How to buy your baby wears on a very low budget

I’m writing this article from my experience and this will help you know how to buy your baby wears on a very low budget.

Building your baby wears is something you can never finish. For mothers who are on a very low budget but still want to make sure your baby is looking good this article is for you.

How to buy your baby

I understand the fact that not every couple is wealthy, and not all mother to be have a man by their sides to give support financially and emotionally.

Not withstanding, you still want your child to look good, you may not give the world but you will give what you can afford and that makes you a wonderful mother.

Don’t worry the tips am about to share here will go a long way in helping you provide the best for your new baby.

Tips on how to buy your baby wears

From the very first day you learn of your pregnancy, start saving every penny you can get, your husband doesn’t have to know about this.

Let me give an example of how to save up.

If you’re given $100 to prepare the family meal, it’s not necessary you spend all of it, try to work on a tight budget and at the same time buying the things you need to prepare the meal. Sparing $10 will go a long way.

Now keep saving up every money you can get, no money is enough because after your delivery, you still need to take care of yourself and your baby.

Within 2-3 months, you must have saved enough to buy your baby collections, and these are the basic ones to get:

  • bed,
  • clothes,
  • spoons,
  • plates,
  • sleeping net,
  • powder,
  • singlets,
  • shaw,
  • socks,
  • caps,
  • cardigans,
  • wrappers,
  • pampers,
  • soaps and cream
  • bathing bowls
  • baby foods

The baby foods can come later because you don’t really need it at first, but the other items on the list are the basic things you need to keep your baby clean and healthy.

If you start waiting for a good day to go to market and pick all these items, that day may never come and at last you feel you’ve failed your baby.

The best way to buy your baby’s wears on a very low budget is to start buying the items on your list little by little, one per time.

You can start with the powder, cream and soap if you have money to buy at the same time but if you don’t, use the money you have to buy what it can afford.

After knowing the sex of your baby, you can now start buying clothes, it’s not necessary to buy dozens of clothes, just one at a time will do.

And before it’s delivery time, you would have completed the items on your list and added extra, you will be astonished you bought everything without it looking like a big deal.


Make sure you are ready for another baby or a baby before getting pregnant, this will help you give your child a better life and avoid putting you through a hard time.

You deserve the best!!

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