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Book Summary : Oliver Twist By Charles Dickens


Oliver Twist was born in a workhouse in a very anciently public building, after he was given birth to, he was so fragile and weak,

He was literally gasping for air and there was no family member or professional personnel to do anything, it was just an old woman and the parish surgeon who birthed him,

Oliver fought for his life all by himself until he breathed and sneezed.

Oliver Twist’s mother however, was a young unmarried woman whom the Catholic overseer saw lying on the street heavily pregnant, her shoes were torn to pieces as a result of walking a long distance.

She was as well fragile and weak, sadly she died immediately after giving birth to Oliver Twist, leaving him to the mercy of the parish to be tagged the “orphan of the workhouse”.

She was not fortunate enough to even name the child before passing, so he was given a name by Mr Bumble, the parish constable who named him “Twist” according to an alphabetical order at the time of his birth.

It’s not that she would have offered anything to the child because she was also homeless but it’s better to have a homeless mother than to be an orphan right?

Oliver Twist went through so much I can’t begin to explain, he was thrashed mercilessly and locked up for days in a dark cell along with others for a crime of “assuming to be hungry”.

Like you need to thrash me like an animal because I told you I was hungry? And that wasn’t even enough you locked me up for days without that same food… Bruh!! I would have been out of your life.

But I can’t blame the little lad though, he had no one to go to and pay no heed to my words as well, I was just bluffing, I wouldn’t have done any better as well.

The orphan boys of the parish were kept always hungry and haggard and they also have to work in such conditions, the plates which they use to eat usually don’t need washing because the boys made sure to eat every last piece of food with their wooden spoon as big as the bowl itself and their hands or tonugue will do the washing of the plate.

Once, a boy who wasn’t used to this horrible hunger because his father once owned a canteen, said he was going to eat the weak boy who slept next to him, a meeting was held and the boys decided to cast a lot for whom to go see the grandmaster after supper and ask for more and the lot fell to Oliver twist.

And when supper came, Oliver twist as a child who was desperate for food walked up to the master and said…

“Please sir I want some more” there and then he became a rebel.

Oliver was put up for sale the next morning and just then his biggest troubles started, he was to be made example of everyday in the supper hall so the other boys don’t fall into temptation to commit the great sin Oliver committed.

The book Oliver twist is a very emotional one, if you’re as emotional as I am, brace yourself because you need to be strong to read the book Oliver Twist.

The boy suffered a lot from the day he was given birth to, cane was a constant clothe on him, he was a pale and weak child given the circumstances surrounding his birth and the way the parish officials treated the orphan boys.

My Thoughts

The type of English in which the book was written was confusing to me at first, I had to start reading the book again for the second time to understand, so best believe you might have to read up to three times to understand the book.

And I must mention, I wasn’t able to finish reading the book because I felt so bad reading what Oliver Twist went through, I will appreciate it if you can tell me how the lad survived in the comment section, thank you.

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