It’s not all about how many kids you have, the main point is, can you take care of these kids comfortably? The age gap between siblings is a very important factor during family planning.

If you haven’t started family planning yet, you should start now and the age gap between your kids should not be overlooked.

This family planning includes when to get pregnant again after the previous baby, you may decide to have protected sex until the due time or speak to your doctor for a more safer way because protected sex isn’t a 100% guarantee to avoid pregnancy.

You need to decide if you’re going to quit working for some time to take care of your baby, you need to plan on the family budget, and this involves how much money you can spare for the baby and house upkeep and how much you can spare for feeding monthly, because a baby means extra mouth to feed and more babies means more extra mouth to feed.

You need to know if you’re ready for a baby before you have one,all these are family planning.

What century are we in? The 21st century right? That’s right, the world is changing a lot and humans, technology and the way of living is changing along with it.

And our ability to adapt to these changes are what makes us human.

Before having your kids, it’s important to discuss the age gap between your kids, that shows you really want to give a good life to your kids, 50 years ago, our parents then never knew what family planning means so they just have kids randomly.

It’s more complicated in African countries because then, more kids means more hands on the farm and that means more money. So I will say the age gap between those siblings are sometimes months or a year.

Researchers says the ideal age gap between siblings should be 18 months, that’s a year and six months because by then your body would have had enough time to recuperate and also to avoid birth deficiency in the birth of your next baby.

I think the ideal 18 months age gap between siblings is not actually the best, personally, I would give a 2 years age gap.

This is to allow me plan ahead for my next child, I will always want the best for my kids, and also have time for myself.

In this way, I can comfortably take care of these kids, I have to make sure I can handle another baby and luckily for me, my first baby won’t be much worries for me any longer.

The best age gap between 1st and 2nd child should be 2-4 years, the first and second birth is the most trying times for the woman because in the second pregnancy she can adjust and know what to expect due to the first pregnancy.

Though a woman may not have the same experience in all of her pregnancy but she’s sure to handle whatever she experiences.

Nevertheless, the smallest age gap should be 18 months, anything less than that would be stressing your body and giving you lots of disadvantage.

Factors that may determine the age gap between siblings

  • The age of the woman: a woman who got married in her 30s or late 30s gets more worried and obsessed with having as many kids as she can because women starts to lose their ability to conceive around their late 30s, so these category of women may decide to give an age gap of six months – one year between her kids depending on how many kids she wants to have. If she wants to have just two kids, it gives her a better advantage of recuperating and planning the arrival of the next baby.
  • Your work: the kind of work you do can also affect the age gap you decide to give your kids, you may be too busy with your work and you decide to have kids years later after getting married or you may decide to have just one so you can have time for your work and baby.
  • Schooling: parents who still attend schools have a tendency to have kids late, you see having kids can limit the things you do, so before having one, make sure you’re ready.
  • Your ability to take care of your kids: how wealthy you are can also determine the age gap between siblings and how well you can take care of your kids, I don’t think any parent would want their kids to pass through any hardships and therefore would want to plan the arrivals of their babies with utmost priority.
  • Health: this is the most important factor, as they say, health is wealth. You can’t give birth to your baby with no one to take care of him, that’s why attending antenatal is important during pregnancy. Some women may be told by the doctor that she won’t be able to have another baby due to some health issues, some may only be able to give birth only through cesarean section and because of that they may want to avoid having another baby earlier and for some, the doctor may recommend a 4 years age gap because of a health factor the woman might be having.

In conclusion, find out what works for you, speak to your doctor about your health to be sure you won’t have any complications giving birth sooner and be sure to be able to cater for as many kids you plan on having. Don’t just be a baby industry, be a mother and a parent.

Check out the pros and cons of every age gap of your child, this includes the pros and cons of 1,2,3 and 4 years age gap of your child.