20 Cute Short Brown French Tip Nails

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Lately, French tip nails have been on trend and it has come to stay as well, while most French tips are white, styles are evolving and people are looking for more ways to style their French nails, and having a brown French tip is one beautiful spectacular design.

Short brown French tip nails are in vogue and they have come to stay as well, if you need inspiration for your next manicure or looking to see what these brown French tips look like, in this post are 30 cute short brown French tip nails you will find interesting.

The brown tips on the nails create a stronger appearance than your regular French nails but at the same time, its translucent color keeps things simple and classy.

And it doesn’t just end with a plain French tip, you can add a bit of rhinestone and allow your creativity to come on full display.

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Keep scrolling to find any short brown French tip nail idea for your next salon visit or purchase a press-on on Amazon if a salon is not your thing.

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20 Cute Short Brown French Tip Nails

Almond Side French Tip

trendy short brown french tip nails

Side French tip? oh! sign me up. Spice up your French tip nail design by making a side French tip like this one here.


Brown And White French Tip Nail

french tip designs 2023

I love the definition the white gives to the brown French tip.


Brown French Tip With Rhinestones

brown french tip with rhinestones

Rhinestones add a bit of sparkle to the nail surface, this would be a good add-on to add sparkle to your French tip design.


Baby Short French Tip

baby french tip nails

There is a French tip for everyone including the no-nail fans, this is a simple and cute French tip for moms and medical personnel.

Almond Nails With Rhinestones

brown french tip nails with rhinestones

If you don’t like the first rhinestone nails, try making this one if you want more rhinestones on your nails.

Brown And Gold Swirl Side Tip

Brown Gold Almond Side TipTwo Toned Swirls

Just like the first side French tip, this one is a two-toned side French tip, this is a minimal nail design for those who like to keep it simple.


KXAMELIE Nude Brown French Tip


This spectacular side French tip has a glossy finish and glitter sequins on the opposite side, you can get a salon-like finish at home with this press-on from Amazon.

The package Contains:  24 pieces of short press-on nails,1 pcs glue,1 sheet nail adhesive tabs,1 pcs mini nail file,1 pcs dry and wet wipes, and 1 pcs wooden stick for removing false nails.

BTArtbox Morning Coffee Almond nails


These nails are made with soft gel which is soft and flexible adding no pressure to your nail bed and fitting like your real nails.

Package Contains:  A storage box, 15 nail sizes, nail glue, adhesive tabs, a double-sided nail file, a cuticle stick, and a prep pad.

Plain French Tip

short brown french tip nails

Plain brown French tip for those who want to keep it simple and straight to the point.


Brown Outline French Tip

short brown french tip nail

This is more of a minimalist style of French tip, just outline the edges with brown paint and you are good to go.


Dotted Brown Nails

brown and white french tip nails

Sometimes keeping things simple can be a game changer, the dot added to these nails may not look like a lot but it speaks a lot.


Brown French Tip Nails With Rhinestones

brown french tip nails with rhinestones

More rhinestones designs for you to pick from.


Brown And Gold French Tip

brown and gold

Unlike the first brown and gold side French design, this is a full French tip with a gold outline underneath that makes the brown stand out.


MISUD Brown French Tip Square Nails


These glossy square nails are designed with autumn brown French tips and made with high-quality ABS material so it doesn’t break or chip easily.

Package Contains:  24 pcs glossy square press on nails (with 12 different sizes) and 1 nail glue. 

Brown And Bold Spiral Nails

bold brown french tip

This is not just brown French tips, using the same brown color for your nails makes it a lot more intimidating and interesting.


Spiral Brown French Tip

nails and soul

Get creative with a spiral brown French tip with different shades of brown that are so playful and cool.


Brown And White Nails

brown and white french tip nails

Let’s say the first brown and white French tip pattern looks boring, how about this? this is another way to incorporate white into your brown French tip manicure.


Square V Shaped Brown Nails

brown french tip square nails

I know we said short brown French tip nails but I’m sorry but I had to 🙂 this is beautiful!


MERVF Brown Coffin French Tip


This may not be short but it’s definitely gorgeous. The nails are made of acrylic ABS, are environmentally friendly, do not hurt your hands, and are not easy to break.

Package Contains: 24PCS press-on nails in different sizes and 1 glue.

V-shaped Brown And Gold nails

different shades of brown french tip nails

I’ve listed at least 2 brown and gold French tips and girl, you can add this to your list, the glitter on this nail makes it more outstanding.


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