Easy step by step eyebrow tutorial for beginners

The eyebrow plays a great role in enhancing the beauty of our makeup and it’s almost a necessity that every woman should have an idea of how to draw her brows.

But there is a right way to draw the eyebrow, it is not easy I must confess but it is always possible.

Before drawing your brows, you have to understand some basic things to help you draw your brows better.

  • You have to start drawing a vertical line from the bridge of the nose and stop right at the point of your arch. The place marked in the image below is the bridge of the nose.
  • To know your arch, use a pencil or anything long, putting it at an angled position as shown in the picture below.
  • To know the end point, that is the point where your brows should stop, put your pencil at an angle point to the side of your eyes as shown in the picture.

Video Tutorial:

But if you don’t find this video helpful, proceed with this tutorial:

Step by step eyebrow tutorial

  1. Make sure your eyebrow is properly carved
  2. Brush it upwards with a spiral brush or a mascara brush
  3. Line/draw the eyebow with your brown pencil, make sure to follow your eyebrow shape.
  4. Your lines shouldn’t be dark, if it’s dark, it won’t look natural anymore.
  5. After drawing, fill in the brows with a brown eyebrow filler and highlight the under brow with a concealer that is lighter than your skin, this is to bring out the beauty of it
  6. After that, highlight the upper part with a concealer that is close to your skin tone or concealer that is same with your skin tone
  7. After highlighting, you blend the concealer to get a very neat finishing

Learning to draw the brow is not as simple as it appears, but it takes lots of practice to master it.

You can learn new more tactics about drawing the eyebrow from this tutorial, in this tutorial, I share how I draw my brows and different shapes of brows for different faces.