If you are reading this article right now, you are definitely looking for a way to wash/clean your makeup brushes and guess what, you are in the right place because I will be listing a step by step tutorial on how to wash/clean your makeup brushes.

But before we go into how to wash your brushes, let’s look at these must-have makeup brushes for personal use, these brushes are necessary for your makeup routine if you really want to do your makeup yourself.

11 must-have makeup brushes for personal uses

  1. Powder brush: the powder brush is used to apply powder on the face, it’s important you have a small and big powder brush; you will need the smaller brush for blending.
  2. Spiral brush: the spiral brush is used in brushing the brows when drawing or carving your brows.
  3. Eyeshadow brush: the eyeshadow brush is used in applying eyeshadow, I would advise you not to have just one eyeshadow brush because you will be needing different brushes to give you what you really want when applying eyeshadow, but if you want to be economical, one brush can work as well.
  4. Angle brush: the angle brush is used in defining or concealing the brows to make outstanding and defined.
  5. Fan brush: the fan brush is used for applying bronzer on the cheek bone, the fan brush comes in two sizes, so the smaller size is the ideal one for you.
  6. Lip brush: the lip brush is used for applying lip stick.
  7. Concealer brush: the concealer brush is used for applying concealer on the face before blending it evenly on the skin.
  8. Contour brush: the contour brush is used for creating a contour on the cheek, eye, nose and forehead.
  9. Blush brush: the brush is used for applying blush on the cheek.
  10. Blending brush: the blending brush looks like the powder brush in shape but it is much smaller, it is used in blending the concealer used on the brows or contour.
  11. Eye liner brush: the eye liner brush is used for applying on the eye lid in cases where you don’t want to use the main eye liner brush on the product.

So now that we have known what personal makeup brushes to have, lets see how to take care of our brushes.

How to clean makeup brushes with shampoo

This is my personal way of washing my makeup brushes and if it works for me, it can work for you too, it is affordable and simple which you can actually do from your home.

Washing makeup brush does not ruin them but the way you wash it ruins them.

It is very important you wash your brushes before using them, this is to prevent and remove germs which must have compiled in them.

There are many products in the markets now for washing brushes but if you rather prefer a simple and affordable DIY way to wash your brush then try this out!!

  • Get a half bucket of warm water, add a good quantity of your hair shampoo in the water and stir your brushes continuously in the water until your brush is finally clean.
  • If you are using a beauty blender, put the beauty sponge/blender in the water while you wash the brush to soften it, after washing the brushes, come back to the beauty blender and keep pressing it until you get your desired result. Please note that if your are using a colored beauty blender, the stains on it might not be properly removed.
  • Dry the brushes under the fan or in airy place but not under the sun.

But if you choose to use other products to wash your brushes, I have listed the best products for you:

  • Quo makeup brush cleaner
  • Stylpo makeup brush cleaner
  • NYX on the spot makeup brush
  • lectric makeup brush cleaner
  • Daiso makeup brush cleaner
  • It’s your brush love

College fashion listed an easy DIY to clean your makeup brushes, check it out here:


How often should you wash your makeup brushes?

You should wash your brushes at least once a week so let’s say you get to wash your brush every weekend.

How to clean makeup brushes in between clients

As a professional makeup artist, you will face that moment when your brushes are messed up real good and you just have to attend to your client immediately, if it hasn’t happened before, it has to me and this is how I handled mine:

  • So I used facial wipes or baby wipes (I use both, it’s just anyone within my reach) to wipe the brush and I just have to be careful too since the brush fibers are delicate so as not to spoil the brush and that does the trick for me.

How to differentiate your makeup brushes as a professional makeup artist

  • As a pro. makeup artist, you need to have two powder brushes, one for dark skinned and the other for light skinned this is important so you don’t have to use the pigment of powder for the former on the face of the latter. Trust me that won’t turn out good and you won’t like to clean your great art and start all over again.
  • Clean any makeup brush before using it, either by using wipes or rubbing it on your palm. This is very important if you want to get a flawless art.
  • Find out what brush works for you; In the long run, I discovered that I wasn’t comfortable with some of the brushes in my brush set, so I had to buy another single which works for me.
  • After using your brush on some clients, the brush tends to have an odor, it’s just that way because you meet different people and you can’t tell their skin care routine. So it’s very important that after every art, you check your brushes to know if it has a smell and if it does, wash your brushes immediately.
  • When buying makeup brushes, feel the fiber to know if it’s goat or synthetic, goat fiber usually don’t turn out fine.

My makeup brush set review

I use MAC set of 32 brush set and I will say so far, it has been good, the fibers are good and haven’t given me any issues.

But not all brushes in the set are useful to me and I have also added other brushes which I actually needed such as blending, spiral, round bronzer brush.

So far, the brush has been wonderful!