5 Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Eyeshadow Dupes You Will Love

charlotte tilbury pillow talk eyeshadow dupes
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Who doesn’t love Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk products? They are worth every hype because of its warm-nude matte color collections in the lip and eye products.

In the recent years , the Pillow Talk collection has been the bestselling makeup item overtime with one being sold every hour.

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The Pillow Talk collections includes eyeshadows, lip liner, lipstick, mascara, highlighter and eyeliner, we can say the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk is here to stay for a very long time, but Charlotte Tilbury’s products can rather be on the high-end *sigh* but no need to worry because I have put together the best Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk eyeshadow Dupes for you in this post.

This includes some amazing drugstore dupes of over 50% off the price of the real deal. Scroll down to find the item you love, in these list are the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk eyeshadow dupes.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Eyeshadow Quad Dupes

It wasn’t easy finding a good Pillow Talk eyeshadow quad dupe but these finds are great and somewhat close to the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk eyeshadow.

One of the best eyeshadow dupes for the Pillow Talk eyeshadow palette is the Carslan Eyeshadow Palette which is very pigmented and smooth, perfect for a day and night time look.


Second on our list is the YMH BEAUTE VIOLET FAIRY eyeshadow palette it’s another great option, second to the Carslan eyeshadow palette but slightly darker.


Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Cream Eyeshadow Dupes

One of the best cream eyeshadow dupes for the Pillow Talk eyeshadow is the Revlon Cream Eyeshadow the Revlon cream eyeshadow contains four sheer, light reflective cream eyeshadows that blend together effortlessly for infinite ethereal looks.


Second is the e.l.f Creamy Bite-Size Eyeshadow in shade Pumpkin Pie but this palette is a mix of creamy and powder eyeshadow, so it’s really not a great option if you want a full cream eyeshadow palette, instead go for the Revlon Cream Eyeshadow Palette, it’s full cream.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Dupe Makeup Revolution

This Makeup Revolution palette here is the best Pillow Talk dupe out there, this mini palette contains a selection of buttery soft brown nudes and gorgeous glittery pigments.


How To Use Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Eyeshadow

Create a celebrity look with the Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk eyeshadow by following this guide.

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