How to tell if you are ready for a baby

How to tell if you are ready for a baby? It’s easy, you will feel it in you, the joy of having your look alike will overflow in your heart that you can no longer contain it. But what if you don’t feel this way?

How to tell if you are ready for a baby

Babies are blessings to their parents, their coming should be a pleasant and joyous news. But if you feel sad and cry when you find out you’re pregnant, then there’s a problem.

It means you’re not ready to have a baby just yet, and having this baby in that condition will mean a disaster for you as mom and as a parent.



  • You will find it hard to feed, clothe and take care of your baby if you are not stable financially.
  • You will not find joy in parenting.
  • If you have to spend most of your day at work, you can’t nurse your baby at work and you will have to end up employing a nanny which is not advisable.
  • As time passes, your baby grows and this means more demands, can you meet up with these demands?
  • If you can’t give your child the best education.

So it’s best to talk to your doctor about family planning to avoid another pregnancy, family planning is as important as planning a meal.

How to tell if you are ready for a baby

  1. If you’re financially stable: you should be able to take care of extra mouth to feed, you should be able to pay the house rent, the school fee, hospital bills and every other expenses
  2. If you have time for your job and home: it’s usually this way if you’re not self employed, normally, you don’t have enough time for yourself, do you think you can have a baby in this condition?
  3. If you’re ready to stay awake all night: as funny as it seem, it’s one great job of a mother to be awake to the cry of newly born babies and most times, you don’t get to sleep at all. But if you can’t stay awake through the night can you take of your baby?
  4. If you’re ready to loose your beautiful body shape: I hear some women say they are not ready to have a baby yet because they don’t want to spoil their beautiful body, this is common among models. Sagging breasts and a protruded stomach is common among mothers, so if you’re afraid of this things, then you’re not ready to have a baby.
  5. If you are ready to scream your throat out: I wouldn’t say motherhood is stressful but you have to learn to adapt to talking always to your child and be able to tolerate some habits exhibited by your child.
  6. If you’re ready to drop some habits which might seem unpleasing for a child to see: some habits such as smoking, clubbing and drinking can affect your baby, if you’re addicted to this, you have to let go before planning to have a baby.

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