In this article, I will be sharing the blogging mistakes I made as a beginner, how it affected my blog and how I corrected them.

I started the journey called “blogging” in the year 2015, can’t remember the exact date but that’s the year.

You wanna know how I got to know about blogging?

A friend was talking about his blog and how he was growing it and how he’s going to make great profits from it just like other popular bloggers.

You know the relationship between money and humans right?

After hearing how he was going to make a living through blogging, I decided I was setting up my blog as soon as possible. And I did.

I did open my first blog with a mindset of making a lot of money from it.

But did it work out for me? You will get to know as you continue reading this article.

Now I’m going to talk about the mistakes I made as a new blogger.

My blogging mistakes as a beginner

  1. I opened my blog with the mindset of making money from it. It was so I thought that under 3 months of blogging, I will start earning from Google as a blogger. It was just like a business for me, it was about money, money, money, in general, my blog was built on the foundation of making riches out of it.
  2. I never thought of what I was going to present to the crowd, I just opened a blog to share news on politics, entertainment, sports and education. I failed to ask myself questions such as what do I love? What can’t I get tired of writing about? What do people want to know? How can I give solutions to people’s problems? Like I said earlier, it was opened based on making money from it.
  3. I never wrote my content or even think about it for a minute, instead, I always looked for other popular site that I can copy news from and paste on my blog. In a simple sentence, I practiced copy and paste, so practically, I don’t worry about blog post to write I just go to other sites, copy and paste its contents on my blog.
  4. I used a free blogger host, I was using, I didn’t even know the importance of using a proper hosting site.
  5. I write just about 150-200 words of content, more words carry lots of details in it right? but why do I write just about 200 words? This is because, I have no knowledge of the things I write about. So I just write based on what I’ve read somewhere. My content were of no value to content users.
  6. I used copyright images, after writing a blog post, I just go to Google and look for images related to my content and upload on my site. I didn’t know of free stock images which you can use without copyright violations.
  7. I did my blogging with my cellphone, I had no computer or laptop, it was difficult to navigate and my phone was always hanging making it so bad to do just anything. Using a cellphone isn’t just enough, it’s better to use your computer to do the vital things like writing a blog post and use your cellphone to do whatever corrections necessary.
  8. I didn’t bother to know my audience, didn’t try to know what they like and what they needed. I wasn’t making use of Google analytics to know my traffic sources and activities carried out on my site by visitors which is a bad practice for any site owner.
  9. I always post trending news making it hard to rank higher than other popular site, and if there’s no place for you on the internet, then you just wasting your time blogging.
  10. I applied for Google AdSense during the early days of my first blog, I didn’t even have up to 10 blog post on my site when I applied. I didn’t know anything about Google AdSense, search console, sitemap or SEO. I just ventured into blogging blindly with absolutely no idea of anything and that is the biggest blogging mistake I’ve ever done.

How I corrected my blogging mistakes

  1. The concept of opening or running a blog is not and should not be for getting rich. If that should be your mindset, I assure you, you won’t last long in the industry. Creating a blog for an income will frustrate you if after all you’ve done, you still don’t get paid by Google or affiliate marketing. You should create a blog out of passion and enthusiasm, this keeps the fire burning.
  2. While you’re thinking of creating a blog, think of your niche too, a niche is a particular subject or topic that you have much knowledge about. This is for you not to run out of blog ideas, and avoid practicing copy and paste. A blog is meant to last for years, so imagine if you don’t have any knowledge of a topic or subject, how will you continue running your blog?
  3. Now, I make researches with full knowledge of what my audience is looking for, I write down my article before typing, this helps me to arrange my paragraphs, correct mistakes and makes it easier for me to type.
  4. Right now, I’m using a proper host, check it out here. A proper hosting provides you with an SSL certificate, a faster loading site, a proper domain name, makes Google recognize your site and so many other benefits that comes with it. Domainking has a cheaper and affordable plan for beginner website.
  5. It’s true that quality is better than quantity, so even if your blog contents are about 3,000 words but without use to your audience, it’s all for nothing. That’s said, writing about 150-250 words is not advisable.
  6. Now, if I can’t take photos by myself, I go to unsplash to get free images that I can use without violating Google policies. Trying to understand Google policies should be your first priority as a blogger if you aim to make money through blogging.
  7. Right now, I use a laptop to write my blog post and my cellphone for other editing I have to. I also use my cellphone to make researches. Using a cellphone to blog will really make things difficult for you, especially if your phone has a low RAM memory.
  8. Now, I know where my audiences are from, I know what they are looking for and what they like.
  9. Trending news and topics is not always the best practice for SEO, because of its trends, other higher sites will be ranked in Google first page making it difficult for people to discover my blog then.
  10. Now I know better than applying for AdSense during my early days of blogging. I have learnt that I have to solve people’s problems first before asking to be paid for it.


All these mistakes has made me a better blogger today, now I have taken off my first blog from the internet and am now following best practices from Google and other bloggers.

Am now more concerned about solving my audience problems than making money from this blog.

You deciding to open or run a blog is not a bad idea, infact, you can earn a living off blogging but the mistake to make is opening a blog with a mindset of earning from it. I just hope you really understand what am saying.

So when you’ve decided to open a blog, or if you have one already, be sure not to make a mistake like I did.