Nature Secrète Gold cream, soap and serum has been among my beauty products for four months now. It has a phyto-natural quality which makes it more amazing. It is meant to leave you with a smooth and soft skin after using. Nature Secrète Gold is mainly for dark skin tone.

The lotion tube comes in three colors, white, orange and brown for different skin colors.


Due to its high quality, you will get your desired results.


Not the cheapest but reasonable

Ease of use

Takes a little time to master the amount of serum you will have to add.

1. Highly effectivehigh cost
2. Perspiration controlyou can’t tell the exact amount of serum to apply into the cream
3. Smooth and soft skin
4. Great for all dark-chocolate skin tone
5. Cream tube last

Nature Secrète Gold is currently the best cream for dark, chocolate and medium skin tone, in combination with it’s gold soap and serum, you will start seeing results almost immediately. The only thing you have to master Is the amount of serum to apply in the cream each time you buy a new one.

Product price

  • Nature Secrète Gold cream: NGN 1,500
  • Soap: NGN 700
  • Serum: NGN 1,500

The above prices are in Nigerian currency, the prices differ in every locality and country.

My verdict

In early 2018 I was indecisive about what cosmetics to use to get a good, radiant and healthy skin, I wanted my skin to look good without breaking the bank for it.

So I tried different creams and soap, I tried Red Cherry cream with some random soap and nothing happened, next I tried Bronze cream and Its soap but there was no changes and then I thought maybe if I try using it with another soap, it might turn out well.

And I bought Carrot soap to use alongside the Bronze cream and it turned out to bleach my skin. I didn’t want to bleach and didn’t know what else to do, I was scared of going to a beauty store and picking any random cream and so I went to a dermatologist and I was given Nature Secrète to try out and I don’t have any regrets using it ever since.

Though it’s a little expensive but it’s worth my money.

The image in the middle below is the result of using Nature Secrète, the one on the right was taken while I was using the Bronze I talked, if you look at my hand closely, you will see a total different skin color compared to my original skin color, the image on the left was taken while I was using the Red Cherry cream. The difference is really clear.

Nature Secrète effect

Do you feel like you’ve been wasting your time and money on cosmetics that are not worth it?

Then you should try out Nature Secrète Gold if you’re dark skinned and Nature Secrète Carrot if you’re fair skinned.

Who is this product for?

Nature Secrète Gold is for both genders, it’s good if you want to have a well toned bronze skin, if you want to maintain your dark skin tone and if you want to change your skin tone.

All these can be achieved by the amount of serum added to the cream and how often you use it.

Some lotions causes stretch marks and some other skin problems, so when you ready to get a body lotion, go to a professional cosmetician and ask for recommendations.

How to use Nature Secrète to get your real results

From the image above, you should be able to see differences between the three cosmetics I’ve listed out.

The best way to use Nature Secrète to get good results is by measuring the amount of serum you need to apply in the cream, the more serum you add the more you’re likely to have a lighter skin color, unless you want to change your skin color completely will be the only reason to apply more quantity of serum and even at that, you still have to use a measurement so you won’t apply a smaller quantity of serum when next you get a new cream and start looking darker.

Another thing is to use the same product at the same time, for example, you can’t use the gold and carrot products. If you’re using Nature Secrète Gold then you should use the gold soap, cream and serum, same way when using Carrot.

For best results, use the products twice a day, morning and night precisely.

Give it a try and send me your feedbacks on my mail [email protected] or bookmark this page so you can come back here to write your feedback.

Nature Secrète

Nature Secrète has been among my beauty...It's one of my beauty monthly favorites for this season. It has a phyto-natural quality which makes it more amazing...

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