Who says kitchen is for women alone? Don’t worry am about to give you some kitchen ideas to make your kitchen experiences exciting. That’s because I how how tiring it can be to be in the kitchen for hours and still have to take care of other chores.

We are super strong!!!

Before we get into these kitchen ideas, let’s discuss on some kitchen basics.

Dangers in the kitchen

There are dangers everywhere believe it or nah, the kitchen is one place in the home where there are more danger than the football field. Here are some of the dangers found in the kitchen:

  • Gas: this is very important, if you have kids that enter into the kitchen, you should be extra careful then. Gas has been a reason for series of explosions in home, a little mistake as a puncture in the gas hose or pipe could cause massive explosions. If you’re using gas, any type of gas at all, you have to be very careful.
  • Slippery floors, especially if your kitchen is tiled, children should avoid playing or running in the kitchen
  • Exposed wires, you should make sure your wires are properly coated especially because of kids, this could lead to electric shock.
  • Hot water/hot oil, you should try to keep hot water far away from the reach of kids, if they are older kids,try to let them know that there is hot water or hot oil somewhere around the kitchen. Don’t keep children close when frying things.
  • Shocking refrigerators, yes this has happened to me once, so we got to find out that there was water around the refrigerator’s wire which led to the electric shocks.
  • If you are using stove, it can also be dangerous if you don’t check the rope or whatever it’s been called before you start cooking.
  • Making sure you don’t mix gallons for fuel and kerosene, you could something as color to differentiate both gallons so your kids can know which is which to avoid interchange.

Do you have a kitchen garden? It’s very important to have a kitchen garden that is if you have a space for it, well I don’t have right now because am not yet in my own apartment (rented) and I don’t want to break rules of the owners Lol!!

But if I do have a space, I do get my kitchen garden, this helps saves cost of feeding, and can help you get things done easily, without having to go to market and all the headaches that comes with that.

Essential appliances in the kitchen

These are appliances necessary in the kitchen to make your work easier and saves time for you too. The appliances listed below are ones in my kitchen for now because with time, I would include other appliances. These appliances are:

  1. Refrigerators, this helps you preserve your food, save gas or kerosene and keeps it fresh just like when you cooked it. Their are cheaper and smaller refrigerators that you can purchase if you’re on budget but if you have enough cash to go for new ones, you can also go a good working second hand refrigerators.
  2. Microwave, microwave saves you the stress of turning on the gas and heating your food and it retains the taste of your food without getting it burnt. As long as there is electricity, microwave is there to make things easier, faster and better.
  3. Electric blender, helps you in grinding things such as tomatoes, cucumber, carrots and many other things which can be grinded.
  4. Chopping board, this makes it easier to cut your veggies such as tomatoes, spinach, onion, cucumber and the rest.
  5. Ceiling fan or air conditioner, I have a ceiling fan in my kitchen, because I spend more than an hour in the kitchen when am preparing different dishes, so I need the ventilation to reduce the heat, this helps me feel more comfortable. There are also affordable ceiling fans which you can get if you don’t have a large pocket.

Now let’s go straight to kitchen ideas.

8 tricks to help in running the kitchen

Frying beans to kill ants

Yes! you saw that, surprising right? I know it is but don’t be surprised anymore because it’s possible.

Now if you always buy beans and have them in stock, you must have an idea of what am saying, there are ants found in almost all beans, in most cases, the ants in the beans gets beyond control, now that’s where the frying comes in, to reduce and remove these ants completely, you have to fry your beans.


  • Put pot or frying pan on a low heat, no oil is needed please, just pour the beans and stir continuously to avoid burns on the beans.
  • After frying for some minutes, take it down and allow to cool.
  • Now you can cook your beans as usual and comfortably too.

How to melt blocked honey

Sometimes you buy honey and at a time, the honey gets blocked; please don’t ask me if original honey blocks because I have no idea, but I can give you tips on how to check original honey at the end of this post.

  • If your honey is blocked, pour the honey in a pot on a low heat and keep stirring for some minutes.
  • The honey must have been unblocked,
  • Pour in a filter and drain the honey, after that. throw the chaff away. Be careful because the honey will be very hot, then store in a container.

Tip: to check original honey, dip a match stick in the honey and try lighting it, if the match stick lights, then the honey is original but if not, am sorry! it’s fake.

How to neutralize salt and pepper in food

Adding salt in your meal and oops! you just added too much salt in your meal, what to do?

Just add more water to the meal, this only apply when you are cooking meals such as stew or soup but for solid foods like rice,yam etc you can wash the meal if it’s possible.

How about you added too much pepper? all you have to do is pour in more oil in the meal, the oil will reduce the effect of the pepper and this only apply to meals such as stew, soup, beans, porridge etc.

Using plantain in place of potash

Potash popularly known as Akanwu or Kanwu is used in meals such as locally made abacha, beans, vegetable etc to soften the food, but what if there is no potash?

Now am going to teach you how to prepare “potash” from unripe plantain.

After peeling off your unripe plantain, don’t throw away the peels, get those peels and dry in the sun, when it dries, burn the peels and mix the ashes with water and keep for use.

Note: I’ve used this only for African salad (abacha), it has not been tested for other meals, so I can’t say if this will work for other meals but it’s worth giving a try.

How to preserve your meat without boiling

You might have bought meat in the market and you couldn’t get home on time and the meat gets spoilt, that must be so painful I understand but let me give you a tip on how to preserve your meat before you get home.

  • After buying your meat, slice some onions and pour in the nylon in which the meat is in, make some holes in the nylon (optional) for air to pass into the nylon.
  • When you buy fresh foods such as meat, tomatoes, pepper, cooked rice etc, don’t leave them in the nylon because the heat from nylon spoils fresh foods.
  • On getting home and you are not ready to cook the meat yet, pour in small quantity of salt in the meat (you must have removed the meat from the nylon of course) and mix well, this will preserve the meat for some time.

How to preserve an opened tin milk

Now if you opened a tin milk without using it all, close the opened part with paper and put it in a cup containing water, this shouldn’t be kept for more than 48 hours because it will get spoilt.

Stucked meat when frying?

If your meat is stuck to the pot or pan while frying, pour in sliced onions to make it more easier for you to stir and fry, the onions will help with removing the Stucked meat.

The best way to prepare rice

Soaking your rice before boiling is a good way for your rice to appear fluffier, you have to wash the rice clean before soaking, If you use rice water to wash your hair, it means you can still cook the rice after soaking.