The worst makeup mistakes I made as a beginner only made me more knowledgeable now. Makeup is not as easy as it seem to learn especially the part of learning to draw the eyebrows and blending eyeshadow.

Below are those makeup mistakes I made, this will help you know and understand what you’ve been doing right and wrong in makeup.

  1. Using too much concealer while highlighting the eyebrows: concealer defines and brings out the beauty of your eyebrows but using too much of it makes it looks awful. When highlighting the eyebrows, a little quantity of concealer is enough to highlight the upper and under brows but you need to concentrate more on the brow bone, whilst you don’t have to use too much concealer, it’s important for your concealer to be visible on your brow bone.
  2. Using the wrong color of concealer: I used the wrong color of concealer but I got the eyebrow shape right, but using the wrong color of concealer to highlight the eyebrows is a NO in makeup.
  3. Blending eyeshadow wrongly or not blending at all: blending is the sweetest part of makeup, especially blending eyeshadow, with blending you get to confuse viewers as to how you did that makeup. Blending eyeshadow then was a little hard for me but right now I’m good at it.

21 makeup mistakes you’ve been doing and should avoid

  1. I make much emphasis on the eyebrows during makeup, because that is actually the first thing that grabs people’s attention. Making the eyebrows dark when filling in is no way to start your makeup, using the wrong color and texture of concealer can also ruin your eyebrows.
  2. If you don’t know the rules of applying multicolored eyeshadow, you will keep getting it wrong and messing up your makeup too.
  3. Not using an eyeshadow primer before applying eyeshadow will make your eyeshadow smudge and not last long.
  4. Failure to blend your eyeshadow after applying.
  5. Using the wrong color of eyeshadow to set your cut crease.
  6. Using the wrong color of eyeshadow for your eye size.
  7. Not mastering eyeliner techniques before using liquid eyeliner can cause damages to your eye makeup.
  8. Not using the under eyeliner exactly on the waterline of your eyes.
  9. Using the wrong color of under eyeliner for your eye size.
  10. Fixing your eyelashes from the beginning point of your natural lashes.
  11. Wrong use of primers.
  12. Using brush to apply foundation.
  13. Using the wrong color of foundation.
  14. Using the wrong color corrector for each purposes.
  15. Using the wrong color of setting powder.
  16. Using the wrong color of highlighting concealer.
  17. Using the wrong color of blush and bronzer.
  18. Using the wrong color of contour.
  19. Using the blush, contour and bronzer in the wrong order.
  20. Using the wrong color of powder.
  21. Using the wrong color of lipstick.

How to correct these makeup mistakes

  • When filling in the eyebrows, make sure to make the arch area as natural as possible. I use Davis pencil color 3 to draw my brows and use Kiss Beauty brown gel liner to fill in the arch area. The other side of your eyebrows, that is the beginning point should not be filled the same way you filled in the arch, the beginning should be more lighter and natural. So for this, I use sharpen my pencil to be pointy and use it to create tiny strokes at the beginning of my eyebrows to make it seem like it’s my natural brows. It is also important to understand that the concealer used in highlighting the eyebrows are two different colors of concealer. You use the concealer that is one tone lighter than your skin (a bit lighter than your skin) to highlight your under eyebrows and use a concealer that’s same tone with your skin to highlight your upper brows. And while highlighting, make sure to concentrate on the arch.
  • There are rules to wearing multicolored eyeshadow, which is, using the darker colors on the outer corner of your eyes and the lighter color on the inner corner of your eyes. The outer corner of your eyes is the end of your eyes where you apply smokey and the inner corner of your eyes is the beginning part of your eyes. Also when doing a multicolored eyeshadow, make sure to blend these colors together.
  • Always remember to apply eyeshadow primer before applying eyeshadow, if you don’t have a good eyeshadow primer use a good concealer but not a dark color of concealer.
  • A great way of achieving a flawless makeup is by blending whatever you apply on your face and eyeshadow is among the top priority, always blend your eyeshadows.
  • You don’t use colors like black, gold or white to set cut crease. Using colors as pink, green, blue, yellow, purple etc can be used as cut crease colors but in cases where you just want to create something different but these colors cannot be used as cut crease when doing a bridal makeup, office makeup or school makeup. The right colors of eyeshadow to use for cut crease are nude or light colors.
  • One common makeup mistake we often tend to overlook sometimes is knowing the right color of eyeshadow for our eye size. For example a person who has small eyelids shouldn’t use a dark color of eyeshadow because this will only make the eyes appear smaller, same way a person who has wide eyelids shouldn’t use a colorful eyeshadow because this will make the eyelids appear wider and bigger.
  • If you’ve been in this position before, you will understand why I say you have to master eyeliner techniques before trying to draw one on your already done eyeshadow. Drawing the wing eyeliner could be tricky and if you don’t understand how it works, you will end up spoiling your makeup. If you have not mastered drawing eyeliner, use the pen liquid eyeliner until you have gotten the hang of it.
  • Always apply the under eyeliner on your waterline, in this way, the eyeliner doesn’t appear rough and your makeup looks more professional.
  • Someone with a small eye size ought to use a lighter color of eyeliner on the waterline e.g, red, white or yellow so the eyes appears wider. While someone with a wider eyes should use dark colors such as black so the eyes appears smaller.
  • Don’t begin fixing your eyelashes from the starting point of your natural eyelash, leave a little space from the beginning of the natural lashes before fixing the artificial one, you may feel uncomfortable with the artificial eyelashes if you’ve fixed it from the beginning of your natural lashes. While fixing the eyelashes, place it on your natural lashes not on your eyelids.
  • Facial primers comes in different brands, some products tells you to allow the primer dry out completely on your face before applying foundation and some brands tell you to apply foundation immediately after applying the primer, it all depends on the brand and product so make sure you’re using your primers correctly.
  • In your makeup brush set you have a brush for applying foundation but this brush is not meant to serve as blender for you, you only use this brush to apply foundation on your face and thereafter blend with a beauty blender, but now there are brushes for the purpose of blending foundation, but nothing can replace a damp beauty blender for blending foundation for me, it’s just the best.
  • Foundation plays a big role in your makeup, the foundation you use either makes you appear darker or way lighter than your skin tone, so it’s important to check what color of foundation fits your skin tone before using it.
  • Color correctors comes in different colors for different purposes, it’s wrong to use red color corrector to cover red scar or spot. The right color to use in covering red spot and scars is green and the right color to use in covering black spots and scars is red. But be careful when using the red color corrector because it’s usually two shades of red, the dark and light red. The dark red, you use on dark skin and the other on fair skin.
  • Not all setting powder is used on all shades of skin, most brands of setting powder make it available in different colors for different skin colors. While some brands make their setting powder to be used on all skin color. I use Ben Nye banana setting powder and I use it for all skin color.
  • Using the wrong color of highlighting concealer means a bad makeup generally, there are different colors of highlighting concealer out there in different brands. For example, I use L.A girl Pro concealer in the shade fawn for dark skin and Belch on fair skin.
Pro concealer
  • In using blush, bronzer and contour, you use dark colors of these three on dark skin and the lighter colors on fair skin, it’s wrong to use a dark powder for contour on a fair skin because it will be too dark and difficult to blend out. If you want to use pink, red or purple blush, always use the dark colors of it on dark skin and the lighter colors of it on fair skin.
Makeup mistakes
  • Blush is applied in between bronzer and contour, bronzer is applied on the cheek bone and blush is applied just underneath it while contour is applied under the blush. In the image above, you can see my blush in between my bronzer and contour.
  • Facial powder comes in medium, dark and light shades, always use the right shade of powder, sometimes, you mix two shades of powder to get the right color on someone in cases where you can’t the right powder to use.
  • Not all colors of lipstick looks good on everyone, for example pink doesn’t look good on me and it can ruin my makeup if I use it, it only looks good if it’s used to create an ombre lip. Understanding that not all lipstick fits all makeup and person in general will help in deciding what color to use.

I sincerely hope you start improving on your makeup and avoid some makeup mistakes you’ve been doing all this time.