36 Simple And Cute Halloween Nails Design Of 2023

halloween nails
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‘Tis the season for spooky costumes, pumpkin spice lattes, and of course, Halloween nails! Whether you’re a go-to ghost or a horror classic fan, adding a touch of nail art to your look can take it to the next level.

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From subtle, spooky accents to over-the-top, colorful designs, this article will provide you with some of the best Halloween nail inspiration for your upcoming Halloween festivities.

You’ll also learn all the tips and tricks to achieving the perfect nail looks, from budget-friendly ideas to long-lasting formulas, and high-impact designs. So pull out your nail brushes and get ready to make this Halloween the most fashionable one yet!

best Halloween nail designs

36 Simple And Cute Halloween Nails Designs Of 2023

1. French Cobweb

halloween nails

I’ve seen a lot of French manicures but nothing like this, this Halloween French nail is a classy and simple nail design, if you’re a lover of long nails then I think you need to try this one out.

Photo Credit: nailslpc.xo

2. Chucky + Candy Man

halloween nails 2

Have you ever watched the movies “Chucky” and “Candyman”? if you have, then you must know that creating this nail design means that you understand the Halloween theme.

Photo Credit: chicaartistanails

3. Coffin Nails

halloween nail2

Literally coffin nails, well each time I see this coffin in movies, I know something’s about to go off, you can never go wrong with this simple and cute coffin Halloween nails.

Photo Credit: nail_unistella

4. Butcher Knife

halloween nails 3 1 result

If only nails could kill! paint silver butcher knives on clear glass nails to create a very simple Halloween nail design.

Photo Credit: nailsbymei

5. Glowy Night Bat

Glow in the Dark

Thanks to the neon color on this nail, it really shines in the dark when the lights go out.

Photo Credit: nail_datewithalma

6. Scream + Pink Holographic Nails

stylish halloween nails glittery pink

Make a memorable Halloween this year by creating a nail design from the classic horror movie “Scream” and a combination of pink holographic nails.

Photo Credit: estheticsbyjade

7. Ghost And Pumpkin Nails


These fake nails are designed with classic Halloween elements, it’s very suitable for Halloween cosplay party decoration to create a scary atmosphere.

8. Green Devil Eye


These nails are made of gel instead of machine printing to give you a salon-like look after you have put them on.

9. 96 Pcs Halloween Press On Nails


These Halloween press-on nails are designed with various cute and realistic elements of the Halloween theme, including pumpkins, spiders, bats, and more, creating a strong Halloween atmosphere.

 The package includes 4 boxes of Halloween false nails, each box includes 24 pcs fake nails and 24 pcs nail adhesive tabs, a total of 96 pcs fake nails and nail adhesive tabs.

10. Witchy Gothic Nails


This nail has a simple black base with stars, moon, eyes and a snake classic pattern which will add a touch of charm and spookiness to your manicure.

11. Pumpkin And Ghost

stylish halloween nails cute pumpkins ghost

This is another pumpkin and ghost nail design, if you do not feel like creating the first design, you can try out this design to include pumpkin into your Halloween theme.

Photo Credit: trickortreatnails

12. Spooky Eyes

stylish halloween nails monster eyes

This creepy eye-themed nail will transform your Halloween party to an eerie and haunted celebration.

Photo Credit: geek_nails

13. Nightmare Before Christmas Nails


This glossy spider web press on nails is made of high-quality ABS environmentally friendly acrylic material. It is non-toxic, odorless, durable, and not easy to fade.

14. Virus And Ghost


This white and black design of ghost and virus may not be all that spooky but it’s a simple and cute nail to wear for Halloween.

15. Aegenacess Halloween Press on Nails


Whether you’re aiming for an adorable or eerie look, the Aegenacess spooky fake nails set has you covered. With designs inspired by ghosts, chains, skulls, and hearts, this collection offers stylish options for mixing and matching, complementing any Halloween costume or outfit. The Halloween Fake Nails come in 12 sizes numbered 0-9, making it easy for you to choose the perfect size for a seamless fit.

16. Ghost And Bat


This is another ghost and bat Halloween nail design here, if the design listed above is too complex for you, then you need to try out this design, it’s simple and beautiful plus it has a lot of positive reviews to it.

17. Glow In The Dark


Spare yourself a trip to the saloon by getting this glow-in-the-dark manicure by kiss, it’s made with solid nail polish colors, it’s glossy, matte, 3D, and with a glow-in-the-dark finishing, all with the spookiest themed designs ever.

18. Halloween Nail Art Stickers


Create your desired Halloween theme with these Halloween nail art stickers, create your unique nail art and have fun doing it.

19. Glitter Black Cat Eyes


Show more style and class with these rainbow cat eyes with glitter nails.

20. 144 Pcs Halloween Nails


These artificial fake nail tips are designed with spiders, skeletons, ghosts, and other patterns, which can create a gothic atmosphere in your house, and these Halloween elements nail tips can increase your charm and make a profound impact at Halloween parties.

Check for other Halloween nails on Amazon by following this link if you need to see other Halloween nail designs.

Extra Long Halloween Nails Ideas

Where are my girls who love extra-long nails? well, there is something for you this Halloween, these not-so-simple extra-long Halloween nail designs will definitely make your Halloween worth it.

halloween nails 2 result
halloween nails 14
halloween nails 4 result
halloween nails 5 result
halloween nails 6 result
halloween nails 7 result
halloween nails 8 result
halloween nails result
halloween nails 1
halloween nails 2 1
halloween nails 1 1 result
halloween nails 9 result
halloween nails ideas result
halloween nails 56 result
halloween nails design result
halloween nails of 2023 result

Photo Credit: courtneycantwell_nails

I believe by now you have found an idea for your Halloween nail art and you’re on your way to the saloon, remember to have fun while doing it.

halloween nails pinterest image result

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