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This a novel by Charlaine Harris, New York Times Bestselling author of Dead as a Doornail.

Dead to the world is a series novel of Sookie Stackhouse.

Its a heroine, romantic and supernatural adventure surrounding vamipres, werewolves, panther and other characters we see in movies.

Its a fictional story by the author.


I found the note taped to my door when I got home from work. I’d had the lunch to early evening shift at my Merlotte’s but since we were at the tail end of December, the day darkened early. So Bill, as most of the regulars at Merlotte’s call him, must have left his message within the previous hour. He can’t get up until dark.

I hadn’t seen Bill in over a week, and our parting hadn’t been happy one. But touching the envelope with my name written on it made me feel miserable.

You do think though I am twenty six, I do never had and lost a boyfriend before. You do be right.

Normal guys don’t want to date someone as strange as I am. People have been saying I am messed up in the head since I started school.

They are right.

That’s not to say I don’t get groped at the bar occasionally.

Guys get drunk I look good, they forgot their misgiving about my reputation for strangeness and my ever present smile.

But only Bill has ever gotten close to me in an intimate way. Parting from him had hurt me bad. I waited to open the envelope until I was sitting at the old scarred kitchen table. I still had my coat on though I do shucked my gloves.

Dearest Sookie I wanted to come over to talk to when you had somewhat recovered from the unfortunate event of earlier this month.

“Unfortunate events,” my round rear end. The bruises had finally faded, but I had a kneel that still ached in the cold, and I suspected that it always would. every injury I had incurred had been in the cause of rescuing my cheating boyfriend from his imprisonment by a group of vampires that included his formal flame Lorena.

I had yet to figure out why Bill had been so infatuated with Lorena that he do answered her summons to Mississippi.

Probably you had a lot of questions about what happened.

Damn straight.

If you will talk to me face to face come to the front door and left me in.

Yikes I hadn’t seen that one coming. I pondered for a minute deciding that why I didn’t trust Bill anymore, I didn’t believe that he would physically harm me I went back through the house to the front door, I opened it and called “okay come on in”.

He emerged from the woods surrounding the clearing in which my old house stood I ached at the sight of him, Bill was broad shouldered and lean from his life of farming the land next to mine. He was hard and tough from his years as a confederate soldier, before his death in 1867.

Bill’s nose was straight off a Greek vase. His hair was dark brown and clipped close to his head and his eyes were just as dark. He looked exactly the same as he had while we were dating and he always would.

He hesitated before he crossed the threshold, but I’d given his permission, and I moved aside so he could step past me into the living room filled with old. comfortable furniture and neat as a pin.

“Thank you” he said in his cold smooth voice, a voice that still gave me a twinge of sheer lust. Many things had gone wrong between us, but they hadn’t started in bed.

“I wanted to talk to you before I left”

“Where are you going?” I tried to sound as calm as he

“To Peru the queens orders”

“Still working on your, ah, database?” I knew almost nothing about computers but bill had studied hard to make himself computer literate.

“Yes I have got a little more research to do. A very old vampire in lima has a great fund of knowledge about those of our race on his continent, and I have an appointment to confer with him. I will do some sight seeing while I am down there.”

I fought the urge to offer Bill a bottle of synthetic blood which would have been the hospitable thing to do. “Have a seat” I said curtly and nodded at the sofa. I sat at the edge of the old recliner catty-cornered to it. then fell a silence that made me even more cautious of how unhappy I was.

“How is bubba?” i asked finally.

“He is New Orleans right now” Bill said “the queen likes to keep him around from time to time and he was so visible here over the last month that it seemed like a good idea to take him elsewhere, he will be back soon”

You do recognize Bubba if you saw him; everyone knows his face but he hadn’t been “Brought over” too successfully. Probably the morgue attendant who happened to be a vampire should have ignored the little spark of life.

But since he was a great fan he hadn’t been able to resist the attempt and now the entire southern vampire community shuffled Bubba around and tried to keep him from public view.

Another silence fell. I did planned on taking off my shoes and uniforms, putting on a cuddly robe and watching television with a Freschetta pizza by my side. It was a humble plan, but it was my own. instead, here I was suffering.

“If you have something to say, better go on and say it” I told him.

He nodded almost to himself “I have to explain” he said. his white hands arranged themselves in his lap. “Lorena and I—“

I flinched involuntarily. I never wanted to hear that name again he’d dumped me for Lorena.

“I have to tell you” he said almost angrily he did see me twitch. “give me this chance” after a second, I waved a hand to tell him to continue.

“The reason I went to Jackson when she called is that I couldn’t help myself ” he said.

My eyebrows flew up. I did heard that before. it means, ” I have no self control”, or “it seemed worth it at that time I wasn’t thinking north of my belt”.

“We were lovers long ago as Eric says he told you, vampire liaisons don’t tend to last long, though they’re very intense while they are ongoing. however, what Eric did not tell you was that Lorena was the vampire who brought me over”

“To the dark side?” I asked and then I bit my lip. This was no subject for levity.

“Yes” Bill agreed seriously. “and we were together after that as lovers which is not always the case”

“But you had broken up…”

“Yes, about eighty years ago we came to the point where we couldn’t tolerate each other any longer. I hadn’t seen Lorena since though I did heard of her doings of course”.

“Oh sure” I said expressionlessly

“But I had to obey her summons. this is absolutely imperative. when your maker calls you must respond” his voice was urgent.

I nodded trying to look understanding. I guess I didn’t do too good a job.

“She order me to leave you” he said his dark eyes were peering into mine “she said she would kill you if I didn’t”

I was losing my temper. I bit the inside of my cheek real hard to make myself focus. ” so without explanation or discussion you decided what was best for me and for you”

“I had to” he said “I had to do her bidding and I knew she was capable of harming you”

“Well you got that right” in fact, Lorena had done her dead level best to harm me right into the grave but I’d gotten her first okay, by a fluke but it had worked.

“And now you no longer love me” Bill said with the slightest of questions in his voice.

I didn’t have any clear answer.

“I don’t know” I said “I wouldn’t think you’d want to come back to me after all, I killed your mom” and there was the slightest of question in my voice too but mostly I was bitter.

“Then we need more time apart. When I return, if you consent we will talk again, a kiss good bye?”

To my shame I would love to kiss Bill again, but it was such a bad idea, even wanting it seemed wrong. we stood, and I gave him a quick brush of lips to the cheeks, his white skin shone with a little glow that distinguished vampires from human, it had surprised me to learn that not everyone saw them like I did.

“Are you seeing the Were? “he asked when he was nearly out the door. he sounded as though the words had been pulled out of him by their roots.

“Which one?” I asked resisting the temptation to bat my eyelashes, he deserved no answer and he knew it. “how long will you be gone?” I asked more briskly and he looked at me with some speculations .

“Its not a sure thing, maybe two weeks” he answered.

“We might talk then” I said, turning my face away. “let me return your key” I fished my keys out of my purse.

“No please keep it on your key ring” he said “you might need it while I am gone, go in the house as you will. My mail’s getting held at the post office until I give them notice and I think all my other loose ends are taking care of”

So I was his last loose end, I damned up the trickle of anger that was all too ready to bubble out this days.

“I hope you have a safe trip” I said coldly and shut the door behind him. I headed back to my bedroom.

I had a robe to put on and some television to watch. by golly, I was sticking to my plan.

But while I was putting my pizza in the oven, I had to blot my cheeks a few times.

Book Reviews


Sookie Stackhouse, a single lady who works as a bar attendant in Merlotte’s bar and who also has the ability to read minds by entering into the brains of whoever she wants to to get information.

Not like she was a supernatural human, but she just had vampire blood in her which gave her the ability to do that.

Her dilemma started after her shift on new years eve, when she saw a naked man running down the street and stopped to know what was chasing him and wanted to offer help.

It turned out that the person was Eric, her ex boyfriend’s boss, the sheriff of the vampires in Area five.

She tried to introduce herself, but it turned out Eric lost his memories and couldn’t even remember who he was, this gave Sookie a strong impression that everything wasn’t right.

She drove Eric to her home and gave him synthetic blood and clothes, asking him questions which he had no answers to.

Sookie was so confused and thought of calling Eric’s second-in-command, Pam to get a clue of what was actually happening, and it turned out Eric was cursed by a strong witch.

Pam gave Sookie the responsibility of looking after Eric until the situation is settled, it was a whole lot on Sookie that she wouldn’t promise to keep him safe but her brother Jason had intervened and asked for money in exchange for keeping Eric and then Sookie had no choice.

Sookie was totally disheartened the next morning after Jason’s boss had called to ask of Jason, saying he has not sowed up at work which was so unlike him, his truck was seen open too which made her had a bad feeling at that point.

Jason was known for his wild life with women and things but definitely not his work, he was diligent and consistent with work, but for him not appear at work?……

Sookie was more worried now, was Jason taken hostage by the witches because they suspect he knows the whereabouts of Eric? has he been killed already? or was he taken hostage by the strange girl he was hanging out with the previous night?

This questions ran through her mind and she was almost going crazy, Jason was the only family she had, she didn’t know what she would do without him.

Sookie informed the sheriff about Jason and detective Alcee Beck was assigned to investigate the case.

By now, the hunt for Eric was getting tougher as the witches pated posters with a huge sum of money for anyone who can tell the location of the missing man and who was under the protection of Sookie.

After the witches had caused so much chaos and deaths in the vampires world, a plan was finally arranged.

The plan was for the vampires, Weres and Wiccans to come together to fight their common enemy which were the witches and restore Eric’s memory.

This plan was carried out and Sookie played a great role which at last tuned out successful with Hallow the witch who cursed Eric captured and forced to return Eric’s memories.

And soon everything was back to normal, with Sookie released of her duty of keeping Eric safe.

But Jason has not been found yet, and Sookie was no less happy about it, not knowing if her brother was dead or alive.

After the night of the big fight, Sookie had a chat with her boss Sam Merlotte when Sam said something about were-panthers, and Sookie remembered that the detective had said panthers print were found on Jason’s dock.

And now everything made sense….

Jason was with Crystal Norris a were-panther the night he got missing and Sookie just got to find out that Crystal was loved by another were-panther Felton.

And now Felton was the suspect….

Sookie and Sam immediately went to the locality of these beings and head off first to their master Calvin Norris.

Not aware and not in support of the news he heard, the master led them to Felton’s house and demanded him to release Jason and just as they had suspected, Jason was been held hostage by him.

But he has been bitten several times by Felton and he’s likely to be one of them now. He’s likely to transform on the full moon and Calvin offered to help train him.

Sookie was allowed to take him home and in exchange, she will not report the incidence to the police which she agreed to.

Sookie was glad to get home to find a check of $50,000 and with that she can start her life anew……

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