Tasiahub is a go-to blog on makeup tips and tutorials, book reviews and product reviews dedicated to mothers, teens and single ladies.

Tasiahub comprises my lifestyle and profession as a makeup artist. I’m available to provide you with answers to your questions in a simple and easy way. I would love to give you guided tutorial and tips.

You can find lots of helpful video tutorials on my YouTube channel, I not only want to share ideas with you, I also want to share life experiences to help you through your life journey.

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Am Anastasia and a 3 years experienced makeup artist and loves creativity. I started Tasiahub to share my knowledge with you of course and help you look for solutions to that difficult task.


Like I mentioned earlier, you can watch tutorials and vlogs on my YouTube channel and connect with me, I will be glad to help out, you can also connect with me on social media on which I will be leaving my links below.

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