6 types of faces and eyebrow drawn on

Drawing the eyebrow has become a trend in makeup, because the eyebrow defines and adds beauty to makeup.

We all have different shapes of faces, there is oval, round, long, diamond, heart, and finally square or block face.

Eyebrow drawn on

These faces determines a lot about the shapes of eyebrow drawn on.

Most times, I don’t use the rule of drawing a particular eyebrow shape when doing makeup on a client. This is because, as I get to see many faces, there are different eyebrow shapes, so I just have to draw the eyebrow to fit on the person’s face.

Most times, we spoil our eyebrow shapes with the way we carve our brows, the natural eyebrow shapes should be properly inspected before carving the brows because the way we carve our eyebrows determine the way we draw it.

One trick is this, if your eyebrows is not properly carved, allow it to grow again then you can carve it properly.

Some women have full eyebrows naturally, just like me, so what I just do to mine, is take out little hair when carving, so I don’t have to spoil my natural eyebrow shapes.

There are lots of things to learn about the eyebrow, lots of circumstances to determine what shape of eyebrow to be drawn on.

The eyebrow makeup is important because it adds a different kind of beauty to your makeup, just like the artificial eyelashes, a makeup without artificial lashes makes it appear “casual”, this is because the artificial eyelashes enhances the eyeshadow, therefore, making the eyeshadow applied look different.

I’d beg a client to fix lashes because I know how important it is to fix lashes during makeup, unless I don’t want it to look professional.

So here are two things to try:

  1. Try a makeup with the eyebrow drawn on and a makeup without the eyebrow drawn on, and see if there’s a difference and which one you prefer.
  2. Apply makeup, (if you don’t know how to apply makeup, go for a professional makeup artist or watch tutorials on our YouTube channel to help you during your makeup) without artificial lashes, take a picture and after that, put on the artificial eyelashes and see the difference.

How do you draw your eyebrows? Don’t get confused with eyebrow or eyebrows, when you say eyebrow, you are referring to just one of your brows and eyebrows is just both of them, so eyebrow or eyebrows, anyone that works for you is fine.

Back to my question, how do you like your eyebrow drawn on? Do you conceal? Do you apply foundation first before drawing your brows? Do you know the shape of your face and the eyebrow shapes that works for you? Just relax as am going into details about the eyebrows.

The eyebrows is the first thing I do when applying makeup, this is because it gives me the opportunity to correct mistakes if I made any. Think of it this way, if I apply foundation first before drawing my eyebrow and I make a mistake, then what do I do?

Do I clean the foundation or do I just leave the eyebrow fails that way? None of both options are fine, that’s why I find it perfect to draw the eyebrows first.

Most times I spend more than 15 minutes drawing just my eyebrows because I just have to get it right, the eyebrow is not something to be in a hurry for during makeup, you just have to take all the time, if you have to use one hour, then use it to avoid eyebrow fails.

Then after drawing the eyebrows, I apply concealer, I use a concealer that is one shade lighter than my skin to highlight the down part of the brows, concentrating more on the arch. And then I use the concealer that is same shade with my skin to highlight the upper brows this is so your foundation don’t have any problem blending with the concealer.

Drawing your eyebrows without concealer is fine and cool as long as it’s not too bold and dark but there’s no other sweet experience such as applying concealer after drawing your brows. With the concealer on, one can tell you drew your eyebrow from afar and also see the beauty of it.

So the essence of concealer, is to make your eyebrow neater, enhanced and outstanding. With concealer on your eyebrows, you can wear your eyebrow without makeup. I hope you can tell the difference in the image below.

Eyebrow drawn on

Eyebrow without makeup is something I like practicing when I don’t have time for makeup or when I don’t feel like wearing a makeup. So I just draw my eyebrows and apply foundation and powder.

Styles of eyebrow drawn on for different facial types

Eyebrow drawn on
photo credit @suhaibduad
  1. Oval faces: generally a soft arched eyebrows
  2. Long faces: high arches eyebrow
  3. Round face: straight eyebrow.
  4. Square or block faces: “s” shaped eyebrow
  5. Heart faces: low arch, round curved eyebrows.
  6. Diamond faces: curved eyebrows.

Below is an eyebrow tutorial of how I draw my eyebrow, this tutorial is more advanced but as a beginner, I recommend you check out this tutorial to make it easier for you.

If you don’t like the video tutorial, then proceed with the written tutorial below.

Advanced eyebrow tutorial

  1. Apply your foundation on your eyebrow with a damp (wet) beauty blender or beauty sponge, after that, apply your powder with your powder brush. This will make your brows look different from the normal eyebrows you draw. The essence of applying foundation and powder is to make it easier for you to highlight and draw your lines.

2. Brush your brows upwards not horizontally. Brushing it upwards will help you know the length of your hair, this is important because you need to know the point where you should start drawing your lines.

3. Sharpen your pencil and make it pointy, if you use gel liner to draw your brows, it’s okay to use it. I use Davis pencil color 3 to draw my brows. If you love a natural eyebrow, you have to use a brown pencil, not black or any other color.

4. Start drawing a thin line vertically from the bridge of the nose as shown in the image below, and stop right at the point of your arch then draw a stroke down, the arch is the point circled in the image below. Do the same thing for the upper brows, draw the upper line the same way you drew the down one.


5. Brush the brows upwards and fill in the empty space (where you have no hair) with brown gel liner, using an eyebrow filler or eyebrow pencil is fine but to get a better eyebrow look, use a gel liner to fill in.

6. After filling in, brush the brows upwards again and check for empty spaces, if your brows are properly filled, sharpen your pencil and make it pointy then draw tiny strokes at the beginning of your brows. This is to make it appear like your natural eyebrow. Just like mine in the image below.


7. Highlight with a creamy concealer, use a lighter color down your brows and use a concealer that is close to your skin color to highlight the upper brows, the reason why I recommend using your skin color concealer up is so that your foundation won’t have a hard time blending with the concealer during your makeup.

8. After highlighting, use a damp beauty blender or blending brush to blend out the concealer. You can apply your makeup after or you can choose to wear your brows without makeup, but you have to apply powder for it to look pleasant to the eyes.

It’s just that simple!!!

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