Easily fix eyelashes: avoid these 10 mistakes when next you do

The world of beauty is really advancing and right now we just want to do everything ourselves. We now learn to do our makeup, fix eyelashes, fix nails, hair decorations and fixing, shaping eyebrows and many more.

But because you’re not really into the beauty industry, you may make mistakes and these mistakes are what drives you to learn from expert.

Fix eyelashes

Don’t feel ashamed to ask questions and try whatever you’ve learnt, only consistency will make you perfect

Let’s discuss about fixing eyelashes at home by yourself with your hands or tweezers.

Here is a video tutorial but if you don’t like this video, you can continue with the article.

Tools you need to fix eyelashes

  • Eyelashes of any brands ( Red cherry, Christiana, Huda beauty, Lily etc).
  • Eyelash glue, you need to get a strong eyelash glue if you want your eyelashes to glue to your eyes without troubles and if you intend on carrying the eyelashes for days.
  • Tweezers if you use one, but if not, you’re not alone, I too don’t use tweezers most times lol!
  • Mascara and scissors.

How to easily fix eyelashes at home

  • Cut out the pointy ends of the lashes and measure your natural lashes with it, this is to know which is longer. This is to know if you have to cut it or not.
  • Apply mascara and when applying, don’t allow your natural lashes join together.
  • Apply glue on the tip of the eyelash and allow for 3 seconds before placing on your natural lashes.
  • Press the artificial and your natural lashes together for it to appear natural and neat.

It’s just that simple!!

Mistakes to avoid when next you fix eyelashes

  • Using a strong eyelash glue will give you a chance of fixing eyelashes by yourself with ease, a strong glue will make your eyelashes stick to your eyes once you place it but if you don’t use one, your fixing looks messy, you will find it difficult and it will take longer to fix.
  • If you tend to have your eyelashes on for some days, a strong glue is important and most people fix double lashes together with a strong glue to make their lashes last for days so find out what works for you, if it’s a single eyelash or double.
  • It’s not really necessary to buy high-end eyelash glue before you are happy with fixing eyelashes, because I’m on a budget I got a glue used in making weavons after the original glue I was using got finished. So you can equally get a good hair glue that won’t disturb or cause itching to your eyes.
  • Failure to check the length of your eyelashes before fixing: when you get a new lash, the first thing you do is putting the artificial eyelashes on your natural lashes to see which is longer or shorter, if the artificial eyelash is longer than your natural lashes then you have to cut the unneeded length of the artificial one but if they are of the same length, there’s no need to cut it.
  • Failure to cut the tips of the artificial lash: a new eyelash has a pointy end that you need to cut off before fixing, not cutting it off will make you feel very uncomfortable after fixing.
  • Applying glue all over the eyelash: you should just apply glue on the tips of the lashes.
  • When fixing eyelashes, you must give a little space from the starting point of your natural eyelash. Not doing this will make you feel uncomfortable after fixing or your eyes may feel heavy. In the image below, I don’t have eyelashes at the inner corner of my eyes that’s why the eyelashes looks a bit far but I hope you get my point, just leave a little space.
  • Putting the artificial eyelashes on your eyelid is not the right way of placing it, your artificial eyelashes should be placed on your natural lashes. In the image below you can tell the fake lashes are not on my eyelids.
Fix eyelashes
  • Not pressing the artificial eyelashes and your natural lashes together, you have to do this for your lashes to be more comfortable and natural, you can also apply mascara after fixing if your natural eyelash is having a hard time pressing together plus mascara will also make the artificial eyelashes elegant so if you want to spice up your lash game, apply mascara after fixing eyelashes.
  • Don’t drag your artificial lashes when you’re trying to remove it, you may also remove your natural lashes in the process of doing that, an easier and simple way of removing it is putting water on your eyelashes until it’s soft and try to pull it out then.

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