Running a lifestyle and beauty blog effectively and so well is one big challenge new bloggers in lifestyle and beauty niche face, especially on terms of traffic.

I see tons of questions in Google about how to effectively run a lifestyle and beauty blog or how to generate traffic to a lifestyle and beauty blog and lastly how to make a lifestyle and beauty blog SEO optimized, even I had this struggle and I’m gradually breaking through.

I’m not going to talk about how to run a lifestyle and beauty niche effectively and generate traffic to your blog, no I’m not here to do that today but we get to look at experts in this field, hear what their biggest challenges were and how they overcame it.

Not all experts who I mailed participated but luckily some participated and I really appreciate their efforts.

The question

Here goes the questions I asked these experts:

  • What was your biggest challenge running a lifestyle and beauty blog and how did you overcome it?

Here is what they said;

(if you’ve also gone through a lot running your lifestyle and beauty blog, I’d love to know what your biggest struggle was and how you past through it)

Noor Anand

Noor Anand Chawla is a lawyer and lifestyle columnist for various newspapers and publications.

She says: my biggest challenge was gaining visibility for my posts. I used social media to advertise my posts but I had no clue of SEO and hence lagged behind on organic traffic. With time, I have taught myself and overcome this problem. Now I teach beginners how to use SEO from the beginning, so they can succeed from the start.

Mary Balandiat

Mary Balandiat

She says: the biggest challenge in running a Lifestyle and Beauty blog is making your website stand out from tons of others. My advice is to find your own unique voice and write from the heart. Give your readers a reason to want to read your posts. Don’t think that blowing up type size and inserting a lot of photos creates a quality post. What you should strive for is writing an informative post that can be supported without copying that is easy to read and grammatically correct.


She says: as you have asked me one question so my biggest challenge in running a lifestyle and beauty blog was to provide a great and informative content which visitors would love to read and they will come back to my website for more updates.

Candy kirby

Candy Kirby

She says: my biggest challenge when launching The Mom Beat was breaking through all the online clutter to reach an audience. There are so many mammoth sites that also cover parenting and lifestyle topics these days – publishing upwards of 50 articles a day, just in that space — that it’s hard for smaller operations to compete. I think the key to success is having a unique, distinct voice that keeps people coming back for more. For example, I use humor in many of my pieces – and I suggest beginning publishers figure out what works for them and distinguishes them from the pack.