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How To Use Papaya For Ulcer Treatment

I’ve seen so many articles on using papaya for ulcer treatment, while some claim it doesn’t work and some says it work, I want to share my personal experience on using papaya (pawpaw) for treating peptic ulcer.

P.S: I’m not a professional medical personnel, so don’t take my remedy and results for it, it’s always advisable to speak to a medical personnel before taking anything that concerns your health but don’t ask me if I did ask my own medical personnel before taking this remedy because I didn’t *blink* *blink* I love DIYs naturally and I’m always willing to take or rub anything DIY I know of, so………..

But if you love DIYing it like myself, join me down the hill, let’s go

Now back to the main topic, if you have been asking if you can use papaya for stomach ulcer treatment, the short answer is yes you can, because I used it and it worked for me.

Don’t worry I will share how I treated mine soon but first let’s look at the benefits of papaya to the health.

how to use papaya for ulcer treatment, effective treatment in 3 days

Papaya or pawpaw as we call it in our side of the world is rich in antioxidants and plant nutrients known as flavonoids, the nutrients are said to reduce cell damage that can lead to ulcers. Papaya is also known to aid digestion.

Experts says papaya contain terpenoids, alkaloids, flavonoids, carbohydrates, glycosides, saponins, and steroids. The cryoprotective and antimotility properties of the extracts may account for the anti-ulcer property of the unripe fruit.

Papaya for ulcer treatment

Globally, about half of all adults have chronic gastritis or inflammation of the lining of the stomach which can lead to stomach ulcers if not treated.

Yes I know you have been told you can get ulcer if you don’t eat on time everyday, at least that was what I was told, lol, anyway I now know that ulcer is not as a result of “not eating”.

Ulcer is also commonly caused by an infection with the H. pylori bacteria and it can also be passed from one person to another,

yes I learned recently from a medical personnel that you can get ulcer from another person through the feces of that person, you might be wondering “yo sis what do I have to do with someone’s poop?”

But you don’t have to get in contact with it before it can be spread, it can also be spread by simply eating something that that person has touched, that’s why it’s advisable to wash your fruit and vegetables, anything at all you want eat without cooking, wash it well with salt and water and it’s safe for you to eat afterwards.

Now imagine how many people have this ulcer, ugh, it’s tiresome. Now let me share how I treated mine.

How I used papaya for ulcer treatment

I was diagnosed with peptic ulcer in early 2018, it was so heartbreaking because I have seen people who have this condition and the pain they experience is something I wouldn’t even wish for my enemy,

I also got to know that these people are limited to the food and drinks they take… Like, how? How will I not be able to eat what I like eating? so for me to be diagnosed with ulcer??

Fast forward to when I was given tablets and syrup for treatment, I made sure to follow all instructions on how to take the medications and also the foods and drinks to avoid, I did because I don’t want to go back to the hospital and the doctor says, it’s still there, literally, I wanted it to disappear in days.

But that wasn’t the case, the pains were still there, the gas was still in my stomach and lungs, it wasn’t a good feeling at all, but I kept taking my syrup and antacids to help with the heart burns,

I avoided food like beans, spicy foods, soft drinks, fried plantains, oranges and anything that contains vitamin C, chocolate and milk (but avoiding milk was so difficult for me because l love drinking tea a lot, I believe you have fought inner battles before)

So I lived with the pains and burn till early 2019 when I learnt about using unripe papaya for treating ulcer, it worked for the person who told me about it so I wondered, why don’t I give it a try? If it cures it fine and if it doesn’t, it’s all good too at least the papaya water also helps with malaria so I wouldn’t be drinking it for nothing.

Then I started looking for unripe papaya, you can’t use a ripe one or an almost ripped one, it has to be unripe with the seeds still looking white in it.

I got a medium size, washed it and diced it into little cubes to fit into the bottle where I will be putting it. I put it in a one and half liters of water for three days, after the third day, the water was all white like milk.

It was time to divide the chaft and wheat, so I got a bowl and poured in the content of the bottle, at the same time seiving it, when pouring it out, you have to be careful so the water doesn’t splash on you, don’t say I didn’t warn you.

So my drink was ready and I was ready as well, you know, for the outcome. So I drank a cup every morning and night before eating, the drink lasted for three days. And the results?

Now this is where the amazing thing happened, after the medications, I was able to eat beans without a single feeling of heart burn, like imagine that, I couldn’t believe it myself that I was able to eat beans and also eat it well without any burns,

I observed this changes the first day and didn’t want to jump into conclusions just yet so I tried again and again and the same miracle happened, there was no chest burn and no pains whatsoever and I can beat my chest and say to you that that unripe papaya worked for my ulcer treatment.

I didn’t go for a test or checkup to be sure that the ulcer has really healed, and forgive me if I say, I didn’t really care about that because after all the papaya did for me what my tablet and syrup couldn’t do, so I was okay with that.

Till date, I can eat beans and other ulcer prohibited foods comfortably and have little to no burn, probably because the ulcer is back but I think I have to treat it this time for long, probably for seven days.

But my problem now is where to get that type of unripe pawpaw because my place of residence right now, it will be difficult for me to get it.

So this is me telling you with my full chest to take that papaya for ulcer treatment today and feel alright and remember, talk to a medical personnel first if you’re not sure about it.

I am eager to hear your results and if you have taken this remedy before, was it helpful?

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how to use papaya for ulcer treatment, effective treatment in 3 days

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