This article is written from personal experience and this will help you know how to buy your baby wears on a very low budget.

Building your baby wears is something you can never finish because you can’t buy all a child needs at the same time, as the child grows, you have to replace some of their belongings, but if you’re on a very low budget, how will do these things comfortably? That’s why I’ve written this guide to help you plan on how to buy your baby wears on a very low budget.

So just hang in there and use 2 minutes of your time to read this.

I understand the possibility that not every couple out there is wealthy, and not all mother-to-be have a man by their side to give support.

Not withstanding, you still want your child to look good and have a good life, you may not be able to give the world to your child but you’re sure to give him a comfortable life. The tips am about to share here will go a long way in helping you provide the best for your new baby.

Tips on how to buy your baby wears on a very low budget

From the very first day you learn of your pregnancy, start saving every penny you can get, your husband doesn’t have to know about this. It will be your little secret because you drawing your husband’s attention towards your plan will be like giving him an opportunity to borrow that money which he may not be able to pay back.

You need to try and save every penny because every penny counts, every cent is an upward trend to a dollar. And the best thing to do is, even after delivery, keep saving, this money will be important to take care of the family needs when it seems like there’s no other income.

Within 2-3 months of saving during your pregnancy, you must have saved enough to buy your baby collections, and these are the basic ones to get:

  • bed,
  • clothes,
  • spoons,
  • plates,
  • sleeping net,
  • powder,
  • singlets,
  • shaw,
  • socks,
  • caps,
  • cardigans,
  • wrappers,
  • pampers,
  • soaps and cream
  • bathing bowls
  • baby foods

These are the basic necessities to take care of your new baby, the baby foods can come later because you don’t really need it at first since the baby will be depending on your breast milk for food for at least 3 months. This should be enough time to save up some more money to buy the baby food.

The best time to buy your baby wears according to your budget

The best method to use in buying your baby’s collection on a very low budget is to start buying the items on your list little by little, one per time. This way you are sure not to spend the money on something else, plus it looks easier to buy it this way, since buying all at the same time may look like you have to spend a lot of money.

It may not work for you if you decide to buy all of these things at the same time, your pocket may not agree with you on that one so the best method to use in buying your baby collection is buying it off one after the other.

You can start with the powder and another day you go for cream and soap the point is use the money you have to buy what it can afford.

After knowing the sex of your baby, you now start buying your baby’s clothes, it’s not necessary to buy dozens of clothes at the same time, buying few clothes at different times will do.

And before it’s delivery time, you are sure to have completed the items on your list and added extra, you will be astonished you bought everything without it looking like a big deal. It works, you just need to try it out.


Make sure you are ready for another baby or a baby before getting pregnant, this will help you give your child a better life and stop you from having a hard time.

Having a baby at the wrong time can affect your finances if you’re not strong enough to cater for a baby or another baby.