I compiled a list of the best drugstore mascara to get under $10, these mascaras are used oftentimes by makeup artist and other beauticians as well. If you are looking for the best drugstore mascara for dramatic lashes and sensitive eyes, I’ve compiled a list of the best drugstore mascara to get.

Along with the various lists of the best drugstore mascara, you get to see reviews of other users of these drugstore mascaras to help you determine which to pick.

Best drugstore mascara for dramatic and sensitive lashes

COVERGIRL Clump Crusher

Best drugstore mascara

Price ~ $6.17

Covergirl Clump Crusher is a very black water resistance mascara, it gives 20× more volume during application. The best part of this mascara is it’s no-clumps quality. If you are looking for a good drugstore mascara with no clumps, then this is a good choice. It is ideal for all colors of eyes and skin tone.

Covergirl has 3 other types/colors of mascara under their brand which I will be listing below but a user recommends this clump Crusher for anyone who’s creating a neutral look and just want your eyes to pop.

Covergirl Clump Crusher reviews

I’ve been using Covergirl mascara for years, great product.

I’ve not bought this specific mascara before so maybe I don’t understand the formula that well, but this seem very dry. I have to dig in to really get product on the brush and when I do, it goes on very lightly. I also find the brush to be way too small and stiff to create a full lash look. If you have sparse or short lashes, this might be the right formula/brush for you but if you are looking for volume and fullness…..you are better off with another product.

Adds nice length to my lashes

This mascara makes your eye pop, no clumps, lengthens, doesn’t smudge, last until you remove. I think it’s the best one I’ve tried.

Definitely helped with the clumps.

The applicator is great, the mascara formula is very dry, it barely showed on my lashes. I will not order this mascara again.

Covergirl lash blast

Covergirl lash blast

Price ~$6.17

Covergirl lash blast mascara is a waterproof mascara designed to give a dramatic lashes,it max out your lashes by 10× volume giving you an instant blast of fullness and length. It is cruelty free and very dark. It also coats your lashes evenly giving no clumps or flakes

Covergirl lash blast reviews

This is my favorite kind of mascara, it smudges if you rub it enough but if I wanted full proof, I’d just order the waterproof version which I do also own.

I use to have this style back in the day and only use cover girl mascara but this version clumps, going back to the green version.

This is a great product it really makes your lashes stand out and volumizes it


I’m sadly disappointed in this product, the first time I used it…clumped, stuck on the lashes and difficult to remove.

It is waterproof and doesn’t smudge.

Covergirl lash blast fusion

Covergirl lash blast fusion

Price ~ $7.99

A mascara with fiberstretch properties to make every lash look bigger and longer, its unique oversized brush reaches every lashes to deliver a bold lash forward look. It’s cruelty free.

Covergirl lash blast fusion reviews

The lashes speak for themselves. My lashes are naturally blonde and pretty thin, I was incredibly impressed by how much volume I was able to achieve. It only flaked a little throughout an entire day, I have also worn it during a working out before even then it didn’t smudge.

(wife) she loves it doesn’t smudge all day and comes off easy at night.

Great product and great services

Disappointed that it isn’t waterproof, I curl my lashes before using mascara but this product is so wet that it straightened my lashes.

Mascara was completely dried up.

Covergirl lash blast clean

Price ~ $7.99

Covergirl lash blast

Has a clean vegan formula, it is infused with argan and marula oils and is formulated without paraben, sulfates, talc or mineral oil. It is cruelty free.

Covergirl lash blast clean reviews

This mascara is lengthening, lifting and volumizing. It glides on easily and doesn’t smudge

Maybelline New York great lash

Maybelline fusion mascara

Price ~ $6.40

The lengthening mascara’s clean and volume-building formula delivers without clumps or globs and conditions lashes with each coat. The hypoallergenic formula is opthalmologist tested and safe for contact lens wearers.

Maybelline great lashes reviews

It goes on smoothly without clumping, stays on all day but comes off without trouble.

This mascara doesn’t clump and is easy to apply, I use two coats and love the coverage.

Works great as eyebrow gel and last a long time.

Classic. Can’t be beat by even the pricest high-end product.

Not sure why everyone buys this mascara because it sucks, it’s cheap it smudges and it barely gives any volume.

Works well, easy on and easy to take off, great value.

Been using this mascara for years, still my favorite.

Essence lash princess

Essence lash princess

Price ~ $4.99

This mascara defines and separate lashes while achieving a bold look. It does not flake, fade or wear out making it an all day wearable mascara. It’s cruelty free.

Essence lash princess mascara reviews

I’m an older woman who used to be asked of my lashes were real. Times have changed and my lashes are not so thick anymore. I’m glad I found this mascara, I have nice lashes again.

Flakes and smudges

I have been wasting way too much on the higher end mascaras when this stuff is just as or better, and that price point to die for. Wonderful mascara and I’m a customer for life now.

I love this mascara and I find something wrong with all mascaras. It gives you length, volume, doesn’t clump and is such a value. I use to swear by LOreal lash paradise and I will never go back to it.

Lengthens great, doesn’t smudge a bit on the bottom under the eyes.

Awesome mascara especially for the price.

Almay thickening mascara

Almay thickening mascara

Price ~ $7.97

Mascara is opthalmologist tested which means it safe for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers. It’s infused with aloe vera and vit B5 to condition lashes, it’s a high volume mascara leaving you with a fuller and clumps free lashes.

Almay thickening mascara reviews

I am allergic to this mascara, my eyeball turned red, it’s still red 3 days later. It says hypoallergenic but apparently it’s not.

I originally wrote that I did not like this product after my first try, after trying it again, I do like the product and it works well. I had not pushed the brush up n down enough times to coat the lash brush.

Mascara that does not irritate eyes and goes on smooth and add just the right amount of volume great layering mascara without clumping.

Good coverage, hypoallergenic.

Perfect, exactly what I want…..just little pricey

Long lasting and durable.

L’oreal Paris unlimited mascara

L'oreal paris unlimited mascara

Price ~ $10.95

It’s unique mascara wand gives you a total control and ease of mascara application. Its wand is bendable and can also be used straight. It can last for 24 hours.

L’oreal paris unlimited mascara reviews

Made my eyes burn.

I was disappointed with this, it was kind of goopy and didn’t apply well. I also don’t care about the smell, I won’t buy again.

Easy to use wand with minimal clumping. I recommend.

Great mascara, a favorite.

I have been wearing the same mascara for years but decided I’d branch out a little bit. This mascara went on smooth with minimal clumping. I liked how it made my lashes look fuller and longer, it also came off easily with a micellar damp clothe, although there was still little residue that just wouldn’t come off until morning but I liked it.

This mascara gives length and curl, does not clump or come off during wearing. Love the tilt of the wand for curling.

4D silk fiber lash mascara (2 in 1)

4D silk fiber lash mascara

Price ~ $6.98

It’s 2 in 1 unique brushes gives you the ability to create a neutral and heavy makeup, the mascara is made of pure silk fibre and pure plant material which builds a dramatic volume. The mascara sweeps across lashes without clumps or flakes, it’s natural and nontoxic.

4D silk fiber lash mascara reviews

Love it.

Love love love, works sooooo good, fast application with great long lash affect fast.

I’ve used mascara for 20 plus years and have tried different brands, this one makes the lashes look good, however it’s very messy when applying so if you need to apply makeup in a hurry, I will not recommend this one.

Love how my lashes look with this product, easy to clean as well.

Love this mascara will not use a different one ever please don’t stop making it!!

Don’t like this, it was clumpy.

2× the length.


Now you have a list of some of the best drugstore mascara to pick from, you can make your choices due to the reviews of those who have bought already.

Lemme know which one you picked and the results in the comments.

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