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Book Summary: The CEO Who Hates Me By Eustoma_Reyna

Blurb The CEO who hates me

Arya Tan a young beautiful wannabe actress was in a difficult situation and her only option was to accept a deal to save her family.

Arya was offered a job or better still a “task” as a job by Rita, a wealthy looking woman, her friend Kay introduced her to Rita no thanks to her predicament at the time.

The offer was so mouth watering that Arya began feeling skeptical about the job, she was afraid it was going to be something illegal because the pay was too good to be true.

Her target was going to be Ryu Ken, the most powerful man in the technology business, he was a billionaire.

Did I forget to mention he was handsome as well?

She started her job the next day, she was to lodge in a hotel where Ryu Ken is going to be at the time for business and try to draw his attention, her task was to make him fall in love with her and when he does, she dumps him and disappears and she has to do that in a week or face Rita,

It’s not like Rita was above her or something but she began taking care of Arya’s family and every other expenses she had to do since the deal was struck because she (Arya) was not able to do those things, she was still struggling to take care of herself so didn’t have any choice than to accept the job.

Seems like an easy job right? Yeah I think so too. But how was she going to do this in a week? She asked herself, Ryu Ken was popularly known as a snob and she has seen how frightening he was on television. It was going to be difficult to fool him.

Yeah she had a good start, she was able to make Ryu Ken get close to her and he started liking her gradually which made it all the more difficult for Arya to complete her task, she thought of backing out but she has no choice.

She thought about her sister’s kidney transplant operation, her father who was undergoing trial in the court and her mother who needed all the assistance she could get.

It wasn’t just about her this time and to crown it all…. She started liking him as well.

” Should I tell him my situation, should I confess everything? How would he react? What would he do? What if the impact will be negative? Was she willing to take that risk for Ryu? How about her family then?”

These were all she has considered time and time again but she couldn’t bring herself to hurt Ryu in anyway so it was a really difficult situation and choice for her to make.

My Thoughts

“Leaving already? You seem to be in such a rush to talk to me, why don’t you spill it out now?”

Stunned, Arya wondered if she was hallucinating, the voice was very familiar. The man’s arm encircled her waist, abruptly pulled her towards him, he then leaned forward and scornfully whispered into her ear,

“Aren’t you here to negotiate, I was hoping you had a better offer” she tilted her head to look up at the rude young man and was left open-mouthed looking at a familiar face. She was shocked but mumbled “Ryu?”

Ryu smirked and stared at Arya’s slightly opened lips and said “did you miss me? How about this?”

Before Arya could utter another word, Ryu captured her lips abruptly and kissed her roughly.

This book is a really great book to read in terms of suspense and romance.

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