My egusi soup recipe

Melon soup, popularly known as egusi soup is wide known in almost all part of the world, it’s a delicious soup that can be eaten with any swallow such as eba, foo foo, semovita, wheat and so on.

Most people do not know how to prepare this soup and some people just what to find a different pattern in cooking egusi soup, but whatever the case may be, I want to help through it.


  • Two cups of egusi (milk tin cup)
  • One big sized stock fish
  • One big sized dry fish
  • Fresh fish (optional)
  • Crayfish
  • Dry pepper
  • Seasoning cubes and salt
  • Palm oil
  • Bitter leaf or pumpkin leaf (ugu)
  • Onion optional
  • Meat goat or beef
  • Chicken (optional)

Its not really necessary to use chicken while preparing egusi soup but for lovers of chicken; you can use it but it will definitely change the taste of your soup.

Before you start cooking:

  • Wash the stock fish and dry fish
  • Boil the meat, whichever you bought
  • Taste the bitterleaf, if it’s bitter than you prefer, boil the bitterleaf for a minute to reduce or remove the bitterness completely.
  • Mix the egusi with water in a bowl until you get the thickness shown in the picture

How to prepare:

  • Pour in oil thats enough to fry the egusi, dont allow to heat for long
  • Pour in the onion if you chose to use onion
  • Pour in the egusi and turn gradually from time to time
  • The egusi should be dried as shown in the picture, then you pour in the stocks you already cooked, if your pot is burnt so badly, transfer the egusi to another pot so you wont get that burnt taste in your soup
  • Add seasoning cubes, salt, pepper and crayfish
  • Add the dry fish
  • After pouring in the stocks, allow to biol for 5 mins and add the vegetable you chose to use, allow to boil for 5 mins and bring down.

So here is my finished product, and I love eating mine with eba or semovita.