Vagina candidiasis: the best way to treat it

Of course, I don’t have to start saying what a vagina is because we all know what it is but what am talking about today is vagina candidiasis or yeast infection, 90% of women world wide experience this kind of infection especially young women.

Vagina candidiasis

Vagina candidiasis is common among women who uses public toilet and not only toilet causes this infection, it can also be sexually transmitted. I will be using the word “candida, candidiasis and yeast infection” in this article but I mean the same thing.

The vagina is a delicate part of a woman’s body and so should be treated with utmost care.

Growing up, I never realized how important it is to treat the vagina like an egg until I suffered from yeast infection but thanks to doctors, am free now and I have ever since been so careful not to get infected again; oh yes! it can come back again and again even after treating it.

What vagina candidiasis really is

At sixteen, I had signs of yeast infection, it was so itchy down there, I never knew it was candidiasis at first, I had thought it was a norm which was going to stop anyway.

So I moved on with it, and when I was 18, it became worst, I had series of discharge, from white to cottage cheese like colors but I never had a brownish or greenish discharge as I have read about.

It was so serious that I couldn’t walk two steps without scratching, it was so embarrassing trust me, you wouldn’t want to be in that situation. I tried so many things when I found out I was suffering from yeast infection.

I bought some local medicine, I tried using garlic, bought a vagina cream for treating infection but all didn’t work for me. It was more than embarrassing, it was disgraceful.

I resorted to going to the hospital for treatment and I was given drugs which I took for some days and it still didn’t work for me. And at last, I was treated with series of injections.

Symptoms of vagina candidiasis

Symptoms of candida includes

  • Constant itching on vagina opening
  • Swollen vagina as a result of constant scratching
  • Discharge (yellow discharge, very white)
  • Foul smell
  • The lips of the vagina feels sore and burns when peeing
  • Itch after sex

The best way to treat vagina candidiasis?

A very simple and safe way to treat your infection is to visit a doctor who will prescribe or give you drugs depending on how serious your infection is and if it is as serious as mine was, you may be needing an injection or even something far than injection so my advise is to visit the hospital on your first signs of yeast infection.

If you decide to use home remedy just like I did by using garlic and buying local medicine , it wont totally treat it and in most cases it wont treat it at all. To get rid of vagina odor, itch and discharge, go see a doctor.

How to prevent yeast infection

So let’s say I had an opportunity to stop what happened to me from happening to me, this is what I would do:

  • Wash my toilet about 5 times a week, it wasn’t a public toilet, neither was it a pit toilet, it was a water closet but it wasn’t kept cleaned because I wasn’t the only one using it, you see that is one thing about growing up girls, try to make them not to share private things with other people no matter who it is, girls are more prone to infections than boys.
  • Use very clean panties
  • Would have asked my mom for panty liner
  • Wouldn’t use sanitary pads for more than 4 hours
  • Always wear cotton pants
  • And always keep a good hygiene

How I stopped vagina candidiasis from coming back

If not careful, candida can come back even six times after treating it, so maybe if you follow my steps, yours will be gone for good, so here is what I have been doing:

  • Made sure my toilet was disinfected before using it, I didn’t mind doing that every time I want to use the toilet
  • Poured hot water in the toilet almost everyday pf the week
  • Wear panty liner
  • Put garlic in my toilet for the whole night which I do once a week
  • Allow ventilation down there

Vagina discharge during and after ovulation

The normal vagina discharge is white and odorless. Ovulation is the period when your body undergoes some changes in other words, the system release egg or eggs to be fertilized by sperm, during this time, you may face hormonal imbalance or mood swing.

The discharge during ovulation is usually slippery and and almost colorless while the discharge after ovulation is white and thick and not slippery.

Healthline gives a broader explanation on vagina yeast infection and it will be surprising for you to find out babies can be infected too; vaginal-yeast-infection#in-women