Is Aquaphor Cruelty Free?

Is aquaphor cruelty free in 2023? Aquaphor is not cruelty-free as they may test on animals in countries where animal-testing policy is required
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Aquaphor is one of the most popular skin protection and skin healing product in the market that many people use to soothe skin conditions and irritations.

It’s gentle enough for everyday use, and it seems to help improve the appearance of skin in variety of ways.

But is Aquaphor cruelty free? does Aquaphor test on animals?

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What Is The Meaning Of Cruelty-Free Products?

Simple! just as the name says, cruelty-free products are products that was manufactured from scratch to finish without harming or killing any animal. Cruelty-free products are also products that are not tested on animals.

This kind of products is said to be vegan or cruelty-free.

A product could harm an animal during the animal-testing stage of that product or ingredient, animal testing is done to ensure the safety of the product before bringing it out for human use.

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What is Aquaphor?

Aquaphor is a skin care ointment used as moisturizer to prevent or treat dry, rough, scaly, itchy and minor skin irritations such as diaper rash or skin burns.

Is Aquaphor Cruelty-Free?

Here comes the big blow! Aquaphor is not cruelty-free.

They may test on animals, either themselves or a third party, so that means aquaphor allows its products to be tested on animals when required by law.

Let’s take a look at what aqauaphor says about their product:

Aquaphor’s Animal Testing Policy

While researching on aquaphor and it’s cruelty-free policy, I couldn’t find any information about their animal testing policy on their official website, which means they do not say if their product is cruelty-free.

However, aquaphor sells to countries like China which formally had a mandatory law on animal testing, I said formally because China is now transparent with this policy, but it still exist.

While this mandatory pre-marketing animal testing policy in China was still in place, aquaphor still sold in China, which makes aquaphor not a total cruelty free brand.

Is Aquaphor Owned By A Parent Company That test On Animals?

Aquaphor is owned by its parent company ‘Beiersdorf’ and this is what Beiersdorf says about its animal testing policy on its official website;

At Beiersdorf, we are committed to making animal testing obsolete worldwide. We are convinced that animal testing is not necessary to prove the skin tolerability and effectiveness of our cosmetic products. This is why we do not conduct any animal testing for our cosmetic products and their ingredients, and do not have any animal testing done on our behalf – unless, in the very rare case, this is specifically required by law.


“Unless, in the very rare case, this is specifically required by law” this simply means Aquaphor’s parent company is not cruelty-free as well.

Aquaphor cannot be cruelty free unless it stops selling to countries that requires animal testing.

Is aquaphor vegan

Is Aquaphor Certified Cruelty-Free By Any Organizations?

Aquiaphor is not certified by any organoization as cruelty-free.

Does Aquaphor Test On Animals?

Yes Aquaphor is tested on animals in places where animal testing is required by law.

What Is A Cruelty-Free Alternative To Aquaphor?

Ready to switch to a cruelty-free alternative to Aquaphor? here are some cruelty-free brands to check out:

Is Aquaphor Vegan?

Aquaphor isn’t vegan because it contains contains lanolin – lanolin is a greasy yellow substance chemically akin to wax that is gotten from wooly animals such as sheep.

Generally, this means that aquaphor contains a key ingredient which is lanolin and lanolin is derived from animals, this makes Aquaphor not vegan.

Why Isn’t Aquaphor Vegan?

Aquaphor isn’t vegan for a reason – it contains an animal-based ingredient (lanolin), although this ingredient is not a key ingredient in its product, Aquaphor still contains it, and for this reason, Aquaphor isn’t vegan.

Aquaphor’s Active Ingredient

Petrolatum (41%)

Aquaphor’s Inactive Ingredients

Mineral Oil, Ceresin, Lanolin Alcohol, Panthenol, Glycerin and Bisabolol.

What Is The Vegan Equivalent To Aquaphor?

The active ingredient in Aquaphor is petrolatum which helps to prevent evaporation of moisture from the skin and also prevent skin from irritation.

However, the downside of this ingredient is the fatty acids from petroleum which are absorbed through the skin and stored in our adipose tissue.

These fatty acids are neither metabolized or excreted, sometimes, this might not be a totally safe option for your skin and you may want to opt for a vegan equivalent to Aquaphor.

Below are a few vegan alternatives to Aquaphor:

  • Waxelene Multipurpose Organic Ointement Tube

The Waxelene multipurpose organic ointment is the top on our list, it’s a great vegan alternative to Aquaphor, it is an all-round moisturizing and healing product.

Its active ingredient is vitamin e and other essential oils which soaks into your skin and doesn’t clog your pores. It’s great for babies, pets, adults, make-up, tattoos, hair and more.

  • Waxelene Multipurpose Organic Ointment Jar

This is similar to the tube Waxelene multipurpose ointment, the only difference is its container, the ointment is great for dry skin, eczema, psoriasis rosacea, cracked cuticles and heels.

  • Alba Botanica Un-Petroleum Multipurpose Jelly

This Alba multipurpose jelly soften, moisturizes and protects the skin without the use of petroleum.

It is made with sunflower seed and beeswax, this multipurpose jelly provides a rich moisture barrier to protect the skin from chaffing and irritation.

Apart from moisturizing the skin, it can be used to remove eye makeup and soothe diaper rash.

  • Weleda Skin Food Lip Butter

This nourishing lip balm is enriched with sunflower seed oil, chamomile and calendula which hydrates even the driest chapped lips.

This product is free from synthetic compounds or toxic chemical – it is 100% vegan.

Is Aquaphor Gluten Free?

Yes, Aquaphor is gluten-free, it is a hypoallergenic product which means it contains few ingredients which are less likely to cause an allergy.

So if you have gluten intolerance, you can try out Aquaphor, there are positive reviews from others who have the same condition as you do.


Here is what Aquaphor says about its product being gluten free

There are no gluten derived ingredients in the Aquaphor Healing Ointment. It is possible that there may be traces of gluten since ingredients and products are not manufactured in gluten-free facilities.

Is Aquaphor Chapstick Gluten Free?

Aquaphor chapstick is gluten free because its products are gluten free.

Are There Any Side Effects Of Using Aquaphor?

Aquaphor is totally safe to use, there are no side effects to it. However, you may experience burning, redness, stinging or skin irritation depending on what your skin type is and how your skin react to some certain ingredient.


Is Aquaphor Vegan And Cruelty Free?

Aquaphor is not vegan and cruelty-free because aquaphor may test on animals in countries where animal-testing is required.

Aquaphor is not vegan because it contains an animal-based ingredient which is Lanolin.

However, there are some vegan and cruelty free alternatives to Aquaphor you can get which I have listed above, be sure to check them out.

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