It’s just not possible really, you can’t.

What most bloggers will tell you is that you can apply fake lashes without glue, they go ahead to tell you you can apply your fake lashes with water, honey and sugar.

Don’t believe it, because it won’t work, there’s no way you can properly apply fake lashes without glue.

Before writing on this topic, I decided to try it using honey and water to apply fake lashes but it just didn’t stick. Even if it stuck, it won’t stay on for more than five minutes. But mine didn’t stay on at all.

The truth is, you can’t apply fake lashes without glue, you only have the chance to apply fake lashes without glue when you pull out the lashes from it’s pack, then there might be a little glue left on the lashes then you can apply it on your natural lashes but this will not stick for long and you can’t bathe with it either.

If you don’t have an eyelash glue there are other alternatives to use when applying false lashes, an alternative to eyelash glue is weavons glue. Using a good weavon glue will serve you better than some eyelash glue. But be choosy when picking a weavon glue because some weaving glue can cause inflammation in the eyes.

Need I tell you you can put on eyelashes by yourself at home even without tweezers? Check out this tutorial and be on your way to putting on fake lashes by yourself.

Can I use super glue for fake lashes?

Please don’t, it’s a total NO, there’s simply no way to beat your way around it. Super glue is used in holding objects together, it’s dangerous when it comes in contact with your skin more of your eyes. Using super glue for fixing fake lashes can end up giving you a blind eye.

Don’t believe if anyone will tell you there’s a way around it and it’s possible to use super glue to fix fake lashes.

Can I use nail glue for lashes?

No you can’t, don’t use nail glue or super glue to fix fake lashes. It’s safe to use weavon glue as an alternative to eyelash glue but not any other glue.

These glues are super chemically made and your eyes is the least thing to introduce chemicals to, if you choose to use weavon glue, you still need to be careful.