Marie panty liner for me is one of the best drugstore anti-bacterial panty liner out there. It’s structured to fit your body and have the ability for better absorption plus it contains 40 pieces of cotton liners.

Product effectiveness

  • Natural mint
  • Anti-bacterial
  • Good absorbent



Ease of use

Very easy to use and adjust to.

Marie panty liner pros and cons

Natural mint Short length
Good absorbencyDoesn’t stick on panties for long
Glue doesn’t stick to panties after removingMint goes away after few minutes of wearing it
Soft on skin
Doesn’t slip into the butt

While at the shopping mall looking for good panty liner brands to try on, at the same time a drugstore brand, I saw this Marie panty liner, read its qualities and decided to try it out.

I bought it because of its natural mint and anti-bacterial quality and I must say after using it for the first time, I have since bought it twice again. Its absorbency is also superb, you can wear it for hours without feeling moist.

When you remove it from your panties, the glue doesn’t stick to your pants thereby making it difficult to wash, all these qualities for an affordable panty liner? I must say it’s a very nice product.

Who is this product for?

Marie panty liner is meant for women of all ages, it is not meant to be used as a treatment for infections, so if you’re looking for a panty liner to treat infections, this is not for you.

If you can’t be comfortable wearing a short panty liner, then Marie panty liner is not for you.

Lastly, if you don’t like having a mint feeling down there, it’s not for you too.

Marie panty liner is meant to be a regular panty liner you can wear to prevent infection, prevent discharge from getting to your panties and feel good down there at the same time.

Alternatives to Marie panty liner

Carefree barely there liners

Testimonials from panty liner users

Below are some of the testimonials and feedbacks users has provided from using this panty liners

I have always bought them from a young age and always have them in my bag incase they are a miracle product and always on my shopping list and buy more than one.

They are really great for summer days as it keeps you fresh. Also really great on long drives or flights. Definitely recommend them, I personally prefer the unscented version.

These liners are the best in the market I admit over the years I’ve used other brands bought because we’re on special and never satisfied. Carefree all the way and love the shower scent own and laugh at those who say that they are not thick enough. Ladies you are not supposed to wear this when you have your period, only as a backup for when you are wearing your tampon.

Wonder long liners

Testimonials from panty liner users

I have been using panty liners for years and this is by far the best! They are long enough and wide enough to fit in any undies perfectly! Super comfy too! Long, wide and comfy, can only buy them at Woolworths.

I use panty liner all the time and find this to be one of the best, I have purchased and I will be buying again.

Great quality ideal liner. The point of a liner is that it is thin

Tom organic liners

Testimonials from panty liner users

Hygienic product. Efficient processing of order and quick delivery.

Nice and small so you can slip them into a purse or small bag, really good to use on those days when spotting and you don’t want to commit to a standard pad or tampon.

When I started using these I wasn’t a subscriber and have used them over a year now, they are so nice and stay put, feels like I’m only wearing underwear, they are perfect for me.


Women wear panty liners to manage their discharge, some wear it when they have light periods and now there are panty liners that comes as a treatment to infections.

Panty liners are meant to keep you clean especially if you always have heavy discharge, panty liners may store your discharge and stop it from having any smell but it doesn’t mean it will treat your infection, so don’t wear panty liners in hopes that it treats infections.

Though there are brands of panty liner out there that treats infections but the average doesn’t.

There are scented and non-scented, organic and non-organic panty liner brands recently and each has an effect on you. In choosing any brands of panty liner, you should be careful on which one to pick, some might contain chemicals and chemicals are not good on your vagina, these chemicals can even trigger these infections you’re trying to prevent.

If you want to use a panty liner in treating infection, then talk to your doctor on which one that’s suitable for you.

Generally, wear panty liners to stay hygienic.

Marie panty liner

Best drugstore panty liner

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