Asians naturally have short, straight or thin lashes and 8 out of 10 women have hooded eyes which makes their lashes face downwards and difficult to curl. If you are having a difficult time finding the best drugstore mascara for dramatic lashes then you don’t need to look further because in this guide, I will be showing you the best drugstore mascara for short and straight lashes in the market alongside reviews from other users, people love testimonials, so reading people’s reviews or testimonials on any type of mascara you want to buy will further help you to decide if you should go for it or not.

Mascaras are essential must-have makeup tool, it’s known for its ability to lengthen the lashes and make it look bolder, mascaras may be just what you need to finish up your everyday makeup because of its added volume and length to give you a dramatic lashes. Mascaras helps short lashes become longer and straight lashes become curly, but some of the best mascaras out there that are durable, volumizing, clump-free and flake-free are high-end mascaras that are mostly used by celebrities which the average can’t afford and thankfully there are brands that also want to deliver quality to people at a lower price.

In this list, I’ve combined the best drugstore mascara for straight, short and thin lashes you can find in the market.

Best drugstore mascara for Asian lashes |reviews

For volume: L’oreal voluminous lash paradise mascara

L’oreal voluminous lash paradise has a soft wavy bristle brush to give you a volumized lashes with no flaking, no smudging and no clumping. This mascara gives you a lengthy and fuller lashes,it’s best to use with its primer if you want a more dramatic lashes. The bristle picks every of your lashes in the first coating, adding a second coating will even give you more volume and length to carry for up to 24 hours through sweat without flaking.

It comes off easily with warm water or baby wipes, no additional oils required and it doesn’t cause irritation. This is one of the best drugstore mascara you can find and love for Asian women lashes.

L'oreal mascara for asian lashes

Color — blackest black.

Price ~ $9.95

L’oreal voluminous lash paradise mascara reviews

It does give volume.

I like the color and it’s fairly easy to apply but the tube is smaller than other ones I’ve bought from this brand and it feels like I’ll run out sooner than I like. Other than that, it stays so well, doesn’t flake, is easy to remove and is a good color.

Not what I was hoping for it feels cheap.

Oh my gosh, this mascara is fantastic, I love it so much definitely going to be my go to.

I love this mascara, I use to use another waterproof mascara from l’oreal but decided to try something for better volume. The brush is awesome and the mascara isn’t clumpy, sticks evenly to the lashes and stays there no issues of smudging. The only thing is you have to have good quality makeup remover or wash your eyes twice if you use that kind of remover. Overall awesome and price is great.

Clump-free: Maybelline lash sensational washable mascara

Lash sensational mascara from Maybelline with its 10 layers bristle gives you a full fan effect in addition to length and volume. It’s opthalmologist tested and save for contact lens wearers. The brush is a lot tricky but if you master how to use the brush then you are good to go. It stays on for up to 11 hours without flakes and it easily comes off with wipes or warm water.

This is especially good to curl lashes that are difficult to curl so it’s perfect for Asian eyes.

Maybelline mascara for asian lashes

Color — blackest black.

Price ~ $8.99

Maybelline lash sensational washable mascara reviews

I really don’t wear makeup so I’m not the best to review but when I wore it for special events it worked pretty well, made my lashes looked dark and was not clumpy at all.

Good quality.

Love it buying more soon.

The mascara is great. Maybelline is a great brand.

It gives me so much length and volume it also keeps my lashes up.

Great color, brushes separate lashes easily doesn’t flake or smudge.

Waterproof: Voluminous million lashes waterproof mascara

Voluminous million mascara is also a product by l’oreal, it’s a waterproof and collagen infused mascara made to create amplified volume and definition to your lashes. It’s opthalmologist tested and trusted for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. For best results, use with its primer.

Voluminous million mascara for asian lashes

Color — black.

Price ~ $8.95

Voluminous million lashes waterproof mascara reviews

This mascara was dried up, takes a lot of effort to even force the tube to open.

I have thing, straight, short lashes. Most mascara looks great for the first 10 minutes then my lashes weighed down and straighten out, this is my second day wearing it and so far great! It’s light, doesn’t weigh my lashes down and they stay curled all day. Definitely buying again.

My favorite mascara.

My lashes look great.


Smudge-free: 4D silk fibre waterproof mascara

This new brand hypoallergenic mascara comes as a set with eyeliner and stays on the lashes for up to 24 hours with no flakes or smudge plus it’s easy to take off with warm water or remover oil.

Best drugstore mascara for asian lashes

Color — black.

Price ~ $11.98

4D silk fibre waterproof mascara reviews

I’ll order this again when I need it, it’s perfect for all day use without smudge or reapplying.

I’m super picky about my makeup, usually splurge and buy high-end cosmetic brands for anything that goes to my face. This eyeliner is literally the best I’ve ever used and the mascara is up there with the Mac and Tarte mascaras I usually buy. Can’t complain plus they are sparky and pretty and stand out in my makeup case so they are easy to locate when in a hurry.

Loved the mascara, it nicely separate my lashes and add length. Hate the liquid eyeliner, it’s felt tip like a marker and hurts along my eyelid. I prefer the eyeliner with brush. If you like a sturdy felt tip,then you may like the eyeliner but there’s no flexibility or move to it.

False lash effect: Lashtastic mascara

A vegan friendly mascara that delivers big, bold and beautiful lashes, it’s thick short bristles delivers bold lashes for false lashes effect. It’s clump free and long lasting. I personally recommend this mascara, it’s going to give that Asian lashes a long, curly and beautiful lashes.

Lashtastic mascara

Color — black.

Price ~ $6.95

Lashtastic mascara reviews

Ever since I found this mascara, I will not use anything else it lasts so long.

This mascara is just as good if not better than those expensive mascaras. I bought this mascara for my niece and she sent me a message that it was amazing. I couldn’t find it from the store I usually get it from. Covid-19 put them out of business. But it’s definitely my go-to mascara.

My favorite mascara with the best sperating brush, builds out lashes without clumping, no better value anywhere.

Favorite mascara.

This mascara is so amazing. I can’t tell you guys how much I love it.

This is my favorite mascara. Makes my lashes look awesome! People ask me if I have lashes on sometimes. Gives me a nice full look, love it.

For volume: Rimmel scandaleyes retroglam mascara

It’s hour-glass shaped brush gives you a big, clump-free voluminous lashes, it works well for upper and lower lashes.

Rimmel scandaleyes mascara,best mascara for asian lashes

Color — extreme black.

Price ~ $5.49

Rimmel scandaleyes retroglam mascara reviews

Long lasting, looks like expensive mascara.

It’s a great product, I was pleasantly surprised. For the price you can’t beat it.

It gives your eyes bold look without breaking the bank and it lasts forever. I use Tarte and let me just say I paid way more and it’s flaky but that’s my opinion.

I bought this product in the hopes it will make my eyelashes fuller and lengthen it but it does not. I have short lashes and not much of them when I applied this mascara it only made this more obvious. Perhaps if you already have long and full lashes, this could be used but personally, I would not recommend this product because it’s flaky.

Easy to apply.

Long lasting: Essence bye bye panda eyes tubing mascara

Bye bye panda mascara is a product from Essence cosmetics, it gives volumized and defined lashes without flaking or smudging. You don’t need to use makeup remover in taking it off, it’s easy to take off with warm water.

It’s vegan free, alcohol free, oil free, perfume and oil free, it’s a cruelty free product.

Essence bye bye panda mascara

Color — black.

Price ~ $4.99

Essence bye bye panda eyes tubing mascara reviews

This mascara didn’t work for me, it definitely gave me “panda eyes” after a short amount of wear time but the lash washed off easily and looked pretty, I don’t recommend this however.

It’s fine but still get pieces that falls under the eye. Annoying.

I have oily lids. I’ve recently come to terms with this. This is the only mascara that I can put in bottom lashes that doesn’t leave raccoon eyes and sticks around all day. It’s incredibly easy to remove, yet it has extreme staying power. I love the fact that multiple coats never seems to get clumpy of flaky. The formula adds noticable volume and length. I genuinely feel like this is the perfect basic black mascara.

Really good mascara.

It makes your lashes look very pretty and full, however if you have issues with every mascara running all under your eyes everytime like I do, this will definitely give you panda eyes.

For short lashes: Anabelle skinny mascara

It lengthens, extends and separate lashes and safe for contact lens wearers. It’s tiny brush is suitable to grab even the shortest lashes to give it lengths and volume. The brush is perfect to capture every thin lashes from the root. This mascara is perfect for Asian women lashes because its tiny brush will grab every of your lashes even the shortest lashes.

Anabelle skinny mascara best drugstore mascara for asian lashes

Color — black.

Price ~ $9.95

Anabelle skinny mascara reviews

Absolute best for lower lashes. Enough pigment to apply one coat for a natural, very happy with this purchase.

I have rightline mascara but they are usually expensive, irritating or humane. This one is perfect for my purposes. Again I use it as a rightline mascara so that I don’t have to bother with eyeliner, I tiny my lashes and brows, add this at my lashline and my makeup is done for the day.

I love using this for my bottom lashes, its hard to get in the far outer corners with big mascara brushes and this gets right there.

I have very thing eyelashes and this mascara is a miracle worker.

This mascara darkens and lengthens the sparsest of lashes. It won’t give you a lush full look but doesn’t clump either.

These are the top drugstore mascara I’ve picked for short and straight lashes out of hundreds of mascaras, try out anyone and let me know how it turned out.

How to apply mascara

Applying mascara is simple once you have a mascara and a mirror but it can get messed up when you don’t use the right mascara. If you prefer a video tutorial, then you may need to watch this video for a better understanding.

But if not, go ahead with the written tutorial:

  1. Dip the mascara brush into the mascara, making sure to collect much product.
  2. Start by rolling the brush on your lashes while taking it outward.
  3. When you’re satisfied with the length you’ve gotten, look upwards and apply the mascara (on the upper lashes).