An open letter to all mothers.

Dear wonderful moms.

How are you? How are those troublesome kids? How have you been during this trying periods? Hope the pandemic has no negative impact on you? I sincerely hope all is well with you.

I’m writing this open letter to remind you of how special and wonderful you are.

The home belongs to you now, how do you manage it? How do you plan the family budget, do you do that monthly or weekly?

It’s important the family is on budget, plan the grocery budget, the clothing budget and every other expenses in the family.

Do you have a garden? If you have a space to start a garden, it’s important you start a garden to grow food and save cost of buying food.

I know it’s not easy on you to cater for the kids, do the dishes, laundry, cleaning and cooking at the same time, it must look like a lifetime burden to you.

Though you might not be appreciated, you might be looked down on, you might be mentally and emotionally abused.

Particularly single mothers (married and unmarried), I can understand the pains and troubles you’re going through right now.

It doesn’t matter the troubles you’re facing, there’s always a way out of everything and that means there’s still an opportunity for you to find happiness.

Now, I want you to stop thinking “oh it’s all over, will I ever be happy?”

You’re more powerful and important than you think. Depression is real and I don’t want that for you.

For you not to continue having a troubled heart and fall into depression, there are some good practices to observe.

The first one is to love yourself, I know you love your kids more than you do yourself, but still don’t give all the love to your kids and husband without leaving any for yourself.

This is a very important factor because love conquers all. When you do love yourself, you won’t resolve to drinking and feeling depressed.

There’s more to life than those sad moments you’re going through.

Do you know that if you have a cheating partner and you act like it doesn’t bother you, you won’t feel miserable?

Yes! For example the moment you find out your partner is having an extramarital affair, you let him know you’ve found out about it but calmly.

You know what else?

Continue your duty as a wife, give your husband and kids the same love, act like you don’t care about his affairs, talk to your loved ones, take yourself on a date or shopping.

Just find somewhere or someone you can spend time in or with for you not to remember the heartache you’re currently having.

My point is, do something that makes you totally happy.

Give your marriage a chance for the sake of your kids as broken homes have a negative impact on kids.

Let me share a little “woman secret” with you.

Make your partner jealous, even if it’s not real, fake it. Take fake calls, pretend to go on a date.

Take care of yourself, make a better hair, apply makeup, wear sexy clothes, use good deodorants, shake off some fats and always look beautiful, it won’t be long, he will come running to you again.

If you’re just a stay at home, you have to change that, men loves independent women, there are lots of jobs for a stay at home mom, there are also skills to learn to make profits.

The moment he sees these changes and see you looking beautiful, sexy and also earning money for yourself, he will come back to you.

Single moms, don’t ever feel you’re not doing enough, you’re doing just great, I know the burden might feel too heavy on you but it takes only a good and wonderful mother to take responsibilities of her kid/kids.

Those kids will grow to take good care of you.

Keep reminding yourself that you’re a good and wonderful mom and love yourself the same way you love your kids.

Once again, you’re a good mom and there’s no one like you in this whole wide world.

I love you!

Yours truly,