How many times does a person have to tell you they do not want to be with you?

How many times does someone have to tell you they don’t want to be with you before you get the message and walk out of their lives?

Once, twice or ten times?

Ok, just in my opinion as a woman.

A woman should not be told more than twice by any man that he doesn’t want to be with her before she gets the message.

How many times

If you persist all in the name of love, you will get hurt badly, if someone doesn’t want you in their life then why persisting? I mean common, a woman ought to have self respect.

In most cases, you may be in love with such person that you don’t want to let go and intends to give him chances to change his mind but him rejecting you more than two times is overboard.

In what situation does someone have to tell you they don’t want to be with you?

The actual question should be who is that person to you?

A family, lover, husband, brother, or friend?

Who that person is to you depends on your decision to keep pestering or leave.

If it’s family, never leave unless in some complicated cases, because right now, a family member can be your worst enemy.

In relationships your partner shouldn’t tell you more than two times that he doesn’t want to be with you. Maybe he’s tired of you or he no longer loves you but whatever the case may be, never give anyone a chance to make you feel rejected, always have your self-respect intact.

If you keep going back to him, he will use the love you have for him against you, now he’s opportuned to molest you and cheat on you, he will hurt you and you won’t even see those around you who wants to really love you.

Don’t be desperate for love, you will one day get who will love, appreciate and adore you, desperation is not attractive.

In marriages, the decisions are difficult to make especially if you now have kids, broken homes does more harm than good on kids.

To save your marriage and kids future, I wouldn’t advise any mother to get easily separated from her husband.

But in some cases separation is the best and you now have to find a way for it not to have negative impacts on your kids.

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