Black smokey eyeshadow: 6 amazing things you should know

Black smokey is one of my favorite eye makeup look and am about to share with you how I create mine.

If you are a makeup lover like me, you definitely want to try different looks, I mean, you may want to try something new on your face, and you can only get different looks when you try something new such as applying a different eyeshadow from the usual one you put on or trying a different shade of lipstick.

Have you ever tried applying black smokey? if you have, how was it? did you make a mess of your eyes when applying it?

And if you haven’t, you should try it, its a very classy eyeshadow and it fits all skin colors, either light or dark skin.

Black smokey fits all kinds of face and skin types.

Applying black smokey is different from applying black eyeshadow, while black smokey is about applying black eyeshadow all over the eyes, black eyeshadow is just about applying the eyeshadow on the lid.

For more understanding and clarity, I have added a video but if you don’t find the video helpful, proceed with the tutorials:

Black smokey can be worn to:

  • Birthday parties either as the celebrant or guest
  • Wedding ceremonies
  • Dinner date
  • Night parties if glitters are applied on it
  • Picnic
  • Photo shoot and so on.

What you should know before wearing black smokey

  • Light colored skin or fair skin doesn’t have to apply too much black eyeshadow because every little counts
  • But its not the same for dark or chocolate skin, because its dark skin, it takes a lot of eyeshadow for it to be visible enough.
  • If you aren’t careful, you might ruin your makeup with the eyeshadow and trust me, you wouldn’t want to clean and start all over
  • You don’t need to draw your eyeliner the usual way because it’s practically useless doing that, what I mean is, the eyeliner won’t be visible on yours eyes so you just have to draw the eyeliner only in your outer corner of your eye
  • You just need a nude lipstick, a light colored lipstick is called nude in my field. Applying colors such as red or pink is not a good match for black smokey, you don’t want to look horrible after your makeup.
  • You don’t need to use eyeshadow primer before applying black eyeshadow this is because the primer will give the black another color and it wouldn’t black anymore

How to apply black smokey

  1. After drawing your brows
  2. Start the transition or cut crease with a light colored eyeshadow
  3. Use a darker one such as brown, dark purple or dark pink, it all depends if you want a light transition but if you want your eyes to be all black, you should use only black on the cut crease, in the picture below, you will see that I wanted to create a light cut crease.
  4. Apply black brow gel, this is my method of wearing black smokey because the gel pops out the black color, it makes the eye very dark.
  5. Apply black eyeshadow on the gel, you have to be as quick as possible because the longer time you use in applying the black eyeshadow, the more the gel blocks and if it get blocked, it won’t turn out well.
  6. Draw the eyeliner.
  7. Fix your artificial lashes if you are using one.
  8. Apply under eye liner in any color of your choice but black is the best since you are creating a black smokey.
  9. Using a smaller brush, apply the black eyeshadow under the eye after applying powder, that is if you want your eyes to all about black.

So this is what my black smokey looks like, it seems the eyeliner was drawn on the eyeshadow but it’s not, that’s what I mean by it’s practically useless drawing on it.

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