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100+ Things that make me happy

Here is a cute list of things that make me happy. This is also a daily reminder to have a happy list, don’t you think it’s right to be thankful for some things in your life?

Sometimes/most times we get caught up with things that are messy/bad in our life and forget to keep in mind things that we are thankful for, and those things you are thankful for are those things that will make you happy and what’s life without happiness?

Well, you know the answer to that already so why not be happy sis? so here goes my list of things that make me happy.

155 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. listening to music and of course according to my mood
  2. dancing
  3. Exercising
  4. reading romance/adventure novels
  5. cooking
  6. DIYs, yes, I love DIYs a lot, I could almost do a surgical operation on myself. lol not literary
  7. blogging, though I haven’t been consistent with that because of personal reasons but I’m back to it now.
  8. traveling, I love traveling, you know the road journey but I can get tired two hours into it, so I should I say I love going on a two hours journey? lol
  9. cuddling
  10. Instagram, yeah I just can’t
  11. Tiktok
  12. makeup (this should have been my number 2 or 3)
  13. cleaning
  14. buying new gadgets
  15. drinking water (see what I mean by little things that make me happy)
  16. sewing
  17. giving
  18. clothing haul
  19. driving
  20. watching cartoon
  21. shopping
  22. dressing up
  23. outing
  24. pedicure/manicure
  25. trying out new dishes, I probably won’t like all the dishes I would try out but I won’t stop trying
  26. wearing jewelries, (I love wearing ring on all ten fingers of mine) I love my jewelries in silver
  27. money in my bank account, now who doesn’t like that? I guess you do too
  28. trying out deodorants
  29. playing games (on mobile and PS)
  30. drinking fruit juice
  31. lodging in hotels
  32. eating snacks (healthy ones) if there’s anything like that
  33. talking less, I don’t like talking, but when I do, I do it without restrain, that is if am comfortable around you too
  34. watching dancers, I love dancing and watching others dance as well
  35. watching Korean village movies
  36. spending time with my family (your family could be your friends as well)
  37. meditating
  38. teasing my brother
  39. drawing something out of nothing whenever I have a pen and book
  40. checking my website analytics to see if you guys checked out my content (which I’m grateful for whenever i see that that is the case)
  41. checking my YouTube analytics to see how many subscribers I’ve gained in the last 5 mins, lol
  42. watching fishes and birds
  43. watching photos
  44. coaching younger kids
  45. painting
  46. athletics
  47. watching music videos
  48. learning new languages
  49. singing in choir
  50. listening to choir
  51. watching talent shows
  52. visiting my hometown
  53. accepting a challenge
  54. babysitting, oh! I can’t emphasize on how much I love this one, one time when I was growing up, I carried my neighbor’s babies and the babies ended up taking me as their mother, lol, no but seriously that was the case, they wouldn’t eat unless I was present, that was how serious it was
  55. meeting new people
  56. the smell of fried eggs, yes!!
  57. vanilla flavored ice-cream
  58. rain
  59. new hairdo
  60. a long cold shower
  61. clean bed sheets
  62. teddy bears
  63. watching horror movies
  64. watching action movies
  65. pink themed bedroom
  66. eating bread and tea
  67. cold soft drinks
  68. red wine
  69. listening to old school music
  70. new pairs of underwear
  71. new pairs of footwears
  72. new handbags
  73. picnics
  74. meat barbeque
  75. working from home (you know, being a boss theme)
  76. the baby smell, remember I said I like babysitting? yes, I love their smell
  77. baby’s tiny hands
  78. seeing a baby walk for the first time
  79. seeing a baby crawl for the first time
  80. watching babies sleep
  81. waking up everyday, of course I have to be thankful for life
  82. nature
  83. people sharing my blog content on social media
  84. a word of encouragement (you can leave one for me in the comment section)
  85. having an elder brother that loves me so much
  86. friends
  87. bumping into old friends
  88. starting a new year
  89. Christmas
  90. soft chicken drum stick
  91. chicken feet
  92. being a woman, I never wished to be a man.
  93. trying out different makeup brands
  94. finding a forgotten money in my clothes or bag, if I find it when I’m broke then I am the happiest person on earth that day, can you relate?
  95. surprises
  96. being pampered
  97. being appreciated
  98. receiving gifts
  99. eating bananas
  100. waist chain
  101. anklets
  102. piercings
  103. walking in heels
  104. wearing short gowns
  105. wearing trousers and shorts
  106. eating sugarcane
  107. movie night
  108. shopping online
  109. new glasses
  110. dropping my phone without breaking the screen
  111. watching wrestling matches and I’ve got to say I love watching Roman Reigns (head of the table)
  112. wearing double/triple necklaces
  113. wearing multiple bracelets
  114. updating my apps, I love to see all the new features
  115. singing along with a song even if I don’t know the lyrics
  116. reading motivational quotes
  117. dancing in front of a mirror
  118. looking at myself in a mirror
  119. washing the dishes
  120. new year’s eve
  121. wearing canvas on gown
  122. making researches especially about my body system
  123. dying my hair
  124. depending on nobody
  125. watching a choreography
  126. wearing face caps
  127. attending parties
  128. moving into a new house, and I can say with confidence that if I’m wealthy, i would probably move into a new home every three months, maybe that’s why I’m not wealthy, I guess the big guy up doesn’t want me to do such things. lol
  129. taking care of my hair
  130. wearing oversized tops
  131. watching magical movies
  132. eating rice and a tasty stew
  133. going out with my natural face
  134. being addressed by my first name
  135. rainbows
  136. sunset in the clouds
  137. pictures of cute babies
  138. a tidied room
  139. watching movie series
  140. seeing someone’s face lit up when I offer help
  141. afternoon naps
  142. weekends
  143. watching how-to videos
  144. fruit salad
  145. vegetable salad
  146. color black
  147. checking things off my to-do list
  148. seeing my kiddo happy
  149. being able to let go of something even when it still hurts
  150. a 30 day challenge
  151. constantly working on my self-growth
  152. the mistakes and failures I made in the past (it shaped me into a better and stronger person)
  153. setting a goal and achieving it at the said time
  154. a lazy Sunday
  155. watching Arnold Swazneger movie collection

So yeah, I have listed all of the things that make me happy and will update my list when I get new things that make me happy, looking at the list, you probably will overlook some in your day to day activities but it is the little things that matter right?

So you can make a list of the things that make you happy, the list might not be up to 10, but like I said its the little things that count, email it to yourself for future references and be sure to be happy and acknowledge the little things going on in your life that make you happy, if that makes sense.

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