5 simple ways to reduce stomach fat

Here comes the big question most ladies ask, “can I reduce stomach fat without loosing weight?” Especially women who wants to look beautifully beautiful.

Reduce stomach fat

The truth is, there is simply no way you will reduce stomach fat without loosing a little weight.

Loosing belly fat takes a lot of time and process, am not about to scare you but if you want the truth, then that’s the truth, so don’t expect to start seeing changes immediately you start your stomach fat journey, it requires a little hard work and patience.

But can you tell the difference between stomach fat and bloating?

While bloating is as a result of the food you just ate, stomach fat is bloating of the stomach that has come to stay Lol!

Stomach bloating could be as a result of food, medications or gas in the stomach and it usually reduces after some time.

Stomach fat doesn’t go away after some time, it sticks with you forever.

Some women have stomach fat naturally, meaning they grew up with it, while some women develop it with habits such as:

  • Late night diet
  • More carbohydrates
  • Beer
  • Lack of exercise

These are few I know about, these habits develops your stomach fat and if you don’t do anything about it when you noticed it, it will keep growing and soon turn out to be something you can no longer control.

Do you know that fibroids can also cause your stomach to swell? You see, our body systems are so tender. Just make sure to know what exactly is wrong with you before trying to take a step.

Below are 5 possible ways to reduce stomach fat, they are simple but difficult to practice but consistency is the key to perfection, keep doing these things as much as you can and a good result will be yours.

5 simple ways to reduce stomach fat

  1. Cut down on calories: foods rich in calories includes: rice, peanut butter, hot dogs, ice cream, egg, coffee, carrots, butter, bread, apple and banana. Reducing the intake of these foods can help you through your journey.
  2. Drink enough water: this method especially works for me, drinking two glasses of water first thing in the morning and last thing at night helps in improving your metabolic.
  3. Eat less: there is simply no way you would want to reduce fat without reducing the quantity of carbs you take in, for example, if you always eat eight spoons of rice, you reduce it to four spoons.
  4. Take lots of fruits: fruits helps in relieving constipation which most times causes stomach bloating.
  5. Regular exercise: register in a gym, ask your gym instructor for exercises which focuses on burning stomach fat and keep to it.


Reducing stomach fat is not something you can achieve in 10 days, am sorry am just here to tell you the truth.

You have to keep doing theses practices alongside patience to get your desired results unless you want to go under the knife which I won’t dare do.

You can find sports which concentrate on stomach fat by discussing with your gym instructor, this can help you achieve your goals faster.

You can burn stomach fat without stomach exercise machines, you just have to follow the steps I listed earlier but if you want to go extra, you can speak to a nutritionist about diets to take to help you.

Don’t make the mistake of squeezing your stomach fat hard hoping to get a solution from it, this will only cause you more harm than good. You can cause serious damages to yourself if you do that.