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Book summary: Married to the devil’s son by Jasmine Joseph

Married to the devil's son by jasmine joseph

My entire life, I had been preparing for this day. I always knew I was never going to be able to choose whom to marry because I was a woman and a princess. I didn’t have the right to choose. Hell, I didn’t have any right at all. My opinions and feelings didn’t matter to anyone, not even my own family.

In fact my father saw me as a tool to gain more power, to create an alliance with the kingdom of Decresh, a very powerful kingdom by marrying me off to one of their princes.

“For a prince and princess the kingdom comes first, your desire for something comes after” father said.

Yeah right, it could for a prince but not for a princess. If a prince married for alliance and didn’t like his wife, he could just marry another. Usually most of them had several wives and mistresses, but for a princess the story was different. There’s nothing she could do she just had to please her husband and watch as he married other women when he gets bored with her. I felt my blood boil but now was not the time to get angry.

Hazel was a princess promised to one of the princes of the kingdom of Decresh who was rumoured to be the devil’s son,she was never allowed outside the palace walls while growing up and so she has never had a chance to met her supposed husband to be, she was only going to see him on her wedding day and when the wedding day came, she was very nervous, she doesn’t know how the rumoured son of the devil was going to look like, was he going to have long black horns with very long nails she thought to herself but when the prince arrived, her jaw dropped, he was nothing she was expecting to see.

“Is it really true that he is the son of the devil?” Hazel would usually ask herself, he doesn’t look like it and he was very gentle with her as well but there was this hostility between the princes and she could easily tell that his brothers don’t like him and everyone was afraid of him as well but why?

And she found her answers when the scars from a deep wound on his back disappeared completely, now that was not “humanly” lol.

Lucian was the prince who was said to be the devil’s son, he looked nothing like a devil but he didn’t understand why everyone was afraid of him even his father dared not to look him in the eyes. He looked at the woman he just married and she looked so frightened, he wondered if she was because of obvious reasons or because of the rumours. Well he wouldn’t blame her or everyone else he always knew he was different. Once a moved an object by just thinking about it and also lit his brother on fire by just wishing for it, maybe the rumours are true.


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