Eyeshadow tutorial for beginners, everything you need to know

Eyeshadow tutorial


Applying eyeshadow can be so hard for most women especially if you are a beginner but with the right tools, techniques, products and knowledge, anyone can apply eyeshadow. Speaking of knowledge, you’re in the right place because I’m going to guide you, showing you a step by step process in applying eyeshadow.

Even if you try and fail so many times don’t drop your shoulder and confidence because with the step by step eye makeup look I will be showing you, you will be just one kilometer away from applying eyeshadow like a pro.

To begin with, I will be showing a sample of an eye and the parts of the eyes for eye makeup application. I’ll go over the terms (parts of the eyes) for eye makeup, list the types of brushes and products you can use to get started, with the terms and images below, you will be able to start applying eyeshadow.

Sounds great right? I know

Eyeshadow tutorial: the terminology

When you want to start your eye makeup, it’s very important you know the terminologies (parts of the eyes in makeup) when you become familiar with the parts and names, it becomes very easy for you to learn and follow in a tutorial.

Now lets take a look at the terms:

  • Outer V/outer corner: the outer section of the eyes, close to the end of your eyebrows.
  • Crease: use a finger and touch just a little above your eyelid, you get to feel a hollow in between your lid and eyebrows, that hollow area is where your crease starts and stops.
  • Lid: your eyelid where you apply eyeshadow.
  • Inner corner: inner section of the eyes close to the tear duct.
  • Upper lash line: area on the upper lid where your eyelashes grow.
  • Lower lash line: area under the eyes where lashes grow and also under the lashes.
  • Brow bone: the area just below the end of the eyebrows.
  • Waterline: inner rim just above the lower lash line.
  • Tear duct: v shaped area close to the nose.
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Essential Tools And Brushes For Eye Makeup

Now that you know the parts of the eye for makeup, the next thing on your mind is to be certain that you have the necessary tools and products to begin your eye makeup look. Below are some of the tools and products you will be needing to get started:

  • Translucent/setting powder: in cases where you didn’t use an eyeshadow primer, let’s say you apply foundation or concealer on your lids, you will need to apply translucent powder on the concealer or foundation before applying eyeshadow because your concealer or foundation can smudge your eyeshadow.
  • Eyeshadow primer: this product is totally optional because you can always use concealer or foundation on your eyes but getting a primer is very good because it brings out the vibrant colors on your eyeshadow.
  • Lash curler: you need this to curl your natural lashes to prepare it for the artificial one and also to curl your lashes after fixing the artificial one.
  • Eyeshadow brushes: this tool is very important, a good brush = a good eye makeup, it’s important you invest in good eyeshadow brushes for eyeshadow application, blending and eyeliner application. You will need a flat eyeshadow brush for applying shimmer eyeshadow, a fluffy brush for applying matte eyeshadow, a round fluffy brush for blending and a tiny long brush for eyeliner. As a beginner, you may not want to splurge on brushes and makeup products but I advice you to get up to two of each type of brushes for different purposes.
  • Eyeshadow palette: what’s eye makeup without eyeshadow palette? Nothing sis, so get you a good eyeshadow palette that has shimmer and matte in it. Shimmer eyeshadow has shiny features while matte eyeshadow looks more of a powder. As a beginner, if you can’t afford one palette of each eyeshadow type, get a Palette that has both type of eyeshadow in it.
  • Liquid or pencil liquid eyeliner: okay, for this part, I always recommend pencil liquid eyeliner for beginners because it’s easier for a beginner to apply wing eyeliner or plain eyeliner with a pencil liquid liner to avoid mistakes that can’t be corrected.
  • Eye lashes: this one is not necessary, yes you can do without it but if you are looking to come all out with your eye makeup, a good pair of eyelashes will definitely be needed, personally, I use an eyelashes when I don’t want my makeup to look simple, even if I’m not wearing any eyeshadow and I still don’t want to look simple, I’ll pop on my lashes and just fly away!! not literally though. But you get the gist, wear an eyelashes if you don’t want your makeup looking casual and don’t wear one if you just want to look simple throughout the day.

Now this are some of the essential tools you need for your eye makeup, I said ”some” because there are still many eye makeup tools out there but these are the basic ones you need for starters.

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