of these situations, your skin bears the burnt and shows how stressed you are by forming an eye bag or a dark circle under your eyes.

But how do you get rid of the dark circle under your eye? Keep reading because you’re about to find out.

But before I go into that, I want you to know that nobody’s life is perfect, life happens to everyone and you may find yourself in an uncomfortable situation, so a dark under-eye circle and eye bag is something you can’t prevent or have control over, let’s understand that dark circles are normal when you are stressed out but let your dark circles not come from late night binge watching or chatting, it’s not like it makes any difference but your body and I won’t be happy with you!

So when you have the luxury of time, sleep and rest well (get a beauty sleep).

Why Do We Get Dark Circles?

For some people, dark circles and eye bags appear because of an allergic reaction, it could be a year-round allergy caused by dust and molds or a seasonal allergy that happens during winter or summer.

These allergies make the body release histamine which can cause inflammation, which means your blood vessels become inflamed and swell and this swelling also happens under your eyes.

Also, people with fair or thin skin tend to get under eye dark circles faster than those who don’t because when dark circles first start to appear they become more prominent on light-skinned than on dark skin.

Dark circles under the eyes are a common problem with many people, they can be caused by a number of reasons, including genetics, sun exposure, and stress.

dark circles under the eyes sometimes can't be prevented

The truth is everyone at some point in their life gets dark circles because with time our skin ages, loses collagen, and grows thinner.

That doesn’t mean you have to be carefree about your skin just because it will eventually show signs of dark circles, in fact not diligently taking care of your skin will make you age faster and signs of dark circles appear faster and darker. So what do you have to do in this confusing state? Simple,

  • While you’re still young, try to follow your skincare routine with all sincerity and avoid the sun as much as you can because the sun causes your skin to produce less collagen and loss of collagen leads to dehydration and thinning of the skin which in turn leads to wrinkles, fine lines and other skin issues.
  • Also, wear a sunshade when you go out in the sun to avoid squinting your eyes, and don’t forget to wear sunscreen before stepping out, carry your sunscreen in your bag as well, it might come in handy.

These practices however do not fully determine how our skin will react to genetics because our genes play a huge role in how our skin reacts to certain weather conditions, skincare products, and aging.

While many products are available to treat dark circles, you may find these home remedies more effective when used over a long period of time.

16 Beauty Tips For Dark Circles

Remember to be patient and consistent with whatever routine you choose to follow, Rome was not built in a day, so don’t expect to see changes after one week of following a routine.

Give Your skin time to adjust and start accepting the changes before showing you results, expect to see significant results after your fourth or sixth week of following a consistent routine.

  1. Make Cucumbers Your Best Friend

Have you seen those women putting cucumber slices on their eyes and just laying there like their lives depend on it? I guess you have, you may be wondering why they do that when they can just eat the cucumber, well I will explain to you what that cucumber does to their skin.

cucumbers can help reduce appearance of dark circles

Cucumber contains numerous vitamins and nutrients such as vitamin K, B and C, potassium, copper and phosphorus. These vitamins and minerals makes cucumber a lightening, cooling and astringent property which helps to clear dark spots and boost collagen levels in the skin.

Using cucumber to clear dark circles is a safe and natural method, to do this, slice cucumber in circles and refrigerate for 30 minutes, place on your eyes for 10-15 mins before washing off with warm water, repeat this process twice a day.

2. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a gentle anti-inflammatory oil, it moisturizes your skin and lightens your dark circles in the process. Massage a small amount of coconut oil under your eyes and leave it overnight for best results.

3. Fresh Tomatoes

Tomatoes contain a powerful substance known as lycopene, lycopene is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory property known to prevent skin photodamage and promote a healthier-looking skin.

To use tomatoes as a treatments for dark circles, mix tomato juice and lemon juice and apply with a cotton wool, leave this mixture for 10 minutes before washing off (avoid lemon if you have sensitive skin) repeat this process twice a day.

4. Use a moisturizing eye cream that contains caffeine: Caffeine is known for its ability to stimulate blood circulation in the skin, which is why you can use it as an anti-aging treatment for dark circles.

5. Massage the area around your eyes with cocoa butter or jojoba oil for about 10 minutes every night before going to bed. This will help reduce puffiness and dark circles from forming under your eyes.

6. Apply a thin layer of vitamin C serum before your moisturizer every day, morning, and evening before applying makeup or sunscreen. Vitamin C will help neutralize excess melanin production, which causes hyperpigmentation and makes you look older than you really are!

apply vitamin c

7. Apply a serum that contains peptides, hyaluronic acid, or retinol to the under-eye area twice a day.

8. Apply eye cream that contains lactic acid, glycolic acid, and alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs) to the under-eye area.

9. Apply a concealer that matches your skin tone if you want to cover up dark circles and make them look less obvious.

10. For a natural look, use a light foundation that matches your skin tone and doesn’t have added colorants or sparkles in it, then apply concealer under the eyes to hide any discoloration caused by dark circles.

11. Take a restful night’s sleep: the most important step in treating dark circles is getting enough sleep each night. If you’re not getting enough sleep, it’s hard to fight off the bags under your eyes during the day.

get enough sleep to prevent dark circles

Make sure you’re sleeping for at least seven to eight hours at night, and avoid napping during the day. You’ll also have better skin if you get a full night’s rest every night especially if you work in an office environment where lights or screens seem to stay on all day long!

12. Avoid using eye creams that contain corticosteroids: these creams might temporarily improve the appearance of dark circles but can make things worse over time because they trigger inflammation in your skin and cause permanent changes in your blood vessels (microscopic tears).

13. Exercise regularly: Exercise helps reduce puffiness and improves blood circulation in the face area.

14. Reduce stress: Stress can cause facial puffiness and dark circles under the eyes. Relaxation techniques such as yoga and meditation can help reduce stress levels.

15. Eat healthy foods: Foods rich in vitamin B12 (such as chicken) and zinc (such as oysters) may help improve blood circulation in the face, which may reduce dark circles caused by low blood flow to the skin cells that produce melanin pigment (the pigment that gives our hair its color).

16. Use sunscreen daily to protect against sun damage, which can contribute to dark circles under the eyes by discoloring them prematurely.


While these home remedies may help reduce the appearance of dark circles, this does not guarantee a permanent solution to removing dark circles, if you don’t treat the problem from the root then you haven’t found a cure.

Start practicing a good sleeping routine and eating healthy, get enough exercise, and rest as well, these may help prevent the appearance of dark circles.

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