Effects of drinking garri reasons why you should stop

You must be wondering if drinking garri(cassava flakes) affects the eyes as you’ve heard or read about and that’s why you are reading this post now.

Drinking garri

I will be sharing my personal experience with you here so you know if really drinking garri affects the eyes.

Garri as it called in our local language is other wise known as cassava flakes. It is usually white or yellow in color.

How garri (cassava flakes) is prepared

  • After harvesting the cassava, you leave it for about 3 days in a bag or something else.
  • After the third day, peel it and wash in preparation to grind it.
  • Immediately after grinding, pour in Palm oil and grounded tumeric, mix thoroughly and put in a bag and apply compressor to bring out the water in it, this should take some hours or even a whole day.
  • When you’re sure the water is totally out, in a local sieve, bring out the cassava bit by bit and sieve with your hands to remove the seeds in it.
  • When you’re ready to fry, pour in the sieved flakes and keep stirring until you feel the water is dried up and it feels crunchy.
  • Don’t fry the cassava over too much heat and low heat as well.
  • After frying allow it to cool before consumption, if consumed when it’s still hot, it can cause stomach upset.

The white colored cassava flakes is fried without Palm oil and turmeric but it’s the same process as with the yellow cassava flakes.

How drinking garri affected my eyes

Sometime around September 2019, I started having severe pains in the eyes especially when I expose my eyes to light.

I was advised by a more experienced person to stop drinking garri (cassava flakes) especially because I drink mine without milk and little sugar.

Then, my eyes was so bad that I could no longer go out without wearing a sun shade or work on my laptop and phones without wearing glasses.

After I stopped drinking garri, I started eating carrot and onions every 3-4 days a week.

Sometimes when my eyes gets painful, I wash my face with cold water and get relieved immediately.

So guys, carrot and onions did the magic on my eyes and my pains stopped but I still get a little sensitive to light.

But it still didn’t stop me from wearing glasses, I went to get my eyes tested and I was given a photo chronic glasses.

Your eyes is a very delicate body system, whenever you feel severe pains or itching, hurry to an optician to get your eyes tested.