Lust’s temptation (book summary)

Troi and Amun, two sexy charming men, one submissive, the other dominant but both alpha, is possessed by the spirit of lust which devours them each time they unleashed this spirit.

It was a curse placed on them by the goddess to free humanity from the shackles of evil during the period mankind called “the dark ages”. But not just two of them, they were fourteen of them who sacrificed themselves to bear the spirit of sin to save mankind.

After they bore the curse, man was able to walk into the world freely but it was not same for these fourteen brave men, they were not free, they have to fight the darkness in them while waiting to receive their reward.

Troi and Anum were possessed with the spirit of lust, its dark demand tested their will every minute of the day for centuries and they have given in to its demand.

They committed deviant, selfish acts to satisfy the spirit’s unstoppable carnal hunger and felt no pang of guilt until they met Oriel.

She was their blessing, their savior and their peace but they have to prove to Oriel that they were just right for her.

She wasn’t ready to be heartbroken again, life experiences has taught her not to trust any man especially the handsome charming ones who will use anyone to their satisfaction.

But she felt something different around these men, the way they appreciated her, loved her and were so all over her were mind-blowing. She felt something she has never felt for anyone else.

Until one day she discovered something that left her shattered after she secretly followed Troi and Anum to the woods after their first date.

She was completely shattered after this discovery, maybe her friend was right after all, these men are not ordinary, there was something fishy about them which she just found out. What she just saw weren’t the sweet loving men she just had dinner with, she tried to put the piece together but couldn’t.

And she was just about to give them a chance, she was ready to trust again but now after seeing what she saw, all she wanted to do was run away never wanting to see them again.

When she saw both men the next day, she broke up with them, she wasn’t ready to talk about what she saw with them, she just wanted nothing to do with them anymore.

This news only provoked the spirit in them more, she was their blessing, their savior, how could she cut ties with them now? They needed her to be with them if not, it’s going to be the death of them, but what to do now?

They have just one day left to be with their blessing.

But did they succeed in winning back her heart?

That’s what you need to find out.

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Lust’s temptation (book review)

Lust’s temptation is book two in the master of sin series, I haven’t read other series but I loved this lust’s Temptation I read and hoping to read other series of this book.

The book is an erotic, paranormal romance and fictional book with a little bit of horror, my favorite character was Anum, he was more tolerant, patient and sweet. He’s and Troi’s freedom wouldn’t have been possible without him.

My favorite part was when Oriel was given a chance to exploit her darker side, the part of her that she never knew existed. She was to find out if she was a dominant or submissive (sexually). At that moment she felt appreciated and loved, in her previous encounters with men, they have always been the one taking without giving but this time, she’s the one taking and she enjoyed it.

To be loved by two men, there’s more she could ask for.

There weren’t so much characters in the book, they were just six characters in total and each of them felt real to me, the story didn’t keep me on a hook but it left me guessing on two scenarios.

First was what connection Oriel’s father had with her boss Vicky, secondly, how did the picture of her as a baby get to be with her boss?

The story was well plotted, started with an exposition, introducing Troi, Anum and Oriel which gives you an insight into the story. It has no loose ends as all unanswered questions were answered.

The scenes were well written especially the romance scenes lol, the book had little grammatical errors and little errors in punctuation marks but it’s understandable.

Who is this book for

Lust’s temptation is a book for erotic book lovers, it contains a very high explicit languages and scenes, it’s an 18+ book.

It involves threesome scenes and homosexual scenes so if you can’t take that, this book is not for you.

You need to check out this book and tell me your thoughts after that.

Lust's Temptation

Troi and Amun, two sexy charming men, one submissive, the other dominant but both alpha, is possessed by the spirit of lust which devours them each time they unleashed this spirit.


Author: Tawny, Taylor

Author: Tawny, Taylor

ISBN: 9781419929106

Date Published: 2021-02-23 19:49


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