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15 Chicken Breast Recipes For Dinner

“Chicken breast for dinner” “Yay”.

Not only is chicken breast full of meat, but think juicy and delicious when you think of a chicken breast recipe to prepare.

You can either love them or leave them, if you don’t love them because they taste bland, then don’t worry, in this post are 15 delicious and awesome simple chicken breast recipes to try for dinner.

From a pan chicken breast recipe, boneless chicken breast recipe to a healthy chicken breast recipe, this post got you covered. That said, let’s go!

15 Chicken Breast Recipes For Dinner

Perfect Poached Chicken Breast

This chicken breast recipe is plain, skinless and boneless, it is cooked in a lightly-salted water, which gives it it’s moist, tender culinary blank taste, don’t judge it by how simple it looks, it is a lean, mean, healthy and delicious recipe because no fat is used in preparing it.

perfect poached chicken breast rec

Check it HERE.

Chicken Piccata

This Italian-American dish is prepared in as little as 10 mins, it is prepared with lemons, caper and butter giving it a tangy and buttery flavor.

chicken piccata breast recipe

Check it out HERE.

Creamy Tomato Chicken Skillet Dinner

You’ve got salt, oil and pepper right? you just need a few more things to add to your pot to make this creamy tomato chicken skillet. This vegetable-rich chicken breast recipe will definitely be loved by everyone.

Check it out HERE.

One Pan Honey Mustard Chicken And Vegetables

This baked honey mustard chicken recipe with potatoes and green beans is one dish you’ve got to love, it’s dressed with a basic Dijon mustard and honey sauce. This one pan chicken breast recipe is also a low-cost and healthy dish to prepare for the family.

Check it out HERE.

Buffalo Chicken Bites With Blue Cheese Dressing

Before you get confused, it’s not buffalo the animal, it’s Buffalo, New York. This boneless Buffalo chicken wings recipe, it’s one of the American classics that originated in the late 50’s or early 60’s. Usually a little spicy, Buffalo chicken are deep-fried without batter then tossed into a sauce and served with creamy blue cheese dressing and celery sticks for dipping and cooling off all the heat.

Check it out HERE.

Stovetop Butter Chicken

Stovetop butter chicken recipe is a modern Indian dish originating in Delhi but in a few decades, it has become everyone’s favorite. You can’t be disappointed in this chicken dish cooked in a generously spicy tomato cream sauce, unlike every other Indian dish, this butter chicken recipe can be made without hassling for special species.

Check it out HERE.

Lemon Chicken Recipe

This lemon chicken recipe is a really simple baked recipe made more lively with some punchy ingredients that adds lots of flavor to it. It’s easy and fast to prepare to help you on a busy evening for dinner, it’s a lean and protein-packed meal which is also super healthy.

Check it out HERE.

Pesto Chicken Bruschetta

For this dish, you will be needing pine nuts, tomatoes and other fresh herbs, skinless chicken breast can be a little dry after baking it but the pesto sauce ensures you don’t have to eat any dry meat.

Check it out HERE.

Chicken Empanadas

I love this one, you can’t tell me otherwise, this chicken empanadas is loaded with shredded chicken, onions, peppers and garlic. This Argentinian-inspired chicken and veggie-filling tucked into a buttery baked crust are a hand-held party food, dinner food or snack for the family.

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Greek Chicken Freezer Meal

It’s sheet pan freezer meal! I mean who doesn’t love that? And what makes this recipe Greek? It’s just the chicken marinade that includes few pantry ingredients and a good squeeze of lemon juice. If you are wondering how long this Greek chicken can stay in the freezer, it can stay up to 9 months, just make sure your fridge is properly working and label the dish for references.

Check it out HERE.

Chicken Shawarma Sheet Pan Dinner

It’s time to make an easy dinner everybody will love, yes, everyone. This chicken shawarma sheet pan dinner is nothing short of an exotic dinner for the family. You can put it together in few easy steps with high quality ingredients, if you have eaten the traditional shawarma, you already know how tasty and meaty it can be, then why not prepare this recipe to try something new and different in taste.

Check it out HERE.

Roasted Salsa Verde Chicken Nachos

Nachos a Mexican dish of tortilla chips covered in melted cheese are one of the dishes many of us figured out how to make ourselves because it’s outright simple to make right? just sprinkle cheese on some chips and microwave till the cheese melts! and it’s done. But this salsa Verde chicken nachos recipe is packed with nachos, chicken and vegetables and it’s not boring at all.

Check it out HERE.

Chicken Shawarma Nachos

This chicken shawarma nachos recipe is marinated in a Greek yogurt marinade, Greek yogurt is used in the marinade because of the lactic acid present in Greek yogurt. Lactic acid is gentler than the other acid used in making marinades, think of citrus juice and vinegar, and so the yogurt tenderizes the meat more slowly and gently plus it builds a crispy, almost caramelized crust on the chicken.

Check it out HERE.

Creamy Chicken Orzo

If you are wondering what orzo is, orzo is a pasta in shape and size of rice or barley, this creamy chicken orzo chicken breast recipe is prepared with basic veggies, garlic and creaminess giving it its savory and creamy feeling.

Check it out HERE.

Easy Skillet Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Just as the name says, this skillet chicken pot pie can be prepared in 30 mins and it’s super healthy because it’s prepared in whole milk, lean chicken breast, butter and vegetables. It’s a great dinner idea for the family.

Check it out HERE.

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