20 Cute Back To School Acrylic Nail Designs You Need To Try ASAP

cute back to school acrylic nail designs
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Let’s face it, going back to school isn’t always the most exciting thing. But one thing that can make the transition from summer to fall more enjoyable is dressing up your look with fun, stylish back to school nails.

From creative designs that show off your personality to easy-care polishes and manicures that stand up to the hustle and bustle of the school year, you can add some flair to your back-to-school look with these creative options.

We’ve rounded up some of the best nail ideas for back to school that’ll have your friends and classmates asking, “Where did you get your nails done?”

In this article, we’ll discuss easy ways to decorate your nails, from stamping to creating cool patterns with rhinestones. We’ll also look at different types of polish that will help you rock a look that will last all the way to finals. Ready to make a statement? Let’s get started.

25 Fun Back To School Nail Ideas And Designs

1. Earth-Toned Nails

back to school nail ideas

How fun would it be to do something different for your next manicure? try this curved green line design for a simple and fun back to school nails.

Source: Paintboxnails on Instagram

2. Negative Space Nails

back to school nails 2

Now don’t mind the name of this nail, it’s actually a positive space because of the pop of colors it has.

Source: sweetysalon_nyc on Instagram

3. Red Apple Nails

back to school nails 3

This super red nails brings out more of your feminine side, it’s short and perfect for a fun back to school.

Source: flawlesscreationsbyaudra on Instagram

4. Geommetry Nails

back to school nails 4

This is the perfect nails to remind you of your shapes.

Source: sweetandsavvynails on Instagram

5. Graph Nails

back to school nails 5

Math class can be made exciting with this graph nails.

Source: paintbucketnails on Instagram

6. Apple Back To School Nails

back to school nail ideas

Apples are common for Fall and back to school, this is another apple nail design different from the first apple nails.

Source: mrscarmion4th on Instagram

7. Math + Glitter Nails

back to school nails 7

This super cute nails have a lot of fun school stuff like a chalkboard, apple, a pencil design and lastly, some fun glitters.

Source: nails_omayra on Instagram

8. Back To School Note

back to school nails 8

If school seem boring, I think you need a little reminder every morning to get up, lol.

Source: jensnailart on Instagram

9. Gem Crayola Nails

back to school nails 9

If you like to be a bit extra, this long gem-filled crayola nails are the perfect fit for you. They feature sharpened pencil, gems, glitters and apple, it’s good for a great showoff.

Source: jasdoesmynails on Instagram

10. Chalkboard Back To School Nails

The glitter on this chalkboard is like an icing on the cake, it compliments the black matte chalkboard nails with white writtings.

back to school nails 10

Source: lettinggosalon on Instagram

11. Cute Crayola Nails

back to school nails 11

Get excited for back to school with this colorful crayola nail set, this will also remind you to get your school supplies on time 🙂

Source: bahnannanails on Instagram

12. ABC Nails

back to school nails 12

I know you’re past the ABC stage but you can’t bypass this cute ABC nails with an apple design, if you need something minimal and classy, this is the one.

Source: stylebycambria on Instagram

13. Coffee Toned Graph Nails

back to school nails 14 1

How about taking your morning tea or coffee with a coffee-toned nails? this nail has different shades of a brewed coffee, from a coffee with too much milk to a dark coffee with no milk at all.

Source: katiebelles_nails on Instagram

14. Orange And Pink Nails

back to school nails 14

Adding colors to make going back to school fun isn’t such a bad idea, is it?

Source: katiebelles_nails on Instagram

15. Colored Pencil Nails

back to school nails 15

If you were always sad that holidays were over, maybe this colored pencil nails may help to cheer you up and get you ready for school.

Source: redheadnails

16. Smiley Nails

back to school nails 2023

Let’s remove it from your keyboard and put it on your nails, because why not?

Source: nailsbymh on Instagram

17. Astronomy Nails

back to school nails acrylic

Shoot for the stars with this astrology nails. If you can’t go to the stars, then bring the stars home.

Source: imarninails on Instagram

18. Flora Back To School Nails

school nails design

A flora nails on a sunny days could brighten your day and make school fun.

Source: artipsstudio on Instagram

19. Yellow Back To School Nails

back to school nails high school

If you prefer something very simple and minimal, yet classy, go for this short soft yellow nail polish.

Source: oliveandjune on Instagram

20. Purple French Tip Nails

cute back to school acrylic nail design

If you are tired of the traditional French tip nails, try this version instead, a lilac base with a brown tip.

Source: rachel.messick on Instagram

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