I’ve seen people recreating celebrity makeup looks and seeing some results good and bad I decided to recreate a celebrity makeup look for the first time, so I went through Instagram and came across Megan Thee Stallion’s makeup on her Wap music video alongside Cardib.

Going through her Instagram handle, I found out she does her makeup herself and it’s really beautiful.

She uses high-end makeup products in doing her makeups but my makeup collections are mostly drugstore products, so I looked for products close to the products she used.

Though the colors of eyeshadow and texture of her eyeliner are different from mine, I still got something close to her makeup.

And doing this, it turned out so well, I will try recreating different makeup looks. I will recreate celebrity and my fans makeup look, so if there’s a makeup look you want me to recreate, please say so through my Contact form below.

You can watch the video here: