Qualitea natural green tea is a quality natural green tea, the brand has been in existence since 1989 and it has been recognized as one of the leading natural green teas in stores worldwide. Qualitea natural green tea also comes in different flavors giving you lots of options to pick from, these flavors are known as:

  1. Natural green tea with Jasmine
  2. Natural green tea with mint
  3. Natural green tea with strawberry
  4. Natural green tea with lemon
  5. Natural green tea with earlgrey
  6. Natural green tea with lemon and honey
  7. Natural green tea with ginseng
  8. Natural green tea with cinnamon and apple
  9. Natural green tea with soursop
  10. Natural green tea with ginger and garlic
  11. Natural green tea with mint and lemon grass

There are lots of flavors to pick from, you only need to find your best and go for it.

According to studies, geen tea is used for rejuvenating the skin, used for weight loss, for treating acne, hair growth, prevents scurvy and diabetes, prevent tooth decay and kill bacteria linked with gum disease.

Qualitea natural green tea review


It’s very effective.



Ease of use:

It’s easy to use.

1. Easy to prepare
2. Different flavors to pick from
3. Reusable tea bags
4. Effectiveness

Product price

This product starts with a minimum of NGN1,000 in Nigerian currency, prices may differ in different locality and countries.

My verdict

I just started using Qualitea natural green tea some months ago, I bought it because of the benefits of green tea I’ve read about just like I’ve mentioned above. I started taking it twice a week and each time I take it, I get stomach upset and run to the toilet, this way I feel the tea is actually doing what it came for.

And after visiting the toilet, I feel a lot better generally afterwards.

One incident I can’t forget was the day I was feeling so bad and down, I couldn’t explain how I felt then and even now, and then I remembered I had this green tea and decided to prepare it and see if it will help my condition and guess what?

It actually did, I was astonished, grateful and happy at the same time, I felt a lot lot better like I wasn’t feeling discomfort earlier and since after day, I had a whole lot of respect for Qualitea green tea.

Additionally, I use this green tea for my face mask and I don’t regret doing that.

So I take it regularly now and just love it, so I have it now as my green tea brand which I will use continually.

The best time for me to drink this green tea is at night, I feel more relaxed after drinking it at night but sometimes I take it in the morning if I feel I have clean my system before eating something, but I don’t drink it everyday.

Who is this product for?

Qualitea natural green tea is for all gender, it’s good for you if you’re looking for a green tea to help boost your immune and feel better.

You can take if you’re looking for green tea to take just for the benefits of it.

You can take it if you’re looking to loose some weight.

Lastly You can use it for face mask, it has no side effects or whatsoever.

How to prepare Qualitea natural green tea for best results

  • In a pot: boil water in the pot and empty it, after that boil another water and add one teabag of green tea for one person, that means two teabags for two persons, allow the teabags in the water for 3-4 minutes before serving.
  • In a cup: add boiled water in the cup and let it cool a little put one teabag of green tea for one person and leave it for 3-4 minutes before serving.

P.S: the tea can have a bitter, sweet or astringent taste, this depends on the temperature of water used in preparing it.

Use water at 60°C to get a sweet taste, 80°C for an astringent tea and very hot water for bitter tea.

Qualitea green tea

Effective natural green tea

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