The eyelashes is considered one important part of the facial structure that loosing it becomes a worry for us, have you ever imagined your face without an eyelashes? You will probably look wierd. However, we loose two – three strands of lashes everyday accidentally or intentionally.

And knowing you’ve lost your eyelashes can give you days of worries as to if you will get them back or not, you ask yourself if your eyelashes will eventually grow back or if they will remain the same, I’m going to cover some of your questions on eyelashes regrowth, how to avoid cutting your eyelashes and what to do when you accidentally or intentionally cut your eyelashes.

Can eyelashes grow back if cut

Can eyelashes grow back if cut

Yes, the eyelashes will grow back if you accidentally or intentionally cut it, but this may take weeks and even months if you’re wishing for your eyelashes to grow back to the same length it was before loosing it.

This is because hair grows, rests, falls out and regrows in a cycle that lasts for months so it may take months for your eyelashes to grow back to the same length.

I cut my eyelashes with scissors

You probably may have cut your eyelashes with scissors because it’s disrupting your vision or it’s stopping you from wearing those glasses and you wonder if the eyelashes will grow back.

I cut my eyelashes with scissors

Frankly speaking, it’s the same thing as cutting the tip of your hair so it regrows to a better and healthier hair but it’s going to take some time before the growth happens right? So it’s the same thing with your eyelashes.

If you cut your eyelashes with scissors and you cut it too short, it’s going to grow back but with time.

Another thing is using the eyelash curler to cut the eyelashes and wondering if it will grow back, yes it will but it also takes weeks and months before you start seeing visible results.

If burnt, there’s a slim chance for your eyelashes to grow back not to mention healthy eyelashes, the best thing to do is avoid your eyelashes from getting burnt. But if burnt, trim out the tip of the burnt eyelashes and give it some time to regrow.

Does cutting your eyelashes make them grow longer

With the idea that your eyelashes will grow back if you cut it, you may be wondering or thinking of cutting your eyelashes to make it grow longer just like you do for your hair. In this case, it’s hard to tell if your lashes will grow longer as a result of cutting it.

But one thing is this, cutting the eyelashes more often weakens the eyelashes, it’s going to give you an unhealthy and weak lashes. So you’d want to stop trimming your lashes frequently. Aside from the beauty it adds to your face, the eyelashes protect your eyes from dust, dirt and sweat.

Do eyelashes grow back if pulled out from the root

A very disturbing question a lot of people ask is if the eyelashes will grow back if pulled out from the root, this can happen when you are trying to pull out your artificial lashes and doing it without any lubricant.

Yes, your eyelashes will grow back if pulled out from the root but it will take some weeks before you start seeing any visible growth.

There are simple ways to remove your artificial lashes without hurting your natural eyelashes, keep reading to find out.

Why eyelashes is important to the eyes

Have you ever seen a grain of sand or dirt on your eyelashes before? If yes, that is how important the eyelashes is to the eyes, it serves as a shield to the eyes, protecting it from dust and dirt from reaching the eye tissue.

Now you know that the eyelashes can grow back if cut and have also known the importance of eyelashes, let’s look at how you can cut your lashes accidentally so you can avoid it and stop your eyelashes from falling off or being too short

What can cut your eyelashes accidentally

  • Removing eye makeup wrongly: removing your mascara and false lashes wrongly can cause your eyelashes to cut, mascaras especially, can be a challenging thing to take out and squeezing and pulling on your lashes while trying to remove it can make you cut your eyelashes. There are varieties of oils and makeup cleansers to help you remove your mascara and false eyelashes without making you cut your natural lashes in the process. Or you can simply dip your fingers in water before removing those artificial eyelashes, but you have to pull it gently, dipping your hands back to water each time before you pull.
  • Using the wrong tools: using scissors to cut your eyelashes can make you cut your eyelashes too short, that’s why you should allow professionals trim your lashes because they are trained to do that and they can trim your eyelashes without causing damages. Another tool is the eyelash curler, if you don’t know how to use the eyelash curler, you are going to cut your lashes afterwards, don’t pinch and draw your eyelashes when using an eyelash curler.
Can eyelashes grow back if cut
  • Trimming and removing false eyelashes wrongly: an eyelash extension is the number one reason why you may loose your lashes. You may have noticed that the lash extension is too long or you’re just not comfortable with it anymore and decided to take it off by yourself, this can result to trimming the lash extension together with your natural lashes or plucking out your natural lashes.
  • Burnt eyelashes: getting your eyelashes close enough to the fire to get it burnt will cause you to loose your eyelashes so it’s best not to take your eyes too close to the fire to avoid burnt eyelashes.

What to do when you accidentally cut your eyelashes

These are things to do when you cut your eyelashes and looking for ways to grow them back or if you have cut your eyelashes too short and need an immediate solution to help your eyes stand out, here are things to do:

  • Apply mascara to lengthen your lashes and make it fuller, there are some drugstore mascara you can find in the market that can give you a lengthy and Voluminous eyelashes.
  • Consider applying pure coconut oil to your eyelashes with a mascara wand or cotton wool. Coconut oil doesn’t work like mascara, while mascara lengthens and adds volume to your lashes, coconut oil grows your lashes (but not immediately) so if you want to grow your lashes quickly, consider applying coconut oil to it from time to time but don’t use coconut oil and mascara at the same time.
  • Stay hydrated all day, staying hydrated helps promote growth and gives a healthier skin and hair, so while you do the above two tricks, keep staying hydrated.
  • Take vitamins, taking vitamin supplements and fruits goes hand in hand with hydration and growth.
  • Take a break from eye makeup, allow your eyelashes to rejuvenate, if you keep applying mascara and fixing eyelashes, there will be no room for your eyelashes to bounce back, I know I said you should apply mascara earlier but do all these with moderation.
  • Consider fixing false eyelashes when it’s really necessary.

Can eyelashes grow back if cut


Eyelashes can grow back when you cut it but it takes weeks and months to grow back to its normal length, cutting the eyelashes in hopes that it will grow longer is not a guaranteed method of growing the eyelashes but you can grow your eyelashes by applying coconut oil on it.

You can learn to remove eye makeup correctly and learn how to trim lash extension to avoid cutting your eyelashes.