2 better ways to use papaya for ulcer treatment

All information provided in this blog post are based on my personal researches and personal recommendations, please seek for professional advise before taking this treatment.

Stomach ulcer is an open sore in the stomach often caused by an initial abrasion and generally maintained by an inflammation or infection.
In this article, I will be telling you how I used papaya for ulcer treatment.

Foods like beans or plantain, hot drinks and spicy foods usually worsen the situation of this ulcer, it is best to avoid such foods to avoid heartburn or other consequences associated with it.

Papaya and stomach ulcers have been going hand in hand ever since, I don’t know who discovered it but its effective.

I have also read about using unripe plantain but I don’t know how true and effective that is.

My experience

I was having this ulcer pain for some months without even knowing what was wrong with me but when it worsened,

I had to go for checkup and after the laboratory test, it was confirmed that I had peptic ulcer.

I was given drugs and syrup, the drugs did calm the pains and antacid helped with the heart burn but it made my stomach bloat.

But one thing I noticed was that the ulcer was still there but I needed it to be gone, so what did I do?

I heard people say stomach ulcer never heals, you can only control it and it can be healed, so I took it upon myself to find something that could heal me.

I searched the net, please am not advising you to search the net anytime you feel sick because our body systems are different, what will work for me, might not work for you, so always ask for professional advise.

So I came across using unripe papaya for ulcer treatment and decided to try it out.

And I did…..

How I used papaya for ulcer treatment

So this is basically two methods of preparing papaya for ulcer according to my findings

Method 1

  • Get a large or medium size of unripe papaya (pawpaw)
  • Wash thoroughly with salt
  • Cut it into cube sizes without peeling off the skin or removing the seeds
  • Get a 1200ml of clean water and put the cube papaya and leave to ferment for four days
  • After the fourth day, sieve the mixture (If you used a bottle, don’t keep the bottle too close to you when trying to open it because the content will splash on you )
  • Take half glass of the liquid three times daily before meals for two weeks.

Method 2

  • Get a large or medium size unripe papaya
  • Peel the skin and preserve the seeds
  • Put the skin in water (the bigger the papaya, the more quantity of water)
  • Add two cloves of garlic and leave to ferment for four days
  • Take two teaspoon three times daily

How it worked for me

Am not a friend of garlic, so I used method 1 and there were immediate results after I started taking this drink, the heart burn reduced so much and the pains subdued also and right now, am completely okay.

Using papaya for ulcer treatment is something that I have never regretted doing because now, I can eat foods which I couldn’t before now.


Stomach ulcer is not something to be joked with, the pains and heart burn are unbearable too, so if your child is always complaining of pains in the stomach, it is advisable and wise to take that child for checkup.

Its popularly known that staying hungry for long causes ulcer but it’s not just that, stress and some other factors also contribute to stomach ulcer.

Avoid foods and drinks that will trigger the ulcer and take all other preventive methods.

Foods like potato and fiber rich foods are good foods to consume to prevent and treat stomach ulcers.

Foods and drinks such as fatty food, milk and alcohol are worst foods to consume for ulcers.

Read and learn more about foods and drinks to consume to prevent and treat stomach ulcers.