Married to the devil’s son (book summary)

A gasp escaped my mouth. I guess I hadn’t believed he was the devil’s son entirely until now. I couldn’t and didn’t want to believe it.

He couldn’t be what the rumors said he was, the devil’s son with red eyes and long nails. He had burnt the men alive and he could heal. What else could he do?

Hazel a princess locked in the palace mansion until the day of her wedding she was betrothed to the seventh prince of Decresh who rumors have him to be the son of the devil.

At first she wasn’t happy about the marriage arrangements, she wasn’t happy that she couldn’t make a choice of whom to marry above all she hated the betrothment because her father was using her as a tool to gain more power.

She never cared about the rumours about the prince being the son of the devil,it didn’t scare her but it did affect her because she thought people were referring to his personality, maybe he was a liar, murderer or manipulator and that’s what scared her.

But after her marriage, something surprisingly happened, Lucian who is believed to be the son of the devil was exceptionally kind hearted and loving. Maybe the rumors weren’t true after all but if he’s not the devil’s son, then what is he?

Lucian the seventh and last prince of the kingdom of Decresh was the most feared of all throughout the kingdoms.

He would go to battle with just 500 men against thousands and he will come back victorious without scars and if there was a scar, he will heal almost immediately and there will be no traces of even a tiny scratch. He could set a person on fire by just looking at him without uttering a word or doing anything.

This made his family, the villagers and neighboring kingdoms fear him, will his wife also be afraid of him?

This was a question he always asks himself and this made him avoid his wife most times. But it turned out Hazel wasn’t scared of him when she found out who he really was.

Overall, it’s an interesting book to spend your time on but I wished the end part went well, it just didn’t end well with me.

Married to the devil’s son (book review)

Married to the devil’s son by Jasmine Joseph is a horrific, romantic and mystery book. I love the way the book keeps you on hook, leaving you to guess what’s going to happen next, though fictional, it looks real enough to convince you of a reality.

My favorite character in the book was Klara, I was amazed at the way she handled her feelings that it never got in the way for her to do her duties. She has always been in love with Lucian and wanted him for herself but was disappointed after she learnt Lucian was already married but that still didn’t change her feelings for him.

She just couldn’t bring herself to hate the woman who took her place (Hazel) she was ready to share Lucian with her but a pity it wasn’t possible even after all she did, but I was happy she found happiness at last.

My favorite parts of the story were the scenes Lucian lost his memory, that part put me in a more suspenseful state. I had questions like, will he be to regain his memories and remember his cherished wife? Can he still remember he’s a prince?

He eventually went back to the palace in disguise with the help of a witch in the quest to face his brother who’s ruling the kingdom already and when he met Hazel serving as a maid he didn’t remember who she was, he felt kind of connected to her but doesn’t know how. I so looked forward to the part where he would remember his wife.

…… and he did! Oh that moment was everything to me!

The story was well plotted and exposed, though it has little grammatical errors.

This made him love her more and they ended up having a happy ending.

Some questions were left unanswered at the end, it just felt like there was a continuation to the book.

Who is this book for?

Married to the devil’s son by Jasmine Joseph is meant for adults of 18 and above. If you love mystic and romantic novels then this book is for you. I promise you will enjoy reading it and when you do please come back and tell your reviews.

The book is not for those who have a high vulnerability to witches and demons because it was mentioned several times in the book.

Reviews from other readers

I’m not even embarrassed, this book is amazing. I downloaded a reading app because of it. They give you like 15 chapters to hook you with, it was so good.

It was delicious, it had just the right amount of, everything, action, back stabbing royal siblings, wars, love and so much pain, it was like I said delicious.

The story is great but the lack of editing is infuriating. The grammar and spelling mistakes are horrible.

If the web series ever comes in print, I will buy it, I just can’t buy each chapter, it’s an amazing story and I will follow the writer.

This book popped up in a facebook ad showing only a portion of the story, I got so addicted reading the prologue, I literally couldn’t stop, I had to download the app. I read the first book in a day because I was obsessed, Lucian is an amazing name, an amazing character and puts feels in me I’ve not felt in a while, this book had me wanting more.

Absolutely loved it!

Book review- married to the devil's son

Married to the devil's son by Jasmine Joseph is a horrific, romantic and mystery book. I love the way the book keeps you on hook, leaving you to guess what's going to happen next, though fictional, it looks real enough to convince you of a reality.


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