A nose that is properly pierced professionally takes nothing less than four months to heal completely. Nose piercing can lead to complications if it’s not properly pierced or if it’s not pierced by a professional.

Some people prefer to have their nose pierced by themselves and end up having complications afterwards.

Complications such as continuous bleeding and keloids are common after nose piercing, these category of people do this because they can’t afford paying for a professional or they feel they can do it themselves because they have the required tools for nose piercing.

In cases of a complicated piercing, the nose will take longer than usual to heal, that’s why you should have a professional do your nose piercing for you.

The healing process most times depends on how moist you keep the pierced nose. Moist means a wet substance, thing or place.

You probably are the type that bath twice a day, or sweat a lot, these and anything in form of water will keep your pierced nose as fresh as it always is, the more moist your pierced nose gets, the less likely it is to get healed faster.

Another factor that decides the healing process of your piercing is the type of nose ring you wear after piercing, the tinier the nose ring, the faster the healing process.

A pierced nose can take up to two weeks to stop hurting completely but before that, you can still sleep comfortably with the pierced side or you can sleep with the other side of your face if it hurts a lot.

How to take care of a nose piercing

Your nose piercer should give you detailed instructions on how to take care of your pierced nose but below are some tips to follow to take care of your piercing:

  1. Always keep the pierced area dried, don’t allow the piercing get moist, even if there are discharges, clean it with a clean towel.
  2. Apply cold and hot water compress interchangeably on the piercing, i.e if you apply a cold compress today, apply a hot compress tomorrow.
  3. If you used a “full stop” earring in opening your nose, change it after a week to a much smaller size to allow air into your nose.
  4. Press your nose slightly together from time to time to prevent the nose ring from getting stucked on your nose, if it gets stucked, it will be difficult to remove plus the unbearable pains when trying to remove it.

How long does a nose piercing take to heal before you can change it

Depending on the nose ring you’re wearing, a nose piercing is able to heal within a month before you can change it. But like I make emphasis on tiny and large nose ring, a pierced nose wearing a tiny nose ring will heal faster than a pierced nose wearing a larger nose ring.

In some cases, your nose piercer will be the one to tell you when you can change the nose ring, like in my case, my nose piercer told me to change the earring I used in piercing my nose to a smaller one after a week.

The image on the left is the “full stop” earring I used in piercing my nose and I changed to a tiny nose ring a week after piercing.

The best way to find out when exactly to change your nose piercing is asking your nose piercer, he/she is the right person to give you the proper direction.

Signs of a healing nose piercing

You will know your nose piercing is getting healed when you no longer have pains, redness, swollen nose and discharge.