101 foundation:how to choose the right shade of foundation

Choosing the right foundation can be a difficult task especially for beginners who have little or no ideas about foundation.

There are different types and brands of foundation for different skin tone. This is a complete guide on how to choose the right shade of foundation.

How to choose the right shade of foundation

So from my experiences as a makeup artist, I will tell how to pick the right shade of foundation.

There are different types of foundation, from matte to oily for different skin type.

How to choose the right shade of foundation

First you have to know which brand of foundation to buy because there are different brands in the market of which are high-end and drugstore.

Brands includes Mary Kay, Sleek, Fit me, Revlon colorstay, Mac, Younique, Avon, Melanin, Maybelline, Charlotte tilbury and many others.

It doesn’t matter if it’s Mary Kay or Revlon, there’s just one way to pick the right shade of foundation which I will talking about soon.

Before going to pick your foundation, you have to know your skin type, what I mean is to know if you have an oily or dry skin.

If you have a dry skin, it’s good to pick an oily foundation and if you have an oily skin, you can look for a matte foundation.

But if you can’t get an oily foundation, that means you have to use a moisturizer each time before applying foundation of not your foundation will just stick to your face than blending into it.

And if you can’t find a matte foundation, that means you have to apply face primer before foundation, the primer is meant to hold the foundation and make it last longer. I don’t know if you’ve seen someone on makeup sweating and the makeup looks like it’s peeling off, that’s what a primer is ought to prevent.

If you’re attending a ceremony that will keep you out for hours, you still have to apply primer to hold your makeup and this is not just for oily skin but for all skin types.

Now back to question of how to choose the right shade of foundation, of course after knowing your skin type and about to pick a foundation, you just to take a little quantity of foundation and rub on your chin and see if it’s the right shade for your skin.

The foundation should not be lighter or darker than your face. From the image below which foundation do you think is the right shade for me?

How to choose the right foundation

Yes, you’re right the one in the middle.

How to choose the right shade of foundation in summer and winter

Like I explained earlier on how to choose your foundation for dry and oily skin, it has to be reversed during summer and winter.

During winter, oily and dry skins should be able to use an oily foundation alongside moisturizers if necessary. Even for an oily skin, winter can cause your skin to break.

During summer the best foundation to use for both skin types is the matte foundation, here I don’t think moisturizers will be meeded.

Now I’m just going ahead to answer some of the questions I’ve been asked regarding foundation.

Should foundation be darker or lighter?

Your foundation should neither be darker or lighter than your skin or face per say because you’re applying the foundation on your face.

But if your face is way lighter than your body, then I will advise you to pick a foundation that’s the same shade with your body so that your face will not look too bright after your make.

If you don’t seem to get the exact shade of foundation for your skin, you can mix two foundations to get your desired results.

Always remember to apply foundation on your neck of you’re not wearing a clothe that’s covering your neck, apply on your ear too, trust me, you will be happy with the way your makeup will turn out.

Why is my foundation not flawless?

For your foundation to appear flawless, you have to know your skin type and the right brand for you.

If your foundation appears patchy, what do you use to apply it? A brush or beauty sponge/blender? Is your foundation watery?

A damp or wet beauty sponge/blender is the best tool for foundation application because it’s sure to make the foundation sit on your skin.

It could be you’re not fast enough to blend your foundation and it ends up drying on the face, this will only leave patches on your skin.

So to get a flawless foundation, get the right foundation, use the best blending tool and be fast about your blending.

Is it better to apply foundation with a brush or sponge

For me, the sponge is better, brush can blend your foundation but not the same way a damp sponge will. You can try both and tell the results

What is the best way to apply foundation

The best way to apply foundation is to apply it bit by bit, what I mean is, instead of putting foundation all over your face before blending, put the foundation only on the part where you want to blend so you can take your time to blend properly because putting it all over your face will make you blend in a hurry and some part would have dried out before you get to blend it, this leaving your foundation in a patchy condition.

Do you put foundation on eyelids

Yes but it depends. If you do your eyeshadow after your face makeup, then during the foundation application you have to apply on the eyelids too but if you do your eyeshadow first, you don’t have to apply foundation on the eyelids because the concealer should be on the eyelids.

What does excess foundation do

Applying excessive amount of foundation will make your face way lighter than neck and body therefore making your makeup look horrible.

What should we apply before foundation

There are two things to apply before foundation and that is moisturizers and primer but not in every occasion, moisturizer is applied if you have a dry skin and primer is applied if you have an oily skin or if you’re going to wear your makeup for long.

In some cases concealer/ color correctors is applied before foundation.

How do you apply foundation and concealer to older skin

There is no seperate method to apply foundation and concealer to older skin.

It’s the same way you apply foundation just like I said earlier. Just don’t forget to apply foundation on the neck and back if necessary.

Older people might have discoloration on their skin, so you just have to know the right color corrector to use to hide those discolorations.

Is it okay to apply foundation with fingers

No it’s not, there’s no way you can apply foundation with your fingers unless you want to ruin your makeup.

Do you put foundation on the sponge

Yes, you can or you can choose to apply the foundation with the foundation brush and afterwards blend with the sponge.

Can you wear foundation without concealer

Yes you can if you don’t have any blemishes, scar, mark or discoloration on your face.

Is it okay to to wear eye makeup without foundation

It totally depends on the type of eye makeup, if it’s just a common eye makeup, you can just apply your powder after that but if it’s a professional eye makeup, it’s not okay not to use foundation. Everything applied on the face contributes to it’s enhancement so one without the other is like something missing.

Do you put concealer on before or after foundation

Concealer is applied before foundation.

Can I use vaseline under foundation

Yes you can if you have a dry skin and need to moisturize, but vaseline has much oil so it’s better you apply a little quantity of vaseline and consider if you’re using an oily foundation before using your vaseline.

Can I mix foundation and moisturizers

Most times it’s not good to mix foundation and moisturizers because most moisturizers needs to dry out completely before applying foundation so the kind of moisturizers you use determines if you can mix with your foundation.

How long do you leave primer on before foundation

As long as it takes to dry out. But some primers appear dry already when applied on the skin so you can apply foundation immediately after applying that kind of primer.

What is the difference between concealer and foundation

Concealer is meant to be a coverage, while foundation covers your skin too, it can’t cover scar, mark or discoloration so that is where concealer comes in.

What is the best tool to apply liquid foundation

Damp or wet sponge/beauty blender.

How do I make my foundation look natural

Use your skin shade of foundation and of course a good blending.

Is it okay to wear only foundation

It’s not okay but it’s possible.

Is it necessary to apply primer before foundation

It’s not necessary, if you don’t have an oily skin and if you’re not planning to wear your makeup for hours.

Can I add water to my foundation

NO, you will end up spoiling your foundation.

Should foundation be the same color as your skin

Not necessarily, if you can’t get a foundation that’s the same with your skin, then you have mix foundations to get the color closer to your skin and this means you have to do little highlighting to avoid a much brighter face after makeup.

How do I know if my foundation is too light

Look at your neck and chest, if the foundation doesn’t look like the skin of your neck and chest or something close to it, it means your foundation is too light.

Why do I look bad with foundation on

It could be you’re using the wrong color and type of foundation or you didn’t blend properly or maybe you have discolorations you were supposed to correct with concealer before foundation but you didn’t.

Is it okay to use foundation as concealer

Like I said earlier, you can apply foundation without concealer but not when you need a coverage but then if you need a coverage, you can’t replace concealer with foundation.

Can I mix liquid highlighter with foundation

No you can’t.

Can I mix two foundations together

Yes you can.

Can I use powder brush to apply foundation

No you can’t.

Can I mix foundation and concealer to make it lighter

You can but it’s not okay if you don’t need a coverage.

Why do I look dark after applying foundation

That is because you’re using a darker shade of foundation.

Can I put on blush without foundation

To be honest, it won’t look nice but I will make a video of this to know how it will turn out.

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