What’s your everyday makeup look like? Do you prefer a nude or well highlighted makeup? How many minutes do you spend doing your makeup everyday?

Sitting down every morning to apply makeup before leaving for work can really stress you out and take most of your time.

You get confused as to what makeup to try on everyday, you sit in front of the mirror, bring out your makeup kit and you feel lost all of a sudden not knowing where to begin, in this article, you will get to know ideas to help you in deciding what makeup look to wear everyday for work, but before going into how to do your everyday makeup look, take a look at these questions,

  • How is your skin without makeup?
  • Do you take care of your skin?
  • Can you go out without makeup?

If your answers to the above questions are negative then you need to know a few things before deciding to wear makeup everyday.

  • Don’t rely on makeup to hide your skin problems, doing that will cause more harm than good, you need to give your skin space and time to recuperate to its original self. In some cases your makeup may be the cause of your skin problems, remember;

Too much of everything is bad

I’m not telling you it’s bad to apply makeup everyday, all I’m saying is be confident with your skin.

  • A beautiful and healthy skin helps your makeup radiate, if your skin is bad without makeup i.e, if you can’t go out without makeup because of acne, blemishes, eczema or any other skin problems, then you really need to look for beauty products to give you a healthy skin and exfoliate weeekly.

Ideas to help you decide on the everyday makeup look to wear

  1. Colors of clothes: the color of clothes you are putting on or going to put on can help you decide what makeup to do, this colors helps you decide on the colors of eyeshadow and lipstick to wear, if you can’t seem to decide on what colors of makeup to wear based on your clothes, you can decide that based on the colors of your shoes or handbag. This will help you decide faster on what kind of makeup to do.
  2. If you’re wearing all red (red gown, red shoe and red bag) you don’t need to do a flashy makeup, try doing a nude makeup and complimenting it with a red lipstick. A nude makeup is a natural makeup, nude makeups involves using colors that are not flashy for example, red, green, blue, gold, pink, yellow, black, orange etc. Nude colors includes milk, butter,

Guide to a simple everyday makeup look

  1. The first thing to do is cleaning your face with a facial wipes or makeup cleanser, because you apply makeup everyday, there might still be some pigments of products previously used, so it’s important to clean your face completely to avoid certain skin problems.
  2. After cleaning, draw your eyebrows using a brown eyebrow pencil or gel liner but don’t make your eyebrows dark and bold, after drawing highlight the brows using concealer, use a lighter color of concealer on your under brows and your skin color concealer to highlight the upper brows. I use L.A girl Pro concealer in the shade fawn to highlight my under eyebrows because fawn is lighter than my skin tone and I use L.A Pride in the shade medium to highlight my upper brows.
  3. After that, use the same concealer you used in highlighting your under eyebrows to set your eyelid what I mean is, use a brush or beauty blender to apply this concealer on your eyelid and don’t try to open your eyes after doing that because the concealer will smudge (no longer be smooth) after opening it and you will ruin your eyeshadow.
  4. If you wish to do a cut crease, you have to apply the concealer all over your eyelid but if you don’t want to do a cut crease then apply just a very little amount of concealer only on the area where you will apply eyeshadow, preferably, don’t apply any concealer at all if you can’t handle it.
  5. Apply eyeshadow, as mentioned earlier, the color of eyeshadow to wear depends on the color of your attire for the day. If you want a nude makeup appearance, a matte eyeshadow can really give you that nude look.
  6. It’s not necessary to fix eyelashes but you can use mascara in place of artificial eyelashes, when applying mascara, make sure to separate your eyelash with it, don’t allow it clog. After applying mascara, apply eyeliner, use a black eyeliner to draw a wing eyeliner.
  7. After that, apply moisturizers if you have a dry skin but if not just go next to primer and allow your primer to get dry before doing any other thing. The reason why I recommend doing your eye makeup first is to make sure you are able to correct any mistakes before doing the facial makeup, because if you do your facial makeup first and do your eye makeup second, you might a mistake and won’t be able to correct it. I hope you understand my point? But doing your eye makeup first will help you correct any mistakes.
  8. Apply your foundation all over your face with a damp beauty sponge or blender, after that apply powder,( apply bronzer and blush) if you want to but it’s not really necessary, it’s an everyday makeup for work so you don’t necessarily need to appear with a heavy makeup.
  9. Lastly, lipstick. Good colors of lipstick for work are red, purple and nude colors.

You don’t need a heavy makeup to look pretty everyday, most times, I may not have all the time to sit down and start applying makeup, you know what I do? I just apply foundation, powder and wet lips and I’m good.

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