In this article I will be sharing some interesting and fascinating things I realized as I got older, the world is a complicated place to live in but if you figure out and realize some facts about life, it will guide and make you stronger.

As a child, growing up was no fun to me, there were no Christmas party, amusement park, outing or birthday parties. I don’t even celebrate my birthday.

Therefore I wasn’t exposed to life and didn’t understand life either. My parents then didn’t approve of my association with my age group and older people except the ones they chose by themselves.

And as a child, I thought differently, believed the things I was been told and acted according to how I feel, but there are some things I realized as I got older.

Things that helped me understand life and fit in for me to survive and be happy.

30 things I realized as I got older

  1. The law of karma is a myth, don’t worry I will come back to this.
  2. Good things happen to bad people and bad things happen to good people, it’s true. Once upon a time, a man trusted his property to his brother-in-law for him to put it up for sale. This brother-in-law of his sold the property and told him he sold it for 2 million. It wasn’t long a colleague of this man told him his brother-in-law lied about the money and it was later discovered he actually sold the land for 4 million. It caused a very big problem between both men and it was taken to the court, but the brother-in-law refused to show up in court. After series of warning from the court, he finally agreed to appear in the court. But unfortunately the owner of the property was murdered the day before the court hearing and the case was closed. There are other incidents of babies and kids raped by older men, these are kids who knew nothing but eat, why should they suffer such horrible fate? Now you see why I don’t believe in law of karma.
  3. It’s a bad parenting idea to keep the girl child indoor always, as much as they need to be protected and guided, they also need their freedom. The outcome of you keeping her indoor always will be greater than when she has her freedom. A girl is easily swayed by things she hears and see especially if it’s a first time incident. When a girl child gets the freedom you’ve always denied her, she will no longer think of home or anyone but how she’s going to explore life which will eventually hurt her. Now I’m not saying you shouldn’t keep her indoors for her own good, all I’m saying is allow her mingle with other peers and allow her explore the world a little, all these will help her in making decisions when she’s being swayed by material things and friends.
  4. Families are the only ones who will stand by you when you are doubted by people.
  5. Nobody is ready to come close to you or be your friend if you have nothing.
  6. The mind is programmed to manifest what we think about, if I am sick and I keep telling myself that I’m sick instead of thinking positively, that sickness will last longer than it should. Your minds can play games with you but only you can control it and make it bend to your will, for example, after seeing a horror movie, and you are alone in the dark, you will always imagine those things you saw in the movie are coming for you, but you alone have the power to tell yourself that they are not real and nothing is coming and the fear will be gone.
  7. The brain and the mind works the same way, if you think about what you want to achieve, your brain will help you with how to go through with it and accomplish it. Right now my brain is actually where the answers to my questions lie.
  8. Meditation is far from how it’s explained, it’s more like praying for which you will get answers immediately, once I forgot my password to a very important application, I tried to remember,searched the book where I write down my passwords but I couldn’t find or remember it. It was bad and I was so sad thinking I’ve lost the application forever, but I remembered I could do anything with my brains and sat down to meditate and guess what? I remembered the password I’ve been searching for for weeks. I just had to focus my brain on remembering the password while meditating. Anytime you have a problem which you don’t seem to have a solution to, the best thing to do is meditate.
  9. Religion only brings division and fear.

10. The richer we get the more worried we are about our health.

11. Money can solve all problems except giving life.

12. Money can make you control the crowd.

13. Money can shut any mouth you wish.

14. Money can corrupt even a good man.

15. I realized I love natural beauty, I love to go out without applying makeup, I love my natural skin tone, I appreciate my body shape, even when doing my pedicure, I love it without artificial nails.

16. You alone can choose to be happy or miserable.

17. Sex education is very important to a growing kid, though it might not seem right to discuss this topic with a child, it doesn’t stop the child from knowing these things. So the best way to guide and protect your child is to teach the sex education.

18. The wrong people are likely to use your weakness against you, don’t show off your weakness easily.

19. Big things are achieved when you start small.

20. Anger destroys faster than poison, I realized not to make decisions when I’m angry, I only end up taking the wrong decisions which I later regret, so the best thing is to allow your temper cool before taking decisions.

21. I realized not to take decisions in a hurry, decisions are meant to be pondered on before carrying out, if you take decisions in a hurry, you will only end up making the wrong decisions.

22. I realized it’s better to buy groceries in bulk.

23. I realized music is better at soothing my temper than anything else.

24. You can’t please everyone.

25. Not everyone will love and accept you for who you are.

26. People condemn others for their acts in public but they secretly do more of those things they condemn.

27. If you don’t love yourself, no one else is going to do it for you.

28. Not everyone will appreciate your good deeds.

29. Not every bad person is a bad person, most do what they have to do to survive.

30. It’s okay to cry when you’re hurt, sometimes the tears are what comforts you.