There are some hard truths in life that we fail to acknowledge, maybe because it hurts to acknowledge them or we just choose to be ignorant, but these facts are vital for everyone to acknowledge to avoid heartbreaks and disappointments.

I have gathered 12 hard truths in life and want to share with everyone to know and acknowledge.

Between you can check out 30 fascinating lessons I’ve realized as I grew older.

20 hard truths everyone should know

1. Don’t make decisions in a hurry.

Making decisions in a hurry can really hurt you in the long run. Most times the way we see things aren’t actually the way it seems.

For example, you may suspect your kid did something and punish him or her but later found out your kid was actually innocent, he tried to explain to you but you failed to listen and then you feel “oh my God I just punished him wrongly” and then you start looking for ways to rectify your mistakes and perhaps feel regrets.

Before coming to a conclusion on anything, it’s best to think it through for hours and while doing so, try not to be bias. You will later look back and be grateful you didn’t make any nasty decisions there and then.

2. Don’t make decisions when you’re angry

That is a very bad time to make decisions. Anger can make you decide to hurt yourself but what happens when you no longer feel anger? This happens with everyone mostly teenagers. Just a short story.

Once upon a time, a family in my neighborhood buried their teenage daughter, you know what happened?

Her mother shouted at her in a bid to correct her for doing something wrong and she committed suicide that same day because her mother shouted at her.

She wasn’t sick mentally or something, she was just over pampered and probably she has never been shouted at before and that was probably the first time. So she felt miserable and any other feeling an over pampers child would have and she committed suicide.

Perhaps if she didn’t take that rash decision, she might still be alive today and doing something meaningful with herself, probably her parents would have apologized to her and she will be happy but she didn’t wait to think , she acted on her feelings there and then.

Anger can make you take decisions that you can regret for a long time. Think with your head and not ya emotions.

3. Lower your expectations

Don’t expect too much from people, family or friends. We all are humans and can do anything. You will be disappointed to find less of what you expected from anyone.

The higher the expectations, the higher the disappointment.

A very good example is expecting money someone has promised you and you decide not to look for other means of getting that money should the promised money not arrive.

The person may not be able to fulfill his promises to you and you feel disappointed in turn having hate for him. But if had looked for other means of getting that money you won’t be stranded and disappointed at the same time.

4. Don’t put all your hopes on people

Similar to the point above, it’s very bad to put all your hopes on people, anything can happen. It’s wrong to put all your eggs in one basket.

5. Stay young at heart

No time is too late to correct your wrongs, find what makes you happy, set another goal and achieve it.

6. Don’t make decisions at night

Have you ever heard the statement “I will sleep over it”?

This is because when you sleep over a certain event, you will have a different thoughts and perspective about it the next morning prior to the previous night.

At night, it’s easy for you to do something you will definitely regret the next morning.

7. Stop procrastination

Procrastinating kills your dreams and goals, now is the right time and not later.

8. Not everyone who calls you “friend” is your friend

Not everyone, even family can betray you.

9. It’s hard to trust everyone around you

10.The world goes with crowd

Just like it’s said “majority carries the vote” people only move with what’s trending.

Sometimes it’s not right but once a lot of people are doing that particular thing everybody else will join in, you might be the only right person but people don’t care.

11. Teenage “love” is not love but infatuation

It is how it is!! A teenager can’t really be in love but infatuation that’s why it almost seems like they can’t live without the other.

And because of this so called love today, most teenagers end up with unwanted pregnancy, run away from home and constantly disobey their parents.

If they only knew that true love doesn’t make them disobey parents and behave the way they want to. In relationships, one is supposed to create awareness when the other is wrong but in this kind of infatuated relationships, no one can call the other to order because both feels obsessed and can’t think straight.

As they grow older that feelings goes away and they begin to understand what love truly is.

12. Manner does not fall from heaven

Did you hear otherwise?

Manner never falls from heaven, praying is not just enough, you have to work to be able to eat and live comfortably, praying does nothing for you…its work work work.

So don’t expect manner to fall from heaven because you’ve prayed.

13. Religion, racism, beliefs, power, tribalism are the major causes of destruction.

14. Dwelling on the past could ruin your future

It will slow you down and really limit you in doing things.

15. Forget the past but don’t forget the lessons learnt

Those lessons will help you make further decisions as you progress in life. Those terrible things happened because you were not aware of the outcome but now you know better and probably won’t make those mistakes again.

16. The best time to think is in the toilet

Yeah you saw that right, in the toilet! Because then, you will be alone and can think straight.

17. Never argue with your landlord/lady

It could ruin your plans, arguing with your landlord can make you spend less time in your house than you would have. You will end up using the money you planned for something else for a new house.

18. Be careful who you help, not everyone needs your help

19. Your best friend could be your worst enemy

20. People will always misinterpret your actions and words